Evershining Armor

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Travel to a distant planet and battle on alien land. Will your technology match theirs? Does advanced weaponry equal advanced intelligence?

Submitted: April 12, 2016

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Submitted: April 12, 2016



Ever Shining Armor


 It had been a while since he had held an assault rifle. Or any kind of rifle for that matter.

 The collective genius of minds from home had come up with the technology that allowed him to move faster, jump higher and hit harder than anything he had run across in his intergalactic travels so far.

 They called it the ESA. Ever shining Armor. And it was accompanied by a sword. The first time he had worn it, paraded in front of the rest of the Army, he had felt silly and not far from Steve Rogers, the Captain America in his comic books he had pilfered from an old freighter that him and his fellow squad members had encountered on one of the numerous operations they had run, prior to the new technology.

 But despite the looks and the seemingly antiquated fighting style he was unquestionably a force to be reckoned with. The subcutaneous implants projected the golden Aura around him and enhanced his movements by over 1000 %. Those kind of movements would have shattered his biological skeleton and shredded every muscle and tendon in his body so they had replaced his bones with a metal alloy and enhanced his muscular system to be able to withstand the forces being exerted on his body while engaged.  The doctors joked with him that if anything happed he could just go to the parts store instead of a hospital. Then they would laugh, pat him on the shoulder and compliment his physique. His genetic disposition and body type were one of the reason he had been picked for the project.

 Standing on a battlefield, glowing golden armor shimmering around him and the red ( or green) blood of his enemies sliding from his blade he felt like a god.

 They made more ESA’s.  And his family came to battle with him. It turned out that his genetic code was the only one that could handle the strains of the operations and support the demands of the Armor while it was active. It pulled from energy sources in the atmosphere and used his body like a conductor to feed itself.

Other candidates were burned alive in the suits.

 His brothers were the first to join him. Then his sisters. And finally years after the experiments had started.

 His sons, daughters, nieces and nephews. As their ranks grew, the government pushed the limits of space to expand their regime and subjugate all who stood in their way. 

  The 20 years of combat had aged him despite the biological augmentation. His older brother, 15 years on the campaign, was the first to burn out. The scientists and doctors were in a disbelieving uproar for months, but finally came to the realization that immortality was still scientifically impossible, and their Golden Knights, would eventually die. The Armor was given to his grandson and the legacy and campaign had carried on.

 Which led to a godforsaken planet in some remote corner of the galaxy, the only reason of interest was the huge resource of water on its surface.

 The local in habitants, despite their creepy number of arms and legs were fairly resilient and very enthusiastic in their defense of their home planet.  Their tactics being as primitive as their weapons however, left the outcome inevitable.

He had been chosen to stay behind after the resistance had been broken and safeguard the scientists setting up the water harvester. His oldest daughter was with him, keeping an eye on him no doubt, his age and time in the suit giving his brothers some concern. He had been told to retire and had promised to do so before he burned out, but not just yet.

 And now he stood holding the assault rifle in two of his hands. The others cradling his wounds. The ambush had been expected since guerrilla warfare had picked up in the final week before the harvester launch. What wasn’t expected had been his body failing.  He had felt his internal temperature rising as


the first of the explosions had rocked him and subsequently had powered down the ESA to accommodate his inability to conduct for it.

 Which in turn had allowed several rounds to penetrate his armor and subsequently his thorax.

 He fired several rounds obligatorily and then as his attackers descended on him laying their final blows on his Ever Shining Armor he turned over to face the blue sky and whisper his final words as his daughter appeared in his line of sight, the silver flying saucer flashing in the sun and the lasers twinkling as she plunged down in a rescue attempt that would come too late.

 “Erchy glips xigh ot!”


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