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A review of how I've found Booksie so far.

Submitted: August 24, 2012

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Submitted: August 24, 2012



I have been on Booksie for not very long so far, but I have already gathered an opinion about it. Most of my opinions are framed around the users here, although some are constructed around the actual website. To start with, the users. I have found many great writers here. They are commonly kind and smart. These are the people who write for themselves, to write just to vent their feelings. I admire these people and I believe I am one such person too. I feel I share their pains, since apparently most writers have or had depression in their life, just a fact I found. The way they write is inspiring and we should all take note of their wonderful work. The next type of user is.. To put it nicely, the angry people. I see countless writings with swearing and capital letters, just spreading the hate around. It really isn't nessesary and quite offensive in my eyes. I click on a poem about such subjects like, 'to my mother' and find just a load of pointless text, which on it's own, is just really mean. I too have written about my mother in a negative view, but I do not use swearing to do so. Just keep it calm is all I have to say, being crude isn't the way forward. Now, the last type of user; the people who just want to be famous. I guess they don't realise that fame come with patience when they write on everyone's Booksie wall, 'come read my latest chapter and I'll read some of your work!'. I think that writing such comments is a waste of space on your profile page and only create fake fame. End of story. About the actual website. The only flaws I've found so far is publishing. Right now I am writing this text, in paragraphs directly onto the website. But I know that it'll come out just one big block. I absolutely hate that and really hope it'll be fixed. Since I'm an iPad user and can't get onto a computer, this is my only choice. That's about it for now, adieu.

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