The Brownie

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A story of a brownie and no not a delicious treat

Submitted: May 28, 2012

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Submitted: May 28, 2012



Once upon a time, a time very long ago, there was a small hole in the earth of the mystical land of fairy tales. Which really aren’t fairytales at all really, but we don’t like to believe that there are creatures, strange creatures, among our world. So I hope this story will show you, that they are real, very real indeed.


Well this is the story of a brownie named Oobaloo. He was the smallest brownie in the underground village, where he and his brother lived. They were very happy there; accept for the fact that there was a horrible creature called Agroole. He was an Esmatho which is a horrible creature sent to fairytale land by the Devil, from the underworld, whose mission is to take over the whole of fairytale land with his horrible minions.

One night he and his brother took a night time walk. The brother was captured by the Esmatho and was taken away. So Oobaloo chased after the beast and ran and ran until he could run no more. It was over, his brother was gone, but no, he didn’t want to believe that his brother was gone. So he set of to find this monster.  He sat every hour of the day, making arrows and knifes and spears for him to slay this beast that took his brother. Finally one day he was ready to go and meet the creature that had taken his brother. On the way he kept on thinking, what if his brother was eaten by this foul beast, but he still kept hope that he was going to find his brother alive in the creatures cave. When he got there, he saw the creature sleeping in the cave. Then he noticed a little cage in the distance, and heard a crying noise coming from it. Right then and there he knew he had found his brother, but the question was how would he save him and bring him home. Well, he sat thinking for a while outside the cave. Then I came by, lifted him up, and he was amazed, as if I was the funny one.  I quickly made friends with oobaloo, and saved his brother. Then he told me his entire story. So this is the story of the BROWNIE I saved. So now I hope you know, what you think isn’t real, could by right in front of your eyes, you just need to look closely, to see them.

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