My Love, My Loss, My Addiction

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

contents entail death of my father from cancer, my boyfriend to prison, and addiction battle

In the beginning, there was only one LOVE, my true and strong warrior sent from above!

We shared many joys and great memories, it was only one year, but felt like centuries...

Much laughter and love, our time spent was splendid, but shortly we knew it would be abruptly ended...

Time wasn\"t on our side, and this was caused by a big surprise...his ex-girlfriend began with her drama...yelling and lying, that brings bad karma!

My LOVE could only take so much, so then he decided to begin to judge...he felt so angry, just about to burst...when suddenly a thought came to mind first...\"let's not re-act and cause more drama, I'm on probation and I'll fight this temptation\". He made the right choice and didn't re-act...walking away, he never looked back.

As we all know, SOME ex-girlfriends like to start trouble...uh oh, looks like were in a jumble! She had the nerve to call the cops, saying he hit her and caused her to drop. When she got the law envolved, she forgot he wasn't saw an incident, and this merely wasn't coincidence!

He made the RIGHT CHOICE and walked away, but in R.I., someone needs to pay!

There my LOVE went, falsely accused, more time in jail just gave him the blues...just when I thought things couldn't get worse...something horrible occured...what am I cursed?

A few weeks went by and I was missing my LOVER, to soon realize I was losing another...

Dad tried to hide this from us for quite a while, but dying from cancer had made him hostile...the cancer was taking my Dad on a horrible journey, that seemed not to end for an eternity.

Still on my mind was my love falsely was now my time to see what I could do...I somehow was able to get a good lawyer, his name was Art, and he definatley did his part!

While counting Dad's days and while Art was at work, I finally realized how much I was hurt! Falling harder each day, all I could do was to continue to pray.

I was all alone and very only strength source was not in arms reach.

All that night I tossed and turned, wondering if my LOVE was also concerned. I awoke the next day to soom real good LOVE was found innocent, no more singing the blues!

Instantly we went to the I.C.U., to show that we cared and to say I love you. My Dad looked at my LOVE right by my side, he gave a small grin and said his seemed like Dad waited for him to come there, as they said their goodbyes, he was gone by sunrise...

It was sad and beautiful at the same time, I felt so confused I started to cry. My LOVE was there to help me stay strong, but I thought it be better if we didn't stay long.

While holding Dad's hands, I noticed the sun...I then realized that it's only begun! Being with the Lord is what Dad wanted indeed...who wants to stay here and continue to hurt and bleed?

3 more years have flown by, and things have gotten worse, I can't deny...major foot pain everyday, caused by bone spurs I can't dismay...nurses, specialists, and the family doc, I've tried it all and I still limp around the clock!

My LAST CHOICE was to cover the pain, so here's where it gets pretty insane. In time I was taking more and more pills, they covered my pain and even my blues...I made the wrong choice and became too discreet...this made my addiction greatly increase.

It has now been 5 years and my LOVE knows the truth...his girl is an addict with the opiate blues.

Always understanding and helping me a lot, I would like to re-thank him cause he's all I got! Thank You for caring and understanding my pain, Thank You for being there through all my migraines.

YOU are now my BEST carry with you a piece of my heart, you tattooed Dad's name right from the start...just so you know, that does mean a lot, and I promise to you that I will never depart.

In closing I'll say, before I was blinded by all the pain...having you is a blessing, I can never complain! Be there for me and I'll be there for you, cause no-one will ever TRULY understand how I feel for you!

Submitted: February 27, 2011

© Copyright 2020 DawnieDogg. All rights reserved.

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