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Submitted: May 26, 2017

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Submitted: May 26, 2017




If I would have asked you, what is fire? What would you answer? An element? A thing? A mere source of warmth you can produce from your lighter and blow away. A small red like thing you can create and destroy? Fire, is no thing. Fire is a God, a powerful creature that has the power to take and give. Fire is a master everyone should obey. A simple man will think that he is in control of fire, as he can simply strike a match or flick a lighter, light a parchment of paper and set fire it their fireplace where it is completely under control and nothing bad can happen while it’s in its iron cage. But as a matter of fact, that’s not the point at all. The only reason why your house is standing, why you are alive, why any trace of you is left, is because Fire, is a generous and forgiving God. It gives and takes. When it gives, it must take. When it takes, it must give. That way Fire is able to keep a balance. Fire has worked this way from the very start of mankind.

Fire, has been very merciful for Chloe. To this day, Chloe still hasn’t found out what happened, and that is not surprising as she was only two years of age. Her furthest memory is her sixth birthday, which she spent and the orphanage in a small town in the suburbs of modern England. Practically no one has ever heard of the town, not mentioning the orphanage itself. She has no memories of her parents, perhaps never will. Chloe understands Fire. Her fascination, from her very childhood has brought her to understand it. And because she understood Fire, she respected it. And because she respected it, followed its rules and obeyed it, Fire was merciful.

“Chloe where are you going?”

“I'm just going over to Becky’s, I’ll be back by 10” She is so gullible. I swear if I showed her a bag full of weed and said it’s not mine she’d believe me.

Over the course of my life, I have switched families on numerous occasions. I usually stayed with a family for a year or two, and then they gave me back or just left me. One of them told me to dress myself as we were going to the park, to the “play-play”. I sat in the back of my car with my dolly, happy as a child going to the playground could be. My “dad” got in and started driving. Once we arrived at our destination, he got out, and unbuckled my belt. I left my dolly in the car as I didn’t want to lose it. We were not in the park, but some forest. We started walking and about 100 meters later, he told me he forgot something in the car and told me to wait. I watched him return to the car, ignite the car and drive off the way he came here. I was eight at that time.

I took my small rucksack that carries the main equipment with me, opening the barely holding on door, shutting it tightly behind me so that “mom” doesn’t give me hell for letting the warm out. One quick hop over the rust devoured gate and off I trotted; not to Becky’s. This building has been here for centuries I guess. In complete ruins, but that’s all I want. Placing the rucksack onto the empty barrel, I removed the lighter, then placing the closed rucksack onto the barrel. I don’t remember how I found out, nor do I know why this happens, but for me, fire is different. As I flick the flint, pushing down on the gas release lever, the stream of red rises up, exactly what happens when I see someone else do it. I place the elastic band on the gas lever to keep it on and place it carefully standing upright on a set of bricks I found lying around.

“Alright Chloe, focus, this time it will be better”

As I focus on the dancing flame, silencing all thoughts, I see the flame rise. It gains strength, power. As I move, it moves with me. It continues growing until it is almost my height. But it is no longer coming from the lighter. It has left the lighter a long time ago. It is now standing in front of the brick table, watching me mimicking. But something is wrong, I don’t feel well. My mind is racing, sudden streak of heat hits me, but it’s not from the flame, the creature. It’s coming from deep inside of me. As a lung puncturing pain strikes me, I let out a poisonous shriek, the creature lunges at me, going through me and scorching the wall behind me. I drop to my knees, gasping for air. I lay flat on my back, trying to….not die? Once I regained my breath, I decided, that it’s enough for today. I don’t understand, why did he attack me? He never does that. Usually he just ends up…vanishing, like in thin air. Was he hurt? In pain? Scared? Dying? As I stand up, I notice a glimmer under a broken bed in the far corner of the building. My curiosity moved me for me. Lifting up the charred wood, I grabbed the source of the glimmer. It was a reflective soft material on a doll. I looked at the feet of the doll to see if my name is still on it. “Chloe”. As clear as it was before.

“Maybe if they would be better parents and didn’t leave their child in the forest they would still be alive”

“Maybe” answered the creature behind me. “ I have given you so much, and you have returned even more. There is no more I can do, you will no longer need me, nor will you need a lighter. You are now strong enough, yet there is still more to your….gift and it’s up to you to learn. What are you going to do now?”

“Now, I'm going home, going to sleep, your attack drained all my energy. Why did you even attack me?”

“Look at your chest”

Between my left shoulder and breast, lay a sigil of a flame, I single spark.

“What is that?”

“It’s the final part of your training. It will let you summon a single flame. It’s up to you to control it. And what is your plan now?”

“I said I'm going to bed”

“ I mean after that?”

“I'm going to East Riverside Town”

“Why there?”

“ To meet my previous family that left me.”

“And what will you do to them?”

“Bring you new offerings” A devilish grin rose as he left. “Tomorrow”  


© Copyright 2019 Dawid Kapkowski. All rights reserved.

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