How Life Can Change In Seconds

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Sports  |  House: Booksie Classic
Shane is a senior. He gets a scholarship to Ohio State University. He meets his friend and gets peer pressured.

Submitted: November 15, 2016

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Submitted: November 15, 2016



Just calm down, I can do this,” I thought nervously as I walked into school shivering and cold with my fresh buzz, Vikings jersey, and ripped jeans about to start my first day as a senior in high school. “If I could get through the first three years in high school, I could manage to get through one more.”

“Good morning everyone,” said Mr. Anderson wearing his buttoned up shirt and khaki jeans.

As soon as he finished saying good morning, he got a phone call and the principal wanted me to go to the office.

Why would the principal want to see me,” I thought confused.“What could I have done wrong in the first five minutes of high school?”

“Good morning Shane,” said Principal James.

He had one of those smirks on his face that made you rethink all the decisions that you have made in life.

“Good morning,” I replied happily.

“I called you down to inform you that you have been offered a football scholarship to Ohio State University!”

I jumped out of my chair in excitement and screamed, “WHAT!!”

The principal asked,“So I am guessing you except?”

“Duh,” I said sarcastically.

I left to pack my bags. I was even more happy because my best friend Mark was also accepted into Ohio State at the end of last school year. I then told my parents the news. Monica,(mom) was wearing a sweater with sweatpants and had blond hair, and Shaun(dad), was wearing a Vikings jersey with a fresh buzz cut.

“MOM, DAD!,” I yelled as ran in the house.

“What! Did something happen are you ok?,” my mom asked.

“More than ok! I just got accepted into Ohio State,” I yelled.

“Good for you!,”  screamed my parents.

“I am leaving today I have to go pack my bags,” I said.  I took the nearest plane from Minnesota to Ohio. Once I got there it was kind of chilly and windy but the campus was beautiful and it smelt like fall. I met up with the coach. He was wearing an Ohio state jacket and was tall and round. He gave me my football  uniform.

“You deserve this,” Coach Jordan said. “I have seen many good things of you from your grades to your amazing running back skills.”

“Thank you so much,” I said to the coach. “You have no idea how much this means to me!”

“No problem,” he replied.

So the next day I went to practice and it was awesome! I met up with my friend Mark who had brown hair, and an Ohio state vest on.  After practice Mark and I went to go celebrate the news.

“I cannot believe that you got an offer from the same school as me,” said Mark.

“I know right!” I said excitedly.

Mark and I were talking and he told me about something called nandrolone which is a steroid that improves your overall endurance and I said, “I thought you could not do steroids in college?”

“Trust me I promise you can, try one,” Mark insisted.

“Sorry I am not like that,” I replied.

“I promise nobody will notice Shane,” remarked Mark. “Trust me!”

“Whatever,” I said and I took the steroid.

The next day we had a scrimmage and the coach put me in and I ended up running for three touchdowns and rushing for one. I have never felt so confident in my life. The coach ended up making me the player of the game and I got the game ball.

“I am very proud of you,” said Coach Jordan.

“Thank you so much,” I happily said.

Two days later happened to be a drug test for everybody. So Mark and I got in line. Mark ended up passing. Now it was my turn and I ended up testing positive for performance enhancing drugs.

“What this cannot be,” I told Coach Jordan.“How did Mark not test positive and I did,” I asked. “He is the one who gave me the steroids and he took one too!”

“Well tell “Mark” that he is kicked off the team too then,” coach yelled. “ I am extremely disappointed in you! You know I do not put up with this crap! You should know better!”

“Now my whole career is ruined! Why did my career have to be so ephemeral?” I asked whining. I packed my bags and flew back out to Minnesota.

“Mom and dad, I got kicked off the team!,” I said.

“WHAT? HOW?” Monica and Shaun asked.

“Mark peer pressured me into taking nandrolone and he said it was not against the rules when it was and I got kicked off of the team,” I explained.

“You know what you idiot?” you deserve this,”Monica said. “You should've known that taking any sort of steroid is illegal!”

“I know I am sorry,” I said depressingly.

“Yeah, you say that all the time but this time sorry doesn't cut it,” said Shaun. “It is your fault for taking them not ours. Do not apologize to us! Why are you not mad at Mark tho? He was the one who pressured you into doing it,” Shaun asked.

“I am mad! extremely mad!” I said in chagrin. “In fact I want revenge! He promised me nothing would happen and basically just stabbed me in the back! My career is over. No football, no basketball, no nothing and it is all because of Mark!! I have no words now(crying).”

A few days pass and I could not stop thinking about football which was an impediment and I became depressed. Every time I came home I did not even talk to my parents. I just came home ate dinner and went to sleep. I felt enervate inside.

“Are you ok honey,” Monica asked. “Do you want me to do anything for you? Buy you a new game? Maybe a new watch or something?”

“I just want to have my career back,” I claimed. “I just do not know why I listened to him. It is the antithesis of how I usually act. Since I went back to school I have not said one word to him or vice versa. I just want another chance,” I explained.

Shaun says, “ You should've known not to take the steroids in the first place Shane. This was your fault not ours. If you knew you would regret it, then why did you take it?”

I told them, “ Once again I just made a bad mistake, but people say they learn from mistakes. I agree with that saying, but this is not the way I wanted to learn from this mistake! This meant everything to me and now all of my dreams are gone and I cannot do anything about it.”

The next week I went to school Mark confronted me.

Mark said, “Hey Shane.”

“What,” I replied.

“I just wanted to say sorry and that I did not know that this would happen. Is there anything we can do to make up,” Mark said with amity.

“Sure we can meet at the coffee shop tomorrow at five! Is that ok,” I asked.

“Sure sounds like a deal,” Mark confirmed.

This is the perfect time for me to get my revenge, I got him right where I want him,” I thought in my head. “ It all came down to tomorrow. He is  finally going to get what is coming to him!

So tomorrow hit and I left to go to the coffee shop down the road. I got there and Mark was waiting for me.

“Hey Shane, thanks for coming,” said Mark.

“No problem bud,” I said. “So all I want to know is, why did you actually want me to take those steroids, Mark? Why did you think that it was legal to take them,” I asked.

“Are you really that stupid,”asked Mark? “It was all a stupid set-up so I could get you kicked off the team! I did not want you to take my spotlight so I gave you the steroid” I did not take it so you could get kicked off the team! But you just had to tell coach and you got me kicked off too! It is your fault Shane!”

“WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU!! I WAS HAPPY AND YOU DID NOT JUST GET ME FIRED BUT YOURSELF FIRED TOO, YOU RETARD!YOU KNEW HOW MUCH THIS MEANT TO ME!” I screamed. “ I had a dream and you had the audacity to take it away from me? I thought I trusted you! You were my friend!”

“You thought wrong! It was your fault for taking the steroid,” said Mark.

“You know what?” I said bestially,  (SLICE!)  

Mark was dead.

The police were called and I was arrested for first degree murder. I wanted to him to be carrion. I was hoping they would leave the body to rot like the animal he was.

“I am sorry. Tell my parents that I am sorry, but he deserved what was coming to him! That is what he gets for ruining my career!” I told the police.

The police said I had become deleterious hazard to everyone and took me to jail. I had one phone call to my parents and told them everything. They got me a lawyer and said that I am on my own.

The next week was court. My family showed up and so did Marks. Marks family had nothing to say and neither did the guilty conscience of myself.

“Shane, I sentence you to one life sentence in prison with no bail!.” said the judge.

I was in my own world at the time and as I was put in my jail cell. I was just depressed. “Why did I do it? I still could have had a career and I blew it! Now I have nothing!” I thought to myself as I was in the jail cell. “Why am I even here? I am a cold blooded killer! This is not how I wanted my life to be. I could be in college still having the time of my life but one decision, one stupid decision ruined everything in my life! This was my fault, I was the one who chose this path. If I could just rewind everything and tell Mark no, I would still be in college, I would still have a life, and I would still have Mark! But I had to become the Boor person that I am now!Why did I kill him! He was my friend. I’m done.”

Those were the last thoughts I had before I committed the ultimate sin. If I could of went back and not taken the steroid I would probably still be here today. All it takes is one stupid decision and your life can be turned around in the matter of seconds.


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