The Ending Days Episode One: Everything Changes

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The world is lost to a plague of savage zombies. It's up to a small group of survivors to band together and fight for their survival.

Submitted: April 10, 2014

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Submitted: April 10, 2014



Season One

Episode One

[Everything Changes]


Part 1

{Supplies are Shortening}


*Diary Entry One, 22 September 2035: The world is a wasteland, I'm not sure what exactly is out there but I refuse to leave this refuge. It was back in October of last year. It all started: the cries of terror and screams of pain... Fires in the streets, windows breaking, people lying on the floor motionless only to get up a few seconds later. I was with my wife at the time of the attack, number 23 Fraiser drive, Austin, My house, my family. I was upstairs at the time after just having a shower and I remember banging coming from next door, I thought nothing of it since my neighbors had always been noisy people. But then I heard screams... They were horrible ear piercing screams, I dressed myself hoping it would stop but it anything it got louder. I decided to take a look outside so I got dressed and proceeded to the door. At this time my wife and daughter were in the front room watching television like they could hear nothing, but I wasn't fooled, something was not right next door and I intended to investigate so I opened my front door and to my horror stood a dozen people covered in thick blood with mangled faces and torn clothes, they turned and looked at me before sparing no hesitation and charging at me with full force! I didn't wait around to find out what their intentions were and slammed the door, but they near enough tackled the door off its hinges, I ran into the living area with my wife and daughter who were worrying what the banging was. I said nothing and looked into my unit to pull out a small gun, and that's when it happened... My wife went to look out of the window at all the commotion, a sudden smashing and... They took her, my heart sank as she was dragged out of the window and torn to pieces before me and my daughter’s eyes. I told my daughter to run to the kitchen. (For anybody reading this, I never want to reveal my daughter’s name again, it hurts too much. So for diary purposes you can call her Ruby) Ruby did as was told and I shortly followed but they were breaking in the windows to the kitchen, they were swarming my living room, we were being overrun! I went with my better judgment and quickly lead Ruby to the Cellar. Even though Ruby was only 15 she knew what she was doing, she covered the small windows leading into our cellar with various items and boxes. And we hid... We hid for days. The events that occurred after this took me to where I am today, but my group needs me so I better finish up this entry soon. But where am I now? I’m in a military training facility on the edge of Memphis, Tennessee, living for 4 months in a bomb shelter with five other guys, it’s safe. We have a good food supply, mattresses to sleep on, weapons and ammunition, not to mention we are miles away from the city or anywhere really, This place if I remember was used for bomb training, or that’s what my group said. My group are real nice, took me in when I was no use to anyone and knocking on deaths door. They kept me alive. Our group is small, six men in total all of us with our own little story to tell. We don't use real names here, the world now? It isn't the same, it's an extermination! An Extinction, the world is starting a new life and evidentially so should we, farfetched as our names may be they give us our new life. There’s Blacklock, he is a dark skinned man, former cage fighter. He’s good with his fists but even better with a light machine gun. Then off course there's Ladykiller, The name was by choice not by group vote if you’re wondering, I tend to just call him LK, now LK used to run a famous chain of supermarkets up in the north, He can cook very well, he can do wonders for the shit we have on the menu anyway. And he's always complaining that we have no women in the group, I think we all could use a woman’s touch sooner or later. Next there is the Cavman, youngest of the group Cav used to do national free running for the state of Ohio, he's like a monkey because he climbs buildings like they are nothing. Then comes the bulk of our group 'Heavy A' named after his infatuation with heavy artillery. In fact Heavy was the one who found this place, he used to train with 'launchers' under the supervision of our final member... Sergeant Bert McAwesome, He was the leader of our pack, professionally trained military Sergeant, fought in Afghanistan for years and baring a trusty shotgun that his father gave him when he was nine, every one of us has got a story to tell, and I will get into them as time progresses. My weapon of choice is a sniper rifle, which is how I got my name. Before the rifle I kept my small handgun close, and because of stupid decisions over the five months I was out there for, I haven't seen Ruby in six months... I assume the worst and for good reason.

To conclude this first diary entry, the world is dead, there is no hope unless you want there to be. This is now just a game of who can survive the longest, and with this group I think I have a good chance! And what's my name? The group has christened me… Eagle Eye.


Eagle Eye closed a red leathery book and slipped it under the mattress of his bunk. Eagle wore a ripped pair of black jeans with a white T-Shirt and a leather Jacket with a red hood. His hair was messy and uncombed and he wore a pendant around his neck with a picture of his wife and Ruby inside. Eagle exited a small bunk room and entered a larger room with three men sitting around it. The room was bleak and dull, water leaked from the holes in the ceiling and the floor was infested with cockroaches and various other insects. A small stove stood in one corner of the room, along the edges of the room was a row of tables and standing alone in the middle of the room was an old sofa. Sitting on the left side of the couch was a young man with spiked hair and a baseball jersey, He was baring a game boy color and played it casually ignoring anything that occurred around him this man was CavMan. On the right side of the sofa sat a bigger man, polishing a large black rocket launcher. He has long curly black hair and glasses wearing a checkered shirt and muddy jeans, this was Heavy A. And lastly over by the stove wearing a waistcoat, a white shirt and suit trousers with suspenders was Ladykiller (LK) he fried some off looking eggs on the rusty stove and looked over to Eagle Eye.

"Got yours right here, Eye" Said LK as he tipped an egg onto a plate. Eagle said nothing and collected the egg before sitting in-between Cav and Heavy. "Serge and Black have been gone a while" Stated Cav.

"Probably deciding which eats taste the worst" Said LK sarcastically.

"Appreciate what you got LK, Not everyone has got a done deal like us" Yawned Heavy A as he put his feet up on a crooked footstool.

Just then the door to the bomb shelter snapped open and in walked a dark skinned man in a camouflaged military uniform, baring a tommy gun and cans of beans and a packet of bacon. Next to him was another man, very toned on his biceps in a white vest top and combat trousers. He dangled a lit cigar from his mouth and carried a heavy bag of rice over one shoulder and a shotgun over the other, the dark man was Blacklock, and the man with the cigar was Bert McAwesome. He slammed the rice onto the stove.

"Dinner, Bitches." Croaked Bert.

"Cheers Serge" Thanked Cavman. "Any meat? I need protein!"

"We got a pack of bacon, man. Eight slices. Me and Bert are taking two since we got the food tonight." Explained Blacklock.

"No. We keep the two slices of a bacon for another day. Don't waste rations" Interjected Bert.

Bert took the polish from Heavy A to shine up his shotgun upon one of the tables. "Food is getting scarce lads, we can't keep going like we are going. We may need to venture to the city."

"You know, full well that's a negative serge, we've lost too many men to risk any more. We are down to six people, that's not enough to defend this place from a horde." Argued Heavy A.

"So what do you propose we do? Food is running out as fast the population, with every person that dies out there, it leaves a new batch of fresh food ready for the taking. Why should we be stuck here in a dull fucking bomb shelter when some survivors are living up this 'end of the world' lark?" Barked LK.

"I understand your position LK, and in some respects I agree with you but luxury is not something to long for in our position. But I do agree we will shortly have to go on a patrol for empty houses." Explained Bert.

"As I always say, we should hide out in UMart. I know those supermarket chains like the back of my hand! I can find any in the local area but seeing as we are in the middle of nowhere I cannot decipher exactly where my stores are, Take me to the city and I'll take you to salvation" Boasted LK.

"LK I appreciate your persistence with taking us to one of your supermarket stores but we don't have to change location, we have a stronghold here and dull as it may seem, it's safe and secluded so why fix what isn't broken?" Disagreed Bert.

"We don't always have to use the city, I know a small town just a mile further from the city... Could be a much safer bet" Stated CavMan.

"Why haven't you ever mentioned this place before, man? “Asked Blacklock.

"We've always used the city, besides the town would be less over run..." answered CavMan.

"You can't be sure of that Cav, It could it just as over run if not more. It's not a gamble I'm willing to take" Said Bert.

"I'm with McAwesome, I'm not putting my life on a gamble for a bag of popcorn and a Popsicle." Hissed LK.

"I would, those rotting freaks aren't biting me. Not with Big George by my side." Heavy A said whilst holding up a M63 Stoner.

"There! We already have me and Heavy ready to go already" Smiled CavMan.

"Whoa, I never agreed to going. I was just stating a fact" Barked Heavy A.

Bert puffed his cigar and watched his team banter whilst debating whether to go the usual route into the city where it has always been a constant fight for survival as the city is over-run so the team find themselves commonly going to unnecessary lengths to avoid the dead, or to take the unknown passage into a local town recommended by CavMan in which Bert was unsure of how much of a gamble he would be taking by going there.

Bert slammed his fist down on the oven and silenced the bickering team to announce his decision "... We go to the town. CavMan, you’re coming along because you know the way, Blacklock and myself will accompany you. Blacklock go fill up the jeep with gas from the shed, Heavy, Eagle and LK, You guys stay and watch this place... god forbid somebody turns up and finds it."

Blacklock exited the room and went to set up the Jeep. Bert loaded himself up with several packs of ammunition and rounds whilst CavMan collected an old map for the Jeep.

Cav and Bert wished there companions farewell and good luck as they set off with Blacklock down a dirt track that used to be used as a grenade testing site, They came to a gate as the bomb shelter was surrounded by fencing, Blacklock got out of the Jeep and opened and closed the gate and the three set off north. Eagle Eye loaded up his sniper and went to the makeshift balcony of the bomb shelter, the balcony was made from sheets of wood and mattresses and armored with leaking sandbags. Eagle rested his weapon on the sandbags as he watched the Jeep drive off through his scope. LK and Heavy prepared the bomb shelter for lock down in case of any threats that may occur, the team was prepared for absolutely anything... except the events that were to follow.


Part 2

{The Breach}


Eagle Eye surveyed the open plains of which were deserted and scarce, not a human alive or dead to be seen. All was quiet. Down in the bunker LK sat upon one of the many tables talking to Heavy who was on the sofa.

"You do realize that it is not one hundred percent that they will come back" Stated LK.

"I know it's not guaranteed but you got to keep a positive mindset or this place, this world, it will break you" Answered Heavy A.

"It will break you? This world and everyone in it is already broken, lost and damned. My heart is black and my lifestyle consists of running and killing. I've killed friends, family, innocents, criminals, adults, children… every type of person you can think of I have wasted on my journey to where I am now. It was either them or me right? My point is, any sort of positivity I could of had now dwells in the barrel of whatever gun I'm holding at the time" Ranted LK.

"I'm sorry you feel that way, But it's not like I haven't seen my fair share of bloodshed LK. I could be a wreck right now but I'm a fighter... It takes more than the apocalypse to break my spirits" Replied Heavy A.

"Even when your friends might be getting ripped apart right at this very second?" Sneered LK.

Heavy fidgeted on the sofa as he became more agitated by LKs comments "Remember Ben and Luke? They were part of this little team once but your mistake cost them their lives." Hissed Heavy A.

"How Dare you! You know that was an accident! And it's not like I was the only one to blame! You better watch your mouth from here onwards" Angered LK.

"Or what? You know LK it's one thing to make a mistake, that's all fine and dandy but when it costs someone their lives then it changes everything, I know you weren't the only one at fault but you contributed to it... Ben and Luke were my friends. And if I ever told Serge..." Spit Heavy A.

"Do NOT! Tell Serge. If you do you will be betraying the whole group, he will come down on all of us and you will not be exempt. We all have the secret of Ben and Luke on our conscience and that is something that cannot be erased." Roared LK.

"Why are we even discussing this, I'm bored by it, it's in the past" Said Heavy as he tried to end the conversation with the last word.

"You're Right. They are dead and I'm alive. That's all that matters." Sniffed LK as he laid down upon the table to relax. LK's final comment really irritated Heavy at how heartless it was but without warning a loud ear piercing alarm went off in the bunker making Heavy and LK jump but nonetheless they knew exactly what the alarm signified: Back when Sergeant McAwesome first found the bunker he ordered the team to work together to create an alarm system that can be operated from anyone playing marksman upon the makeshift balcony, the alarms purpose was the same as a fire alarm is to ready you for a fire, the alarm was to ready the team for an oncoming attack or breach. LK grabbed a handgun and ran up to the balcony to see what Eagle was signaling about, Eagle pointed to the distance and LK was shocked to see a parade of three lorries approaching the compounds gate, The first one however was spinning out of control unlike the two behind them. LK patted Eagle on the back and ran downstairs to Heavy A.

"Heavy we have a breach prepare to defend this fucking tin can!" Said LK as he ran to an old walkie talkie that was perched on one of the tables under a bunch of dirty plates "I'll try to get Serge on the radio" Barked LK.

Heavy A picked up his M63 Stoner and cocked it "I'll take the field, what am I up against?" Questioned Heavy A.

"Three big ass Lorries, might be civilians" Answered LK.

"Let's do this, George." Whispered Heavy A to his weapon as he went over to the bunker door and barged it open.

Heavy surveyed the field and watched the lorries approaching fast, He looked up to the bunker balcony and nodded to Eagle Eye as to ask if he's going to cover Heavy A as he runs out into the open, Eagle nods back as to confirm that this is what he will be doing. Heavy walked out and his eyes began to look worried.

"Those Lorries are going to crash right through, they must be stopped before they breach the compound" thought Heavy to himself. "I need something bigger!"

Heavy ran over to a chest that rested on the outside of the bunker and opened it up to pull out a huge rocket launcher "Hey there Margaret!" Grunted Heavy A as he ran to the middle of the green and pointed his rocket launcher at the unstable lorry that was almost to the gate.

Eagle Eye watched and looked very concerned about what was about to happen as he knew that a rocket would attract an entire horde so he aimed his sniper at the tip of Heavy’s Launcher and shot, but it was too late! Heavy A had launched his rocket, all the sniper did was disorientate it a bit. It flew to the back wheel of the first lorry and blew the back entirely up in a fiery explosion, the lorry flipped and came crashing through the gate breaking the fencing entirely. The other two lorry's crashed right into the rubble and tumbled in a massive pile up in the middle of the compound. All was silent except for the eerie wind which howled against the roaring flames of the wreckage.

Just then a horde of zombies came flooding out the back of the first truck, and eventually the second truck.

"LK we have a code horde! I repeat a code horde! Get your ass out here! Eagle Eye start taking them down, Go Go Go!" Yelled Heavy A as He strapped Margaret to his back and armed himself with George once again and started spraying down the zombies.

Just then a large dark man wearing a black tank top and green cargo pants crawled out of one of the overturned trucks and stood upon the top of the trucks shooting at the zombies with a light machine gun, He reached down and pulled up a smaller man who was still quit built, this other man wore a white vest and swampy cargo pants, he used a hand gun. He glanced over to see Heavy shooting the zombies that were attempting to climb up to the two men.

"Hey You! Help us please! Help!" The second man yelled as the swarm became more intense.

Heavy A kept shooting, failing to hear the man over the sound of Big George, However he did notice two other men climb from the other fallen truck, One was very built, like a body builder and carried an ak47 whilst the other sported a long beard and sunglasses whilst wielding a baseball bat at the zombies clambering to get a taste of the four truckers in peril. Heavy began to sprint towards the hoard shooting aimlessly to help the men. A last man began crawling out of the first lorry but was caught by zombies and pulled down off the lorry screaming for his life, the second man watched the victim get torn apart by the dead "Nelson No!" He screamed at the fallen trucker. The first trucker had finally had enough and jumped down from the lorry swinging his gun at the heads of the zombies, the other truckers followed in a battle against the zombies. Heavy A finally joined the battle to protect the truckers. Without noticing, a zombie snuck up behind Heavy A and prepared to sink his teeth into the big guy but the zombie was shot dead by a sniping Eagle Eye.

"Everyone! Get to the Bunker! Come on follow me!" Screamed Heavy A as he ran back towards the bunker. The four men fought their way through and followed Heavy quickly, the five arrived at the bunker entrance which was being held open by LK, after everyone was inside LK barricaded the door with logs the group had prepared in a homemade zombie emergency kit. But it wasn't long before the group heard scratching and clawing at the bunkers walls and door, Eagle eye came down from the balcony and sat upon one of the tables reloading his sniper and sizing up the four lorry drivers that had broken their home and breached their sanctuary. LK grabbed the man with the beard and pinned him against the wall in anger.

"What the fuck have you brought to us!?" LK Snapped.

The big man with the AK47 pulled LK off of his friend in pointed his gun at LK. "I will shoot you down if you lay a hand on one of my men" He grunted.

"Whoa lads let's calm down for a second, these guys just saved our asses" Yelled the man in the cargo pants and white vest before approaching Heavy A "Thanks for the help out there, I'm Evan." Evan attempted to shake Heavy A's hand.

"I'm Heavy, this is Eagle and Ladykiller, and this is our bunker. And we will do whatever we can to protect it, especially against intruders" Growled Heavy A as he refused the handshake.

"Well I hate to bring up the numbers game, but we have four men with fully loaded weapons. You are hardly in any position to be threatening us, if we wanted this smelly bunker then we could just take it." Spat Evan who turned to listen to the banging and scratching of the dead on the door. "It seems we are going to be here a while... Heavy, Ladykiller, Eagle... Meet my team" Evan pointed at the man with the beard "This is Travis" He then pointed at the man with the AK47 "This is Wrath" And he finally pointed at the large dark man in the cargo pants and black tank top "And this is Silverback"

"Okay happy hour over, I want to know exactly what you are doing here? I want to know why you have broken into our compound with roaring large trucks full of those zombies" Roared LK.

"Why don't you mind your own damn business, man?" Hissed Travis.

"You want me to pin you up again you hairy son of a bitch" Growled LK.

"Be quiet! Everybody. Doesn't anybody realize that one of our friends has just lost his life? You three may not have known him but he was my friend. He wouldn't want this, He would want us to band together and find a way out of here." Interjected Silverback.

"You're right, Nelson wouldn't want this" Agreed Evan. "What about you sniper boy? You got anything to say?" Evan said as he looked over to Eagle Eye.

"He doesn't talk much" Answered Heavy A.

"Is it just you three then?" Questioned Evan.

"No, there are three more, they are on a supply run. Heading to a town up north just past the city. You know of it?" Replied Heavy.

There were no answers, just awkward look exchanges from the truckers to one another, Evan shuffled his shoes and looked away. Eagle Eye and Heavy looked at each other, both with a confused look on their faces.

"Well!?" Hurried LK.

"We know it all right. In fact, we came from there." Answered Silverback.

"Then why have you come here? Nobody has ever come here for anything, it's too remote to even attract a large number of dead, and it’s not even on a damn map. So how have you ended up here?" Questioned an impatient Heavy A.

"We don't have to answer anything for you" Spat Travis.

LK then snapped and punched Travis square in the face before punching Wrath and ripping his machine gun out of his hands and backing the four truckers into a corner, they were all four too slow to grab their weapons. "Right you big wheeling fuckers, you are going to tell us what we want to know. Otherwise I'm going to put a bullet in each one of your testicles!" Shouted LK.

"Put the gun down friend! We are people not zombies!" Begged Evan.

"Tell us now!" Yelled LK as he cocked the weapon.

"Just tell us, Why are you here!?" Asked Heavy A.

"Fuck this I'm telling them" Sighed Silverback. "This town your boys are heading too is not safe, we work for a man who calls himself Cope. He is mayor of a town which was swarmed months ago! Issue is, He is yet to leave. He's camping out in the town hall, strong old building it is. He accepted some survivors in, maybe twenty or thirty, but anyway his goal is to rebuild his town, starting by cleaning out the zombies. He gave us directions to this place and here we are. We crashed because I assume Nelson got bit. I don't know. But there's your explanation" Explained Silverback.

"That's the biggest load of bullshit I think I've ever heard" Angered LK.

"LK Quiet! If what you're saying is true, then what are my friends likely to encounter upon arrival" Asked Heavy.

"A full on gun war, and if you want my bet... They won't survive five minutes." Barked Evan.

LK held the gun up to Evans head "I don't think you're going to survive the next ten seconds!"

Heavy A and Eagle cocked their guns and held them towards the four truckers "Hand over your weapons right now." Ordered Heavy.

"Or what fat man?" Squealed Travis.

"Or we blow you're fucking heads off that's what!" LK snarled. Eagle aimed his sniper at the head of Travis and Travis backed away. The four men eventually gave over their weapons and Eagle stored them in his backpack, Heavy then made the four men sit down and listen to what he wants to do with them.

"You will take us to this town. Hopefully we will not be too late to save our friends. When we get there, you will convince your 'Cope' to not cause a fuss and let us leave quietly. One quick move and we will shoot you. Is that clear?" Explained Heavy A.

The four men shuffled and hesitated to answer. "Is that clear!?" Shouted LK.

"Yes... That's clear" Answered Evan.


Part 3

{Empty Roads}


Bert, Blacklock and Cavman drove across the distances with Cavman using his memories to guide them to the town to look for supplies. Blacklock was at the wheel listening to Cavman’s directions whilst Bert loaded his various side arms ready for any oncoming attack. The roads were empty and bare, not a zombie in sight, nothing but trees as far as the eye could see. This was the outskirts of the city in which the three of them had not seen before. Blacklock took a sharp left turn and the three of them came face to face with a sign reading 'Rhianside Town welcomes you". Underneath the welcoming sign read some graffiti saying 'God is Cruel' written in blood. The three silenced for a few moments before Bert cocked his side arm.

"We walk from here" Said Bert.

"What? Why?" Asked Cavman.

"We don't want to alert any unwanted attention, we get in, we get out. Understand? Blacklock I want you to park this car in the trees and join us when you are done. Keep these on each other for contact, but keep in hushed tones" Explained Bert as he handed his friends some walkie talkies. "Cavman you come with me, Keep contact with me Blacklock"

"Will do Serge, be safe, man" Said Blacklock as Bert and Cavman exited the vehicle. Blacklock proceeded to drive away. Bert and Cavman continued into the town, they soon enough came across rows of shops on each side, and at the end of the rows of shops was a town hall. But occupying the empty roads were a large amount of zombies, Bert grabbed Cavman and the two of them dived behind a deserted car trying not to alert the dead. Cavman prepared to open fire but Bert pulled the weapon from aim.

"Are you crazy Cav? Do not shoot at a hoard, we are going to be taken out in seconds you fool. Take the roofs, you can get up there quicker than me, I’ll maneuver through the shops, we head to the town hall. I will also pick up any supplies on my way through the shops" Whispered Bert.

"Okay serge, be careful." replied Cavman.

Cavman used his quick ability to scale the walls of the shops unnoticed and take refuge on the rooftops of the town, looking down at Bert across the street who was sneaking past the zombies into the town’s grocery store. He leant up against some apples that blocked him being seen by the zombies, He took a bite of an apple and filled up his backpack with various fruits. He prepared to move on to the next shop but just then a zombie wandered into the shop and began to eat at a stack of pineapples. Bert held his shotgun close and prayed that the zombie would not walk a few steps further and see him. Cavman watched this occur, He put a silencer on his rifle and began to aim for the zombie near Bert. Suddenly Bert and Cavman heard a noise coming from their sides, 'Guys I'm approaching the town, where ya'll at?’ It was none other than Blacklocks voice on their walkie talkies as he made his way into the town. The zombie near Bert stopped and turned to look over at the pile of apples whereas every other zombie heard Cavman’s talkie and began to claw at the building that Cavman was now stranded on top of. The Zombie walked over to find Bert clutching his shotgun, Bert knew he couldn't shoot his gun or he will be trapped and swarmed, the zombie lunged forward to try and bite Bert but Bert put his shotgun sideways in the mouth of the zombie as it fell upon Bert, trapping him in a scuffle on the ground.

Blacklock made it to the town but as he turned up, all the zombies turned to see Blacklock, a swarm ran after him and Blacklock had no choice but to hide in a small white van which the zombies soon started beating down. Cavman begun shooting down on his zombies that were clambering upon each other to get to the young man. Bert tried to reach for his knife in his pocket but the zombie was now trying to scratch at Bert and Bert had nowhere to go as he was holding the zombies wrists with one hand, and his shotgun in the other. It wasn't long until the zombies were smashing the windscreen of Blacklocks truck and climbing in only to be shot dead by Blacklock, but he couldn't last much longer as the swarms were massing.

All looked hopeless for Bert until suddenly a knife was shoved through the head of his Zombie killing it, Bert pushed it off to see an ebony girl with an automatic rifle on her back, dressed in a white shirt and blue jeans, Bert stared at her confused. Cavman and Blacklock were also saved by a flurry of shooting from several men and woman outside the town hall. The zombies were shortly cleared out and Cavman and Blacklock came out of hiding. The two men walked forward and went to meet the new people, a man with ginger hair and a handgun did not react to the handshakes and instead hit Blacklock around the face with it, knocking him out. Cavman retaliated and went to hit the ginger man but was also knocked out by a shot from another man with black hair.

Bert saw this and stood up in shock, he looked to the girl. "What the fuck are your men doing!?" Bert Yelled. The girl suddenly hit Bert around the head with her rifle, also knocking him out cold. The ginger man and black haired man helped drag Bert into the town hall, waiting for the group of people was a man with sandy brown hair and a suit.

"Lock them up, I want them alive. They have something I want..." Sneered Mayor Cope.


(I really hope you enjoyed the first installment, There are alot of typos I understand but I hope you can look past them. Open for critism and thank you for your time. Hope you enjoy Episode two!"

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