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About the best friendship i've ever had. An how love destroyed it.

Submitted: June 09, 2010

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Submitted: June 09, 2010



Awaken to the cool crisp air,

Dew drops drizzle,

Down the window, by the stairs.


I loath my mind,

I hate when its "thinkin-bout-him"time.

I hate it when i see the car,

Or when i cry cause i know your so far.

Or how i know that you'll never be back.

We rolled so far from the track...

An those 3 words. I don't wanna say.

I'm not looking for everything to be okay.

Im not trying to work it out,

That isnt what this is about.

It's about the nights that i stare at the stars.

It's about the cig's i smoke in the car.

It's about the cups, on the passengers floor.

It's about chats on the cell till 3 in the morn.

It's about the time i spent with you,

I need you still, as i did then,

Imiss mybestest effinfriend.

Love was coming... It was there.

I know you felt it too.

An when you had to leave, i knew what i had to do.

I knew... what was best for you.

So i put on the best face i could find,

And stayed strong for days on end.

An when you faded into the clouds,

I broke down again an again.

As time went on, an you stayed gone,

I haven't heard a word.

I pray for your happiness, an hope your doing good.

Im sorry for what happened, an im sorry i hurt you,

Remember, Just 'cause my love isnt the same,

Doesn't make it untrue.

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