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She never sent it out. But when he read it, it meant everything to him.

Submitted: January 19, 2014

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Submitted: January 19, 2014



It’s cold and I miss my family. I am stuck in a trench and rounds are flying over my head. The sound of the air ripping apart over me is hypnotizing. My buddy next to me is crying, like a child who was beat by his father for doing something bad. His hands are over his face and knees up to his chest, “I want to go home; I want to be in my bed.” Please stop, I cannot handle this either. I know it’s winter but it’s unusually cold here.


It’s Christmas, I’m holding a letter from my wife and kids. The only ones to ever love me unconditionally no matter what, the letter reads:



When will you come home? We miss you. Mom cries allot and we try to play games with her but she just sits there and doesn’t want to play with us. I try to brush her hair and make her into a pretty princess but she doesn’t really like it anymore. We all sleep in yours and mommy’s bed together and we wear your shirts to sleep. We sing to mom so she can fall asleep because she cries all the time. Daddy 2 of your friends came over yesterday; they gave mom a USA flag, isn’t that cool? I think mom liked it allot because she just started crying a whole bunch. Then grandma came over then they were both crying. ******


My babies, I miss them. I hope they are OK. Will they know I am not coming back and do they understand what is happening? Because I don’t, please let me go already, I cannot take this anymore and I am just waiting, lying here dying.



*****P.S. Mom and Grandma told us to go to our room and we’ve been in here for at least 10SpongeBob episodes. Mommy doesn’t know I am writing to you. Do you have an address? *****


I love you daddy. Please write back!



 This is an unbelievable winter and this is my last. I’m without my family and they are without me.

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