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its just another story.

Submitted: August 03, 2009

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Submitted: August 03, 2009



as the night falls, so do i. the darkness is almost equivalent to the mascara stains under my eyes. tears of hope,sadness, and hurt. ill soon drift to sleep. the darkness behind my eyelids protects me. i dont think, i dont speak. toss and turn, hour by hour. some hide at the bottom of the bottle,choking on the wishes that will never be granted. others, on the filter of their last cigarette. i hide behind walls. the four walls that enclose me. i hide behind lies. the lies that keep me sane. the lack of ease to let go is what seeps through my pores more and more everyday. its not a dream. its running through a never ending nightmare. running through a room with mirrors for walls. you can see the pain in your own eyes, the pain looking you dead in your own eyes. knees tremble, knuckles crack. you can hear your own silence. you cant run. youre weak. you cant hide. youll always have the shadow of hope and hate behind you. when your world is black you wonder if the light will ever shine through. you were swallowed whole. the past runs you like remote control. your strength gives out, like a weakening bridge. youre afraid and worthless. what do you have if you have nothing at all? its time to let go, youre trapped. run for another door. no matter how many knobs you turn youll never get out. fall apart as weak as you are. the walls are caving in slowly. just like me.

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