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Dawn Robinson is an introvert and when she finally decides to get a pet, they form an unbreakable bond.

Submitted: December 14, 2015

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Submitted: December 14, 2015



People call me odd. People call me quiet. People call me lonely. I'm not lonely, I'm just...alone. There's a difference. I'm Dawn Robinson, I''m an introvert and this is my story.

I love to read, I especially love to write. There's nothing more simpler in the world then just putting your thoughts onto paper at least that's what I think.

I always have my curtains shut because I like it dark. I do open up my windows from time to time but for most days they just remain shut. It's an odd quirk I know. I have many odd quirks but I don't mind being weird, it makes me unique and I like that.

I don't have any pets or family living with me. I just live by myself all alone which I don't mind of course. Lately I've been thinking about getting a pet but that means letting it...outside.

I don't care much for outside. I mean I like it and all I just don't want to be outside. Another odd quirk of mine.

I'm glad to say that I don't have a job. My writing is my job but besides the point, I can't stand talking to strangers and being around crowds all day so I've decided a long time ago that as long as I can write, I can earn a living.

So I just stay inside all day. Oh, I do find stuff to do! Like I said, I love to read and I do my writing from home. In fact, I don't recall the last time I was outisde....I guess it was when I had to get some food from the store.

I hate going to the store. I mean I like the stores and all but not the crowds there at the stores. Makes me feel...crowded if that make sense. But people need food in order to surivive.



One day I saw it, an add for free kittens! I thought about it and I figured, I've already spent five years by myself why not get a pet? It was time!

Why did I pick a cat out of all other animals? I love cats. I also like dogs but with cats you don't have to take them for a walk everyday and they can stay inside with you all day! Perfect for an introvert like me!

I put on my jacket, grabbed my purse, and took a deep breath as I counted to five before I opened up my front door.

"One, two, three, four, five. Turn the knob." I turned the knob. "Step outside." I stepped outside into the big wide world. "Close the door behind me." I closed my front door behind me. "Don't forget to lock it." I locked my door. I took a deep breath and then I walked toward another block over to get the kitten.

I began to think about what the kitten would look like, what's name it will be, if I would be a good owner. This was, after all, a big step for me.

When I was done thinking, I arrived at the breeder's home. I knocked.


?An older woman opened up the door.

"Hello!" she said. I looked at the ground as I spoke to her.

"H..hi. I...uh, came to answer this add for free kittens." I told her as I showed her the add.

"Oh, yes! There's only one left and he's an odd one so I'm not sure if you want him."

"May I take a look?" I asked her.

"Of course!" she showed me into her house. She took me to a bedroom where only one cat was left. He had no tail, different colored eyes as in his right eye was brown while his left eye was blue, his left ear was half way gone, and he had an extra toe on each foot. An odd one for sure.

"Like I said, he's an odd one." the older woman told me.

"Just like me..." I whispered.

"I'll take him!" I told her. She looked surprised by that but she approved.

I took the little kitten to his new home.

"This is your new home." I told the kitten when we walked in.

"I hope you like it. I know it's not much but it's suffice." I told the kitten. I then showed him the entire apartment.

"We can watch movies and TV shows, I can read a book while you sleep on the foot of the bed, and on winter nights we can lay down by the fireplace. It's the simple things in life that makes me happy and I hope it does too for you." I told the kitten. He just meowed.


"I know you'll enjoy it here in your new home, I do." I told him. I put the kitten down as he rubbed his body against my leg while he purred. I smiled. He already felt at home!

"Well, it looks like it's you and me, buddy." I told the kitten. I then gasped. "Buddy! That can be your name! Buddy! Yeah, it fits!"


I grabbed the kitten as I petted him and put him back down on the ground again.

"I have to go get some cat food for you so wait here while I do so." I told him. I grabbed my purse and my jacket again as I walked up to my front door.

"Okay...I can do it." I whispered to myself. "One, two, three, four, five. Turn the knob." I turned the knob to my front door. "Step outside." I stepped outisde into the big wide world once again. "Close the door behind." I closed the door behind me. "Don't forget to lock it." I locked the door. I took a deep breath as I walked to the bus stop to catch the bus.

I was the only one at the bus stop as the bus came. I got onto the bus as I payed the bus driver and found a seat by itself. I took out my iPod and listened to some music as the bus took me to the store.

The store was huge but I just hoped that a big crowd wasn't there ready to crowd me. I put my iPod back in my purse as I walked into the store. Already there was a big crowd in the front of the store!

I gasped as the store turned into a complete nightmare! People changed into monsters, the walls started melting, the floor was hard to walk on, but I took a deep breath and walked very fast to the pet food aisle. There wasn't anybody there in the pet food aisle. Thank goodness for that!

I grabbed two small cat food bags and made my way to the cash registers. I stood in line waiting for my next turn. I became nervous as my hands started shaking but I tried to calm down. I counted to five as it was my next turn. The cashier scanned the items.

"That'll be forty dollars." he told me. I handed him the money.

"Do you need help with that?" he asked me.

"No, no thank you. I'm fine." I told him not looking him in the eye. I then put the bags on my shoulders as I walked very fast out of the store. I didn't take the bus but I ran home.

As soon as I got home, I closed the door behind me and started breathing very heavily.


I looked at Buddy as he loooked at me with curious eyes.

"Your going to a lot of trouble aren't you?" I asked him. I then put the cat food down as I grabbed a bowl from the cupboard and put some cat food in there. Buddy immediately started eating as I made a sandwhich for myself. We ate together as I finally was happy that I had someone to share my life with even if Buddy was just a cat, at least I wouldn't be so alone anymore.




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