Blood on an Angel's wings

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Edit: I tried, with no luck to continue the story. I've decided to drop this project.

Thank you. - Davina

Submitted: March 20, 2012

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Submitted: March 20, 2012




Who am I? Where am I? What happened? Why is my skin all white? Why do I smell everything? Why do I crave blood…?

These were the questions that ran through 17 year old Davina Jacob’s mind when she woke up on the cold forest floor, her dress was tattered and torn and covered in droplets of blood. Her short blonde and pink hair was charred and it stuck out in every direction. She looked like a homeless child just that had just been in a fight with a pyromaniac. Her usual shiny green eyes changed to a deep crimson color. The only thing that she could remember was being attacked by something-someone, the burning sensation that coursed through her body starting in her neck. She was cold, she was frightened, but most of all she was lonely. She wandered through the forest for hours it seemed, looking for any sign of civilization when she was hit by someone running past her. She looked into the red eyes of a male. He was very attractive; short black hair tousled into a sexy look. His skin was a deviant milky white much like her own, he towered over her at 6 feet, Davina being only 5 foot tall. His hand reached up to caress her face gently as his mouth slightly opened in awe.

“Shh, my darling. You are a beautiful work of art. I shall claim you as my own. You’ll travel with me and you will love me, just as much as I love you already. Davina, I’ve been waiting for you.” His voice was smooth, it had a bell like charm to it.

She was frightened to a higher extent hearing the strange man speak her name. She knew it was her name, it sounded right, or was it her name? She couldn’t be sure. She opened her mouth hesitantly, and spoke, shocked at how high and childish her voice sounded.

“Who – who are you? Is… Is Davina my real name? Who… What… Why?” She couldn’t finish her sentences after she saw the cold, disturbing look that invaded the stranger’s eyes as she spoke the first sentence. She ran it through her mind again, trying to tell if she had said anything she wasn’t supposed to.  All I said was Who are you… How could that have upset him? 

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