What Furries are to Me

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The furry fandom is a big place. I guess you can only truely know what it's like if you become one.

Submitted: August 26, 2012

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Submitted: August 26, 2012



Let's start with the basics; what is a furry? There are many different views on this, some more negative than others. The general definition is a person who has an interest in anthropomorphic creatures. The definition of anthropomorphic is for an amical to have human traits, such as standing on two legs and talking like a human, along with it's normal animal traits. The media has portrait us as sexual beasts who would just go up to a dog and rape it right then and there. But, we are far from that. We are people with real soul. We are much friendlier than humans. Some of us believe that we are humans but has a strong bond with animals, and some of us believe that they are not even human at all. Other activities that furries do are draw, write and even dress up in costumes called fursuits. Fursuits are full bodied costumes which are designed for each furries character, or 'fursona'. There are giant furry meets, such as Anthrocon, where furries turn up in their fursuits, show them off but also have a good time. There is a very strong sence of community within this fandom, we all feel as one no matter what colour, race, size or animal you are. The community draws you in and you can't help but to feel welcome there. In costume, furries act in a manor unlike any human would do. It transforms us, we feel like we can hug everyone and be extremely friendly, giving cuddles and grooming other furries.

Now, onto my personal experience. I am a furry who draws, writes and makes fursuits, as well as wearing them. I'm only 16, but I know where I belong. One of my biggest dreams is to go to a place like Anthrocon. I guess I strive to be accepted into a community, a family, maybe to compensate for a lack of that previously. So far, I have made a full suit costume for myself, along with a partial suit and just a head. The full suit I was planning to take to a place like Anthrocon, but it just isn't ood enough, I've desided. My next project will be the one; a husky. I have fallen in love with them recently and feel more attached to them. But, I can't chose my fursona right now. My mind is muddled. At the beginning, I was a dragon, obviously influenced by Spyro the dragon. But my mind wasn't open to other creatures back then, so I accepted dragon as me. Recently, I've felt more attached to the fur, less than the scale. I went to a furry gryphon, but now it's evolving to a husky. I've never felt so strongly for other creatures except this one, and I hope my mind will settle on canine. Since I was young, I've been an animal person. I was recognised for it. It is still very apparent today; I constantly want to bring creatures in from the garden to keep as my pet and study them. I think becoming a furry is the second best thing that's happened to me (the first being finding my mate). I didn't even realise I was a furry until someone mentioned it to me. I hope I'll find a furry/furries near me so we can go to a con. Unfortunately, my boyfriend isn't a furry, so I don't think he'll enjoy it that much, if not at all. I also hope here are other furries on Booksie so I can hear about them too! For now, husky says bai.

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