Fenly Fowl & Doctor Frantic

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Action and Adventure  |  House: Booksie Classic

This is a short-story revolving around three main characters; the Doctor, his pet robot, and a villain who tries to take over his lab (and eventually the world). I originally wrote this story as a series of small chapters in July 2004 when I was ten and distributed said content on a child-oriented forum which catered to a small community that I left in 2006. I revised the grammar and spelling in August 2011 after deciding the material was worth disseminating to a larger audience that could appreciate its worth. The original was in much needed revision, so here is the complete, remastered version. Enjoy.

One early Monday morning, Dr. Frantic was still creating new chips for everyone to collect. “Dr. Frantic?” his pet robot called. “Yes, Kablooey?” “I'm surfing through the internet to check my email.” “Why are you bothering me like this at a time where I have to work?” asked the doctor. “Hey, you can't blame me for everything, you know.” His robot pointed out. “Maybe I can," said Dr. Frantic. " Who deleted all my email?” “Whoops," his robot blustered. "I'm in big trouble…” “Did you do this, Kablooey?” asked the doctor. “Um… no,” she said. “I know you did, Kablooey." said Frantic. “Alright, I'm going to explode and get out of here!” A deafening boom resounded. Kablooey was nowhere to be seen. Dr. Frantic called for her. “Kablooey! Where are you?” Dr. Frantic paused and found a letter on the floor. The letter read as follows:

Dear Dr. Frantic,

Pleased to meet you. Allow me introduce myself to you! I am Fenly Fowl, owner of Doom Range Corporation, and I want to have your lab, Dr. Frantic. If you don't hand over your lab, I'll kill you.”

Dr. Frantic was stunned. His site-kick must've written that letter as a joke. But he just had to find out. First, he scanned the letter on to his computer. The computer deemed the letter as authentic, but not written by his robot. He didn't believe his eyes. He quickly checked his computer’s memory file and everything seemed fine. Then it dawned on him that he had to track down his site-kick and save his lab… and himself. So, Dr. Frantic tracked down Kablooey’s current area and mapped it out. He found his wallet with $100.00 inside and went to the nearest hardware store. He purchased some items to help him retrieve his lost robot. He finished the excursion quickly and marched outside to the curb, where his vehicle was waiting for him. The computer was continually feeding systems data to the doctor. “Current hover-power is at one hundred percent. Now taking lift off.”

The doctor noticed a small yellow dot on the radar. But his site-kick was blue, not yellow. He moved on. Suddenly, he saw the person’s company that threatened to kill him. He landed his hover-pod at the curb. The computer asked him to enter the entry code. Dr. Frantic pulled out the scanned letter and then entered the code. “Entry approved. You may enter.” The doctor knew who Fowl was, which rendered his initial introduction in the letter to him redundant. He was his long-time friend. But when he refused to join Fowl’s evil cabal in favour of more important matters, he became so angry; his heart was filled with hatred for the doctor. That was in the past now though. What mattered at the moment was his robot’s well-being. A security camera recorded Dr. Frantic’s every move, even his words, as there was a tape recorder. Fenly fired Laser On. He dodged the laser. “This is more dangerous then I thought!”

Dr. Frantic frantically ran to the center of the laser's computer. He hacked into the computer and entered the code to deactivate the lasers. He then destroyed the center of the lab via dynamite, creating a deafening explosion. It reminded him of Kablooey. He remembered his mission and continued in his search to rescue her. An inconspicuous door in front of the doctor opened. He went inside the dark room and got out his match light, lit it, and sought Kablooey. Signs near him read: “Warning: Highly sensitive cameras are recording you in the Site-kick Chip Chamber.” Dr. Frantic realized that Fenly wanted his robot’s micro-chips, but for what, and how was he going to do that? A voice came on the intercom. “The tapes are watching you, Dr. Frantic.” Suddenly, a huge chamber surrounded him. He was trapped. “Oh, no!” he whispered. He saw his robot in a chamber with all thousands of other robots, perhaps millions!

“So, you see my plan, Frantic,” Fowl explained, “I'm going to enter your robot’s install ring and take her micro-chips out. Once I fuse all of their chips together, I'll have formed the most perfect robot in history!” “But why do you want the perfect robot?” the doctor asked. “Once I merge myself with the perfect robot, I’ll be controlling it, invoking its powers so I can rule the world. Nothing’s impossible to fuse with my Fuse-o-matic 10,000. I will demonstrate with this robot first. I'll open its interior. Then, extract the micro-chips, and place them into the container. Once I have every chip in history, I'll fuse them together to make one chip, which will be my robot’s core. I'll merge together with my robot, invoking its powers so I can rule the world!” “We’ll see, Fenly,” remarked the doctor. “We’ll see.” The doctor threw a stick of dynamite and busted the cage’s lock. The robots were charging outside like an angry bull stampede.

“Computer, activate back-up!” Fenly commanded at his computer. Every robot was vacuumed back into an indecipherable code-chamber. Fenly kicked the doctor in the stomach and broke his visor. “So you think you can defeat me, eh? Well, you're wrong, fool.” Fenly took another kick at him, then spat on him and stopped. Dr. Frantic was in worse shape then ever! Kablooey, who happened to know the code for the lock secretly, got out, leaving the other robots. She took him onto the hover-pod and drove away. Kablooey activated her ‘heal chip’ and brought the doctor back into consciousness. “Hmm…where am I?” Hey, Doc! You're safe with me now! Don't worry! I have a plan to stop Fenly in his tracks.” “Didn't you hear him, Kablooey? He wants to kill me. Once he's done that, he'll take over my lab.” “Worse than that, he’ll take over the world.” Kablooey saw Fenly catching up with the hover-pod. He threw a bomb at them, but missed. “Ha!” laughed Kablooey.

Fenly was angry. Fenly jumped out of her pod and landed on the one towards him. Fenly was in the front seat trying to take over control. Kablooey pushed him to the side, but Fenly pushed her out of the way. Taking over control, he headed back towards the chamber. “You'll never get away with this!” yelled Frantic. But Fenly ignored that overused cliché. Kablooey managed to shove Fenly again. But he was too fed up. He punched Kablooey and she went flying, resounding in another explosion. Frantic stood up and punched Fenly in the nose. He didn’t phase. There was no visible injury. It became clear that Fenly was immortal! Fenly drove back to the Chip Chamber and locked up the doctor. “Now you won’t be able to foil my plans. Besides, it's only a matter of time before--” his gloating ended abruptly. An explosion damaged the entire chamber. It was Kablooey!

Fenly kicked her and she was knocked out. Then he kicked Dr. Frantic ten times each in the nose and stomach, punched his face, broke his visors, and then threw a bomb at him. The doctor was sent flying out of the chamber from the resulting explosion. The doctor was dead at last. Fenly ran up to the dead doctor and ran over his body with a truck. There was silence. Suddenly, Kablooey came back, but it was no ordinary Kablooey. She appropriately referred to herself as ‘Extreme Kablooey’. She was combined with all the robots in the world. Kablooey was at the core of the robot. “Bring it on!” she said. Without answer, Fenly fused all of his chips together into one. He then fused himself with his merged robot at the core. Now Fenly, who evolved into ‘Oblivion’, fired a sizeable energy attack at her, who evolved into ‘Hope’.

She dodged the attack, which caused yet another sizeable and loud explosion. The chamber roof and left side went out with a huge bang. “We’ve just begun.” said Fenly, throwing a sinister smile at her. “Bring it on, you hunk of metal.” Kablooey charged at Fenly, Fenly dodged and she rammed into the walls of the chamber. Fenly threw a bomb at her, but missed. This time, it blew up the roof and right wall of the chamber, accompanied by another set of explosions. Fenly raised one of his hands up to the sky. He charged a humongous energy attack toward it, rising up from his hands into the sky like a rocket. “I just launched my ultimate attack.” “That was your ultimate attack?” retorted Kablooey. “That seems rather childish.” Kablooey looked up and noticed a white dot slowly expanding in the sky, then another one, and another one. "Uh-oh", she panicked.

"Falling meteors!" Fenly yelled. An entire medley of energy meteors came crashing down on her with powerful force. After the dust cleared, Fenly saw Kablooey utterly damaged at the core. Parts were rusty, half of her face was damaged, and oil was leaking everywhere. Her right arm was incapacitated, and her legs paralyzed. "That was a pretty darn powerful attack, Fenly. But you can't stop me." She charged a humongous energy attack at him. Fenly lost his right arm, left leg, and left side of his face. Then she had enough power left in her to knock him out. Kablooey won. She couldn't believe it. She rushed over to Doctor Frantic and revived him. There was no more blood, no longer any fatal injuries. Everything was restored to normal. “Kablooey, you saved the world!” exclaimed Frantic. “I know, Doc. I know.”


Submitted: August 25, 2011

© Copyright 2020 DavidZeeSee. All rights reserved.

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