All Cats Are Grey

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An amusing observation.

Submitted: November 01, 2011

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Submitted: November 01, 2011




At the corner, a man sits begging.


The five o'clock bustle builds around him and he waves his styrophome

cup at the vicious blur, occasionally catches clicks of sympathy.


Two priests move by, slower than the other commuters, and he directly

asks them for change. The older one glances up and holds eye contact

for seeming-seconds, but they both ignore him and pass on, resuming



The old priest stumbles by again, alone now, not an hour later, and

appears to have lost something on the sidewalk. He implores faceless

businessmen to help him search the floor, casting worried looks in the

beggar's direction.


The old man moves over the concrete, his bad back evident in his

stooped posture and his expression. The crowd ignore him.


The beggars checks his cup and kicks his heels, feels something hard

grind underfoot. It's a gold ring, studded with diamonds and they're

shaped in a cross. He maneuvers his way along the street, over to the

priest, who scours the street head in hands.


"I think this is yours, father." He says, ignoring the initial look of

shock from the old man, passing him the ring.


The beggar, gesturing to his rags, he says, "Not all of us who are

good, are rewarded equally."

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