A Cowards Excuse

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Just a moment in my life where I felt like I was no one, but realized life doesn't work for me. I need to work for myself to get what I want in life.

Submitted: November 26, 2011

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Submitted: November 26, 2011



It’s true that they say a lonely heart never heals.

A man, surrounded by his thoughts, pain is all he feels.

No smile to his face, no glimmer in his eye.

Sometimes the pain is too much, his remedy is to die.


There’s no easy way out, that’s a cowards excuse.

A pinch to the heart, call it loving abuse.

It’s like a knife to the throat, call that ending too soon.

A finale with no credits, cause no credit is due.


So when the heart screams for love, it’s sad but true.

A tango is best danced, with not one but two.

Beat by beat, time goes on.

Alone once again at the end of the song.


But there’s a message in music, if I’m not wrong.

It’s that life doesn’t end at the end of the song.

The words are your own; the beat is your heart.

So smile every day, before you depart.


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