Howl for Peace

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It is just a short quirky story about peace.

Submitted: August 20, 2012

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Submitted: August 20, 2012






"Ok here we go," yelled Roscoe, "Onward."  You see Roscoe was the leader of the Wolf Alliance Mission Squad, or WAMS for short.  WAMS was stationed on the dark side of the moon, very top secret, to help protect Earth, the mother planet from any impending doom.  It was created centuries ago.  WAMS is responsible for saving the Earth many times, too many times to count.  Usually these instances go off without a hitch, but this time was different.  The Ewagas, from planet Zurn, had entered Earth's orbit and are threatening its very existence.  You see they seek water.  Their home planet has gone dry, so they roam the universe in search of the precious commodity.  Their sights have now been set on the abundance of water on Earth.  So this is where our story begins.

"Ok, here we go," yelled Roscoe, "onward."  The soldiers of the WAMS marched in perfect time, marching to board the battleship Howl.  "Are we ready troops?" asked Roscoe with confidence.  "We are sir," echoed the troops.  "Do you think we can do this?" asked Buck with a shaky voice.  "Yes my dear boy, we sure can, we have the WAMS on our side.  Now pick your head up and lift your spirits, let’s defend our mother planet!" exclaimed Roscoe.  "Oh yes, yes sir," shouted Buck with a confident tone as he boarded the Howl along with the other soldiers.

"Master, master," whispered Kahn, the orphan bird, "we only have thirteen hours until we reach Earth."  "Good," echoed Captain Vienne Saus, the leader of the Ewagas, "this planet is ours for the taking.  No one will stand in our way.  Go Kahn and ready the ammunition and troops for attack.  We are going to take down this measly planet.  "Yes sir," whimpered Kahn as he ran to the ammunition room, half afraid of what Captain Saus would do to him if he wasn't fast enough.  As he loaded the weapons, Kahn couldn't help but wonder why they had to attack Earth.  Why couldn't they just borrow some water?  Why did the Captain have to be so greedy and mean?  Why couldn't there just be peace.

The hum of the motors roared as the Howl descended into space.  It was a calming sound.  The sound gave the WAMS soldiers a feeling of confidence for their mission.  They all knew it would be tough, but they would be victorious.  As they prepared the weapons to attack the Ewagas a silence fell upon them.  You see the WAMS were normally a peaceful group.  They were here to protect Earth at all costs, but would much rather use peaceful tactics as to using violent ones.  But the captain of the Ewagas, Vienne Saus, was not going to let it be peaceful.  He had a very hard heart.  So therefore, the WAMS would have to stop him and his crew with all means necessary.

Meanwhile, Kahn, the orphan bird, couldn't take it anymore.  "Peace would make it where no one gets hurt, why, oh why does the Captain have to be so mean," he cried.  Peace was something that weighed heavily on Kahn’s heart and mind.  He just could not take the pressure anymore.  He decided to take matters into his own hands.  If peace was going to happen, he was going to have to do it himself.  "It's up to me," thought Kan.  So off he went with one goal in mind.  PEACE.

The buzzing of the Howls engine was so loud in Kahn's ears as he snuck on board.  His plan was to get to the leader of the WAMS, Roscoe, and plead with him for a peaceful compromise.  Peace was his only objective.  He was going to beg the WAMS no to pursue the Ewagas.  In return he was going to try to get Captain Vienne Saus to back off and only take the water that was needed.  This task seemed so impossible to him.  As he peered at the many troops from the vent above them he thought to himself, "you can do this Kahn, you are strong."

Roscoe sat at the helm of the ship wondering how much force this mission was going to take.  Were the Ewagas going to put up a huge fight, or would they go without a struggle.  He just couldn't tell.  "Buck, tell me, is the ship ready and secure?" asked Roscoe.  "Yes sir, we are ready for communication with the Ewagas, and we are armed just in case things go wrong," trembled Buck.

Then out of the shadows jumped Kan.  "Wait, wait, I have something to ask you," yelled Kan.  Roscoe jumped to his feet and yelled, "Seize him, he is a stow away."  "No," echoed Kahn, "I came here from the Ewagas ship to beg you to solve this conflict with peace instead of violence.  Try talking to Captain Vienne Saus, he is a stubborn creature, but he will listen.  Well, maybe he will listen."  "Go on," replied Roscoe, "lets here more of what you have to say."  Kahn mumbled with uncertainty, "You see if we do this peacefully no one has to get hurt.  No WAMS or Ewagas will lose their lives and Earth will remain safe.  We need water to survive and we could possibly work out some kind of an agreement to just get what we need and no more."  "I see," said Roscoe in a confident tone, "this sounds like a good plan, but how do you plan on convincing the Captain to agree to this."  "I'm just going to ask and hope for the best," smiled Kahn.

Beep, beep, beep.  "You have a transmission coming in sir," said a soldier.  "Who is it?" replied Captain Saus.  "It is the, the, the,” mumbled the soldier.  "Spit it out boy, TELL ME!" hollered the Captain.  "It’s the WAMS, sir," whispered the soldier.  "What, why would they be contacting me, captain of the Ewagas.  I can't believe they even have the nerve," screamed Captain Saus in an irritated voice.  "Well, see what they want," yelled the Captain.  "Yes, yes sir," murmured the soldier.

"Hello, hello, can you hear me?" echoed a voice.  "Yes, I can hear you, who is this.  Who has the audacity to contact me?" asked the Captain.  "It's me, Kahn the orphan bird," said Kahn with a very confident voice.  "Kahn, how did you...tell me how you are on the Howl!" echoed the Captain in a bewildered tone.  "You see sir; I can see that you are getting tired of the running to every planet in the galaxy looking for water.  Tired of having to fight and go to war for the precious commodity.  I can see the anguish and hurt in your face every time we lose a man.  Please sir, I think I have another way, if you will listen," pleaded Kan.  Captain Saus thought to himself for a minute about the dwindling numbers, the countless hours of battle, the weight it placed upon his shoulders to be responsible for these things.  "Could there really be an easier way?  We have always used force,” thought the Captain.  "Ok, I'll listen to what you have to say, but make it quick," yelled the Captain.  "YES SIR," said Kahn with a huge smile.

"Peace is what I am talking about," said Kahn, "we could make an agreement with the WAMS to only get what we needed and no more.  They have agreed to let us come and collect water when we need it, but not in excess."  "You mean they will let us have the water?" asked the Captain.  "Yes Captain Saus," said Roscoe, "as long as you are in agreement to never attack the Earth and always come in peace.  It would save us all.  No fighting, no war between us.  The Captain put his head down and said to himself, "I am tired of the wars, I am tired of losing my men, I am ready to let my people live.  Yes then, I agree," shouted the Captain, "I agree."  "WOOOO HOOOO," yelled Kahn, "I knew it, I knew this would work!" 

So the alliance between the Ewagas and the WAMS began.  The Ewagas knew it was safe to come collect the water on a full moon, when the call of the wolf was heard.  The Ewagas lived in peace and never broke their alliance.  Kahn was a hero for standing up for what was in his heart.  Both sides were ready to fight for what they needed and believed in.  The WAMS needed to protect Mother Earth, and the Ewagas needed water to survive.  Every nation is ready to do what it takes to be prosperous and safe.  Violence is usually thought of first, but is that even necessary?  If peace was thought of first, just think of what might be accomplished.  Everyone would win in the end.  So now you know the story of the WAMS and the Ewagas, and you know why the wolf howls at the full moon.  When you hear the howl just know the Ewagas are somewhere close.  THE END. By Jessica Suzanne Davis

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