No More room in hell.

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic
Part One of a series describing the First person account of a survivor in the beginning of a Zombie Apocalypse.

Submitted: March 18, 2016

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Submitted: March 18, 2016



It all started in 2016, at first it was just small, local reports of cannibalistic murders in small counties and towns and everyone blamed drugs for it, then when it started to move to the cities, the media called it a "cult of cannibals", at every scene the bodies were found ripped open and devoured sometimes to the bone. But things got dark when the bodies would sometimes disappear as if they walked away from the crime scene, then everything changed that spring. I woke up in my small one bedroom apartment in Brooklyn, i look at the clock its 5:58 am, my alarm clock would go off in 2 minutes. As i got up still half asleep i noticed this morning was unusually noisy, now mind you i live in New York city, but something was off, something didn't feel right, i open my curtains and i almost think im hallucinating, but its real, it has to be, outside below i see people running everywhere, police, fire and ambulance cars rushing everywhere just plowing through traffic. In panic i turn on the television to the news, the headline
 "Breaking news. violent riots throughout NYC leaving local police and emergency services overwhelmed.
 Residents advised to stay indoors. I sigh, relieved that its just riots probably started by some political nuts. I stay inside like the news lady said, i check the time its 6:18 now, i get a call, its my job, "Chris, the shop is closing today, cant risk the riots that have been going on, so we dont need you to come in, ill be handling everything". I then go to the living room and turn on the national news.

 "What we are seeing is that these violent individuals are extremely aggressive and seem to have a need to feed on warm flesh, even more intriguing is that these people in every case came up with a illness consisting of a fever  and flu like symptoms a few days before, and 50% of cases usually lead to death, "so you're saying that we have some time of cannibal epidemic here john? and that half of these people are dead?, "i know Erin it sounds impossible, but we are seeing it with our own eyes, it is consuming our homeland, our neighborhoods, our families."  " how do we protect ourselves from this.. this Epidemic?" "well what i suggest is that all citizens stay calm and civilized and listen to your local and national authorities, and stay away from these individuals, and stay tuned to your local emergency and news stations."

 I check the time again, 9:47am,
 "Now bringing in U.S Army national guard commander Johnathan Neller,"  "So Commander what advice do you have for the citizens, police, and military units currently facing this crisis?" "well first i will  say that this situation is under control, this is not anarchy or every man for himself, there are laws in place and they will be enforced, Now how to Neutralize these individuals is not a easy task, you will be scared and you will most likely be surrounded, What you need to do is go for the head, this is the most effective way to take them out, the Whiskey Deltas or "walking dead" pose a large threat in numbers, combat reports show that they seem to be Slow and Very resistant to body damage, For them go for the head , as this is the ONLY way to put them down for good.

 Then we have Foxtrot Deltas, Combat reports show that they are Fast and Extremely aggressive, they are VERY dangerous in even low numbers and Foxtrot Deltas are the main causes for most overrun Evac centers and Forward operating bases, they can be taken down with body and center mass shots, but they seem to be extremely resilient and it may take several shots with a firearm, so we still recommend headshots whenever possible. Do not try to neutralize them up close, as it is Extremely Dangerous. if you come across them without a firearm immediately seek shelter and barricade yourself. listen to your evac stations and if your area is exposed and hostile, then get to a evac center as soon as possible, we have search and rescue teams and they will find you, considered you let them know where you are.

"Thank you Commander for your Desperately needed advice in this crisis, stay tuned for more updates as we get them, on Violence in the Homeland. A National crisis.

 *Emergency Alert system plays*

 This is the United States Federal Government broadcast brought to you by The U.S National Guard and The Department of National Defense, If you are receiving this message, your area has been exposed, and is no longer considered safe,

 Head to your nearest Evacuation center as soon as possible and Avoid contact with any suspicious individuals.

 *Emergency Alert system plays again*

 This Is the NYC Police and Sheriff Department, The State of New York, and the general area of New York city has been put under a State of Emergency and Martial Law, Head to your nearest Evacuation Center or Shelter in Place, If you cannot, Search and rescue Teams will try to find you, If approached by any Military or Police personnel,

 Take a kneeling position with your hands on your head, this is to prevent Unnecessary Danger. Barricade all entrances and windows Have supplies for at least an 3 Day period and wait for official instructions. This broadcast will Repeat on air.

  I need to get out of here, i gather as much food and beverages into am old backpack as i can and grab a beatup metal bat, and i prepare to headout.
 I walk down the flight of stairs from my second story room and see doors shut with music blaring loudly, and people laughing to the sound of glasses clinking,  and people gathering all their possessions and trying to do the same as me, Get out of the city. I reach the bottom floor, and as i stand at the door my heart racing out of fear of what is outside, i finally take a deep breath and open the door and  greeted by a blast of warm, humid Brooklyn air,

 i step outside and  am a bit relieved that there are still people in the city. I hear sirens everywhere, and the occasional gunshots now and then,  i make my way up the sidewalk while hundreds of people are rushing through, suddenly a woman carrying her child starts pushing her way through the massive of crowd of people shouting "oh my god they're coming!" 

Suddenly everyone starts running and screaming and I run with them.
 As im running i see people falling and getting trampled on, children being left behind by parents, I turn my head and see a group of at least three people pinning some poor guy on the sidewalk, at first i think  its just a group of Criminals trying to gain some extra cash in a unfortunate time, but then i realize they are clawing and.. biting the guy. One of them grabs  hold of his throat with its teeth and rips it straight open. The man lets a out a quick scream to only be accompanied by him gurgling and choking on his own blood, then the other two start to rip open his stomach, the blood staining and spurting all over the man's white T shirt, then they start to devour his organs and flesh. 

I turn my view back to the front and start running even faster, horrified by what ive just seen, We run through a police Checkpoint with Parked Police cars set up in a line with Police and SWAT Officers behind them, like they are waiting for those things. One Tall,bulky Officer with a beard shouts "Get to the Brooklyn Bridge! National Guard will Evac you there!,Get there now people!" Suddenly a huge Horde of those things pour out of the end of the street behind us, all of them snarling and growling, like Rabid Dogs.

 The Officers Fire their weapons killing some of them, but the rest sprint and climb over the police cars. As we past the checkpoint i can hear the screams of the officers probably suffering the same fate of the man i saw earlier, as we run those things are pouring from the alleys,shops and even windows, many in the crowd are tackled and killed by them and some of them then get back up and kill more of us. 

We are about a block away from the bridge when one of them grabs me by the arm, it tries to bite my forearm and i hold its head with both hands, struggling to keep his teeth away from my flesh, it looks up at me while still gripping my arm and lets out a blood curdling scream, and ill never forget its face, its face was very pale and its eyes were tinted Red and blood splattered all over its face, especially the mouth most likely from an earlier victim, it is a male with short messy brown hair, and he is wearing a sleeveless wifebeater and jogging shorts, i see a bite mark on his neck, i hear a loud crack and it is blown to the ground with a huge hole in the side of its head. I look and see a man holding a shotgun, it looks like a shotgun used by military or police and has blood stained all over it, i silently thank him and continue running.

We finally make it to the National Guard checkpoint at the Brooklyn Bridge, i check my phone its 5:36, The checkpoint is composed of two large concrete walls with barbed wire and signs on them saying things such as "Will use deadly force" and "Not an Evac Center" On top the walls and in the front are Soldiers in Gas masks and Digital camouflage and Carrying what looks to be M16 or M4 rifles, huge floodlights illuminate the crowd  and One of the soldiers Shouts from a loudspeaker 


The soldiers scan us with some type of handheld device, after i get scanned and told i am cleared, a woman is scanned and it goes crazy. it starts beeping like a smoke detector and she is pulled aside by soldiers while screaming "no please! what did i do?" We are ordered to keep moving to the end of the bridge when suddenly Loud Screams and gunfire is heard from the front of the checkpoint, we all turn and see A Huge crowd of those things pouring in from my neighborhood that we just came from.

 They charge into the crowd of soldiers and survivors at the front of the checkpoint tackling and mauling people, some of them are the police and SWAT officers we saw earlier, over the loudspeaker we hear "OPEN FIRE! OPEN FIRE!", citizens and soldiers push through the front gate, a soldier leads me to a green colored Humvee and as we hear gunfire and screams and shouts behind us the soldier tells me to get in the passenger seat , as we are about to leave two of those things come to his side door and before the soldier can lock it they pull him out by his tactical vest, he screams "OH GOD NO PLEASE, HELP ME! NO!" , and one of them starts to bite his neck while blood gushes out of his mouth, he puts his hand against the window leaving a faint bloody hand print, but there is nothing i can do because his weapon was strapped on to him when they pulled him out. I quickly move to the drivers seat with fear and adrenaline pumping through me, and i hear his screams as he is torn apart by them, "there is nothing i can do now" i say to myself and i start driving forward behind the front vehicles,  i see the checkpoint getting overrun in the rearview mirror. I make it to the other side of the bridge  when i notice the situation in Manhattan is the exact same as this  morning when this all started, but those things arent here yet, so i still have time to figure out a plan, then on the floor of the Humvee i hear a radio that must of been left by the soldier earlier, i park the vehicle and pick up the radio, the voices over it say,
 "Checkpoint bravo this is Alpha Rescue one do you copy?, whats your status? " 

 " Alpha rescue one we are being overrun!, i repeat we are being OVERRUN!" *sounds of gunfire and shouting in the background* 

"Checkpoint Bravo repeat you are breaking up, repeat status" 

 "Rescue one WE ARE BEING OVERRUN BY FOXTROT AND WHISKEY DELTA! I REPEAT.. *shouting* "HEY YOU STAY RIGHT THERE, STAY RIGHT THER.. *Screaming, snarling, and gunshots*  

"Checkpoint Bravo come in, whats your status?,"  " Papa Bear Checkpoint Bravo has been overrun, Repeat Checkpoint Bravo has been overrun."  "Affirmative Rescue one, Continue to Evac center charlie at Central park"  "Affirmative Papa Bear"  

 I begin to start driving again when a group of armed men in masks pull me out of the car and get inside, i get back on my feet as they drive off. Now stuck with no transportation and With the radio still in my hands i decide to go inside a nearby apartment building to get off the street.

Once inside i find an abandoned room with clothes and personal possessions scattered everywhere, i close the door and barricade it with a nearby leather couch, i go into the kitchen to find just a few cans of Chicken soup and corn, i go to the bathroom in the corner of the room to relieve myself and find out the water is still running, for now. It is now 7:12 and the sun is beginning to set, i have filled up everything i could find, and now i look out the window over the city, smoke trails are rising from even the tallest buildings and news and what seems like military Helicopters are flying over the city, I still hear the sound of Gunfire, sirens and screams getting increasingly more frequent, "how the hell did i make it out of there?" i think to myself, but as i finish up my can of soup and get ready to sleep to the sounds of the Apocalypse, i think to myself "Is this a temporary thing?, this will be over in a week right?"  but it might not, this could be be Dawn of Hell on earth, but no matter how long this lasts, i cannot stay here forever, i have to leave tomorrow and get to that Evacuation center, before i also die here, in this city, during this Horrifying phenomenon.

© Copyright 2020 Davidrogers117. All rights reserved.

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