High School Never Ends

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There's no point in writing a summery. The title explains it.

Submitted: August 21, 2012

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Submitted: August 21, 2012



Quick Note: I wrote this a while ago. I got the idea off of a song. And i just wanted to say no, i dont know anyhitng about college, i am in high school. So if this is nothing like college dont bitch at me about it. Thanks.

High School Never Ends:

“Bye Sweetheart!” My mom exclaimed as she hugged me goodbye. She had just helped me unpack everything in my dorm. “See you in three weeks mom!”I shouted as she walked down the hall. My first day of college and I could already smell the independence. I plopped down on my twin sized bed. It was nothing compared to my bed at home, with its broken in mattress and lilac smelling sheets.

I turned my body to my roommate’s side of the room. She was still a no show. Maybe she decided college wasn’t her thing and went home. It would be nice to have a room to myself.

The door burst open, and a girl with huge blonde hair and boobs the size of cantaloupes walked in. Let’s not forget the sky high heels.  She also had a Snooki tan and wore 10 sizes to small jeans. “You must be Erin.” I said standing up extending my hand.

“And you must be Joyce.” She seethed looking at my hand as if it was on fire. She looked at my converse to my black head band, disgust plastered on her face. “Let’s get something’s straight Joyce. I wanted a single dorm but apparently that’s not allowed for freshmen. Stay out of my way, and stay out of my stuff and hopefully we won’t have a problem.” Erin pushed past me and threw her oversized bag on her bed.

“Um I’m going to the floor lounge.” I announced.

“Like a give a crap.” Erin muttered under her breath.

The dorms were huge. And when I thought I found the floor lounge door, I yanked it open.

“Hey baby. Want a tour of my room? Let’s start with my bed, it still needs to be broken in.” a tall pale guy tried to say seductively, and he was failing. Instead of finding the lounge I found the floor creeps room. “Um no thanks.” I said turning away. I mean seriously why would I hook up with some random guy of the first day? Especially with someone so unattractive.

When I was half way down the hall I heard some girl say “I’ll take the tour.” In a high pitched toddler voice. Right as I turned around I saw the creeper grab a short busty girls wrist and yanked her in his room. Ugh.

When I finally found the lounge I ran straight into a muscular guy wearing a black v-neck. “Watch were your going! Are you freaking blind?” He yelled.

“So-orry” I stammered. “You should be! You could have stained my shirt!”He boomed. Then he stormed off. What could I have possibly stained his shirt with? My clear lip gloss? My invisible coke?

I saw a girl with cute pink glasses with flowers on the frame sitting alone at a table. She was reading one of her textbooks. Actually I need to pick up my French textbook at the campus store, except I have no clue where it is. Maybe she knows where it is?

“Hi I’m Joyce.” I said taking a seat across from her. The girls entire body tensed.“Do you know where the campus store is? I asked. “Um…it’s…only a few building down from here to the left.” She practically whispered. She looked up at me for a second and then her head shot back down.

As soon as I said “Thank You.” She had her back pack on her back and her book overflowing in her arms. She headed straight for the door at the speed of light.

Did I say something weird to her? I thought as I replayed our conversation. Nope.

When I got to the campus store I got the last French textbook. That was the one good thing that happened today. Too bad it cost 55 bucks leaving me with 10 bucks in pocket money. When the campus started getting dark outside I went to the “Taco Shack” The schools “Mexican” restaurant. When I got my dinner it smelled like a dead rat, covered in dog crap, with a dash of frog guts. Yum. Oh and let’s not forget how over priced it is.

When I rounded the back corner of my dorm building a short guy dressed in all black approached me. “Hey sweetheart. Want to do some business, and buy some Dope. The money goes to a good cause…its call Adams tuition fund!” He said in a low voice. He seriously reeked of weed and beer.

“Sorry don’t have any money on me.” I replied rolling my eyes. Note to self don’t go in the back way at night, always enter through the front.

When I entered my dorm room, I saw Erin lying on the bed with an eye mask on and her IPhone playing relaxing, soothing music. That sure was something I was going to have to get used too.

I laid down quietly on my bed, not wanting to wake up the princess. I laid there letting my mind wonder. College is just like high school. It’s full of rude bitches, creeps who try to get into everyone’s pants, bimbos who will do anything for attention and to feel important, jerks who think there the king of the world, sky kids who can’t stand there ground, and druggies that smell like crap. High school never ends.


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