To Be Like a Butterfly

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(My first poem so I hope you enjoy) To grow wings and to be a butterfly, that's what I've always wanted but freedom comes with a price. Do I desperately want to lose childlikeness and grow up?

Submitted: January 10, 2016

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Submitted: January 10, 2016



Wings, I've always wanted wings;

to finally fly and be free  

but freedom comes with a price.

I just want to join the others!

I just want to fly forever....

Good old bluejay keeps on telling me, "don't grow up, stay young!"

But what is there to live for when you're just a bug?

People hate you; they want to stomp on you

but when you're a butterfly,

they look at you with different eyes.

Mama, who's a butterfly, keeps on telling me, "I was once like you. All I wanted was wings

but what a terrible choice I made."

There's nothing for me if I continue to be a caterpillar.

But do I want to stay young forever?

That is impossible for anyone to do

but you can stay young forever in your heart that is you.

No matter where life takes me I'll always be a caterpillar

but this caterpillar has wings and I'll continue to fly forever.


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