Cerberus: A Story Of Hateful Lust

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Submitted: May 04, 2013

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Submitted: May 04, 2013



A dead dog claws at my casket

Howls for his master to rise

Poison gas floods my lungs

And I regretfully open my eyes

Chorus [Betrayed I answer the call

Not caring

Trust caused my fall

Pitifully daring

Gouge the sockets empty, I'm scraping out the filth

All that remains is blind light and my bonds of bloody silk

All seeing rage burns out of control and smiling I listen too

Your quiet screams for mercy as this conflagration runs you through

Burn Burn] Chorus

Take it all away, this life is forfiet

Your price Ill pay, so precious don't forget

I didn't make you but I can break you

Precious little shit, your worthless wit

Take this blade and pop the stiches while my enemies run, what spineless bitches

Just turn away and burn, Burn, BURN


Trade this sickly jade dove for a sick and twisted love

I fear for the monsters you keep in your head, they cower and crawl under this bed

Of hateful lust

They fear the horrifying violation

Of my trust

Keep them in until they Burn, Burn, Burn

Its all real, don't fret dear

You undid this dead dog's seal and now I'm here

Here to watch you die.


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