The Anu'udrian conflict

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An ending to a story started in a meme by two students.

Submitted: September 19, 2014

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Submitted: September 19, 2014



acting fleet admiral Scott looked at the image of the shattered earth from his view above the command cruiser excelsior and sobbed.

With only a skeleton crew of retired engineers and a handful of gunners left to oversee the decommissioning of earth's once powerful space fleet he, as the highest ranking officer left on board, had taken over as fleet admiral (acting). However he was only 26 years old and was only a 2nd lieutenant.

Scott stood for a minute and took a deep breath. Moving to the comm and activating the mic he started to work on what was a poorly formed and hastily written plan \"Engineer Davis, any progress on the navigation computer?\" There was a short burst of static before the engineer replied. \"I'm sorry sir, the data nodes have been completely wiped and the backups have been removed, nothing to be done sir.\" The line buzzed static as the engineer waited for his next order. F.A Scott sighed and put the mic back on.

\"Ok reset the nav computer with Sol as it's zero point. Then get down to the ftl section and assist with repairs there.\" He shut off the comm channel.

Even though congress had passed the law banning space travel the fleet had remained in orbit around Mars for decommissioning and it had only been 2 weeks so most of the fleet was intact, except for the navigation systems. They had been the first thing taken out, to discourage crews from defecting to the colonies.

Pinching the bridge of his nose in an attempt to relieve a building headache F.A Scott switched on the command channel of the comm. Everyone in the fleet would hear his next words and hopefully they would follow him.

\"Acting Fleet Admiral Scott to all remaining crews. We have now confirmed that every navigation computer in the fleet has been wiped. All nav crews are to set Sol as a new zero grid point. As you are all aware earth is gone. We have tracked the Anu'udrian fleet through the radiation trail left by their Lithium fusion missiles. We will be taking the fight back to them. If we succeed we will then try and find one of the colonies and resupply. Earth may be gone but humanity will prevail. All ships, spool up your ftl drives and begin loading weapon systems, we leave in 30 minutes on my mark.... mark!\"

He had been reading from a piece of paper, it had taken all morning to write and all of his resolve to keep his voice firm.

* * * 2 hours later * * *

\"Main engines offline, forward batteries drained, ablative hull armour down to 20 %\" The battle had been raging for over an hour but the Anu'udrian fleet was almost depleted, unfortunately so was the human fleet. Having no functional navigation systems a third of the ships had collided with Anu'udrian ships upon exiting ftl. The excelsior cruiser was heavily damaged and only 2 destroyers and one minesweeper were left. The deck of the excelsior rocked suddenly, and the glowing hulk of one of the destroyers spun across the view screen before colliding into the Anu'udrian capitol ship.

There was nothing left now between the remaining vessels and the Anu'udrian planet.

Because of the hive mind of the Anu'udrian people there was just one planet to worry about as the Anu'udrian did not believe in colonising planets.

\"All crew of the remaining ships board your escape pods and dock with the excelsior. Command crews, your final orders are a go\"

With their weapons depleted and most of their ships gone Scott and the commanding officers of the left over vessels had decided to overload the ftl drives in the Anu'udrian atmosphere obliterating the planet.

As a blinding flash followed by a second brighter flash swept across the Anu'udrian sky fleet admiral Scott knew his mission was complete.

\"Commence repairs on the ftl drive.\" He barked into the comm, \"There will be a memorial service tomorrow at oh nine hundred hours and then we head out to find the colonies. Good work everybody\"

He felt like he had aged a decade in the last few hours but at least they knew they had gotten their vengeance.

The end.

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The Anu'udrian conflict

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