the story of Nomad : Lucifer's War

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its a story about a person named Nomad that destend to protect the world i has compleated one short story with anuther continuing fo a second story

Submitted: October 25, 2013

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Submitted: October 25, 2013



The story of Nomad

Lucifer’s War

Science Fiction- Fantasy

By Stephen L. Gregory

The year is 2045 earth population 500,000. Lucifer and his demons of hell have declared war against the human race striking a heavy blow on the population of earth. Mankind has advanced since then and they have created giant flying battle fortresses to battle against Lucifer’s army’s. But in the end the war is still a losing battle as Lucifer keeps slaughtering innocent lives.



 That is where Nomad comes in with powers granted to him so he can fight the forces of darkness. He eventually has to fight the four generals of Lucifer’s army’s and then Lucifer’s  commander for that is the only way he can get closer to Lucifer himself so he can fight him. Soon he faces each general one at a time. With each general getting stronger and stronger. Soon after he defeat all generals then the commander shows his face the battle raged for hours till finally he defeats him. Finally it is time for the final battle, every human and fortress still fighting joins forces to make their final stand against Lucifer’s army’s. They make there way to the strong hold to where Lucifer and his army have taken refuge. Finally the day has come. We mount an all-out strike on Lucifer’s strong hold but even that is grim for there is an unlimited source of demons under Lucifer’s control. The only hope is for Nomad to fight Lucifer and win. Soon Lucifer shows his face and the battle between Lucifer and Nomad begins.


The battle rage on for hours and Lucifer seems to have the upper hand for he is a god, and Nomad is only a demigod. Soon Nomad goes to his last resort, his ultimate power the crimson blade that takes every bit of his power to use. However, to defeat Lucifer, he is willing to do what he can to protect everyone he cares about and love. He attacks with everything he has and with luck he connects, dealing massive amount of damage to Lucifer. Thinking that he has won, he takes down his guard when all of a sudden Lucifer regenerates and strikes him down. After Lucifer struck him down, he laid and waited to die. He watched as Lucifer destroyed fortress after fortress, and took many lives. Then when hope seemed lost, time froze and before him he saw a white light. This was an ascendant being sent by the gods. Sent to grant Nomad a final power, but with a cost. He is granted a power of a god, but the term of this agreement is after he has defeated Lucifer he must ascend for he will no longer be mortal with god like powers. Nomad is a god now. After the deal is made, time unfreezes and Nomad calls to Lucifer leave them alone. Then a bright light surrounds him and then dispels. He has taken the form of an ancient angel known as the archangel the angel of good and evil, one wing and sword of light and the other wing and sword of darkness. He now has power equal to Lucifer’s. Then the real fight begins. The fight last for hours and Nomad has the upper hand now for he has both darkness and light on his side. Finally, Nomad strikes a final blow with the sword of darkness and then he finishes him with the sword of light which keeps him from regenerating. Nomad has done it Lucifer is too wounded to continue and is unable to regenerate due to the sword of lights powers. The battle is won, and Lucifer withdraws his troops back to the depths of hell where he belongs. Nomad seals the gates of hell so Lucifer may never attempt this attack again. Now that he has been defeated the deal to which Nomad accepted this new power must be kept. He say farewell to all his comrads and the one he loved, and then the light that he saw before comes back to tell Nomad it’s time to go. Finally, he ascends into the heavens and the world is safe. There is no telling what evils will show up in the future, but when that day comes Nomad will be there to protect his world and his home.

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