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No-one knows what to do, everything is just wrong. We can't change it? wrong, we just choose not to. Learn to open your eyes and you'll see what's really going on.

Submitted: November 13, 2010

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Submitted: November 13, 2010



Crying. Is it just me or is it when we were younger crying was the answer to all our problems, but now we're older it's our only option sometimes? Don't you think it's sad how so many of us cry, alone, in the dark at home and never tell anyone? It's so strange, come to think of it, i can't even remember when this change happened. Like it matters, no one wants to hear what we cry about at night anyway, we all have problems. I guess you woudn't exactly want everyone out in the open screaming about what is so wrong in their lives at the moment. Considering, alot of these people are just spoilt, stuck up, stupid little girls and boys who don't know the meaning of hard work or real pain.

Then again, alot of us do. I find it hard now to find people who are this so called "normal". Well, seeing as you can't really define a normal person, this is my idea of it. A "normal" teenager would be one thats prents are still together, doesn't have an eating dissorder, doesn't self harm in any way, doesn't suffer from depression ect, ect... You see where i am going with this? Well all I see now is not this sort of normal. All of my friends have something thats not quite right, they self harm, Their parents aren't together or they suffer from depression. Alot of the time it's just an absalute shit-mix of everything.

Maybe it is just me, but if you really do know your friends well you will see this in alot of them. What has happened to everyone? I'm pretty sure things were never like this. People, although they didn't have all the luxuries that teens have these days were so much happier. Now we aren't, we are all so much more fragile than we used to be. We fall apart easily and we mess up so much more. Seriously i wonder how people can walk around ad not see the pain in teens these days. Wether it be the look in their eyes, or the scars on their skin. Isn't it amazing how poeple have learnt to ignore this? Next time you're out in town, or with people really look at them. Look into their eyes and try to see what they're hiding, look at their skin, it's not the same as it used to be if you really think about it.

It's hard being a teen. Anyone can agree with this, even people who haven't been a teenager for a good many years. It's the years in life where you really discover who you are. You learn who you want to be and you decide on the crowd of people you want to hang out with. You do stupid things, constantly and you don't think before doing them. You can't really say this is all easy. Discovering who you are never should be, but how we deal with it, Now that's the real problem. People these days don't seem to be abe to handle themselves anymore. Yet no one seems to care enough to try and help them out. Is its just me, or are we going backwards? Aren't we meant to help those who are in trouble? Yet, we just walk on by and turn a blind eye to what's going on instead.

What we have today is gold. It couldn't be much better, we just don't know how to use it. Everyone needs help to decide how to live their lives,l but no one is there to offer it. Well there is always one option that teenagers these days seem to turn away so easily, simple because they are given the choice to. God. Think about it, faith is powerful, faith heals and faith gives us hope, so why is it we don't turn to it more often? I'm pretty sure it isn't the only answer to many people, but to alot. It could be the answer to alot fo tehir troubles. I wonder if anyone will listen? probabaly not, but you can't say that no one has ever tried to help you. Not if you really listen, faith and god is all around us, everyday. We just choose to ignore it. It's there to help, not to control. Like i said, what we have is gold, we just need to learn how to use it.

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