Sweet Rose

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic
Charlotte has a broken heart. Jeremy has a lonely life. What happens when fate pushes them together? Truths and tragedy unfold. But love is here.

Submitted: August 26, 2008

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Submitted: August 26, 2008



Tears ran down Charlotte's face, mixing with heavy drops of rain. The waves crashed against the shore, growing angrier by the minute. The slender sixteen-year-old girl still refused to move off of the wet sand even as the sky started to roar and bolts of electricity sprang down on her from above. Charlotte's heart continued to ache drawing tears to her eyes. The same thoughts raced through her mind, she couldn't bare it anymore. He was a liar and a cheat, and she knew it but she could never stop loving him, her heart refused it.

Charlotte looked up from her shaking hands, the sky was dark and she was blinded by the darkness. Her eyes searched her right side then the left. On her left stood a cliff at least half a kilometre away. On the cliff's edge stood her house, which was filled with light. Charlotte stood up feebly, a bolt of lightening lit up the sky and she glanced a dark figure running towards her.

The light disappeared as quickly as it had appeared. The wind and sudden blindness almost knocked her off her feet but then she was caught by the figure she had seen seconds ago. His embrace was strong yet gentle and he gave off a lot of warmth despite the weather. Charlotte clung tightly to him.

Sun swam through the gaps in the blinds then went streaming through the sun catcher and into Charlotte's eyes. She squinted at the light of midday as she opened her eyes from awakening. The last thing Charlotte could remember was being held in the arms of the stranger on the beach.

Charlotte suddenly realised the presence of her mother in her room.

'Oh you're awake now I see,' her mother said calmly.
'What happened?' Charlotte asked still wondering what had occurred on the beach last night.
'A young man brought you home unconscious from the beach last night. You were completely saturated, I wouldn't be surprised if you catch a cold.'
'Mum, I'll be fine,' Charlotte said, slightly annoyed at her mum.

Just as her mother was going to reply there was a knock at the door. Charlotte's mum left her room and went to see who was there. Charlotte could hear a young male's voice and her mother's. She couldn't understand the words but their voices did get louder. Her mother re-entered the room and told Charlotte she had a visitor. Without giving Charlotte time to preen herself, a boy of about seventeen came through her door. Charlotte blushed, embarrassed at him seeing her in bed.

'How are you feeling?' the boy asked. Charlotte only just made the connection that this handsome guy was the young man who had picked her up last night.
'Oh, I think I'm okay,' Charlotte replied after a while. 'May I ask who I should thank?'
'Jeremy Rose, it was just lucky I was in the right place at the right time,' he remarked modestly.

Charlotte felt her cheeks continue to redden and even more when her mother asked if Jeremy wanted to come around later for dinner. She couldn't help smiling though when he accepted the invitation.

In the late afternoon Charlotte climbed out of her warm bed, showered and got ready for dinner. She brushed back her long, wavy blonde hair; frustrated at the way it was sitting, and then chose her favourite casual summer dress to wear. It was a warm summer evening unlike the night before of the storm. Charlotte's mother had prepared for a BBQ out on the deck. The decked faced out over the cliff and ocean, boasting a breathtaking view.

Once again there was a knock on the door and this time Charlotte went to open it. Jeremy looked beautiful in the orange glow of the setting sun. His skin looked softly tanned and his hair dark and curly. The feature that captured Charlotte the most though, were his deep green eyes that twinkled at her but with a slight hint of sadness. Charlotte smiled and welcomed him in. As he walked past he planted a soft kiss on her cheek. She blushed once again, a little taken aback at this gesture.

The night went well. It was a strange feeling for Charlotte; she had only known Jeremy for a day yet it felt like months. After their meal, Charlotte and Jeremy went for a walk on the beach where they had first met just the night before.

They talked about everything and anything. She found out that he didn't go to school anymore and he found out that she was an A grade student. Charlotte still couldn't help wondering why she hadn't seen him before.

'What's your middle name?' Charlotte randomly asked.
Jeremy laughed and replied, 'Jordan. Jeremy Jordan Rose, that's me.'

Charlotte suddenly stopped walking. She just realised that she hadn't thought about Jordan all day! Jordan was the boy that had broken her heart those many months ago. The boy she thought she couldn't stop loving.

'Is something the matter, Charlotte?' Jeremy inquired lightly holding her hand.
'No... No everything is fine. In fact everything is fantastic!' Charlotte replied, glad that she hadn't had a single heart-breaking thought about Jordan all day.

When it was time for Jeremy to leave, Charlotte walked him to the door. She felt his arm gently wrap around her waist. He pulled her close to him and placed his soft, sweet lips on hers. Charlotte blushed again as he pulled away and without another word, just a sweet smile, left.

Charlotte shut the door behind him and leant her back against it biting her lip, savouring his taste. When she re-opened her eyes her mother was standing in front of her.

'That's going a bit far after knowing each other for a day isn't it?' her mother questioned with a hint of a smile.
'Mmm,' replied Charlotte walking past her mum, ignoring her comments.

Charlotte woke early the next morning in time to catch the bus for school. Her day passed as any other until the break for lunch. Charlotte sat with her usual group of friends, her mind on Jeremy, her mysterious new friend. For once she wasn't thinking about what Jordan was doing with his new girl during the break from lesson.

As she sat eating her lunch she saw Jordan walking towards her. She sighed but this time not because he wasn't hers anymore but because the only boy she wanted to talk to was Jeremy.

'Charlotte, can we talk?' the smooth voice from Jordan's mouth sounded.

Charlotte's friends all stopped talking and focused their attention on what was happening in front of them.

'Yeah sure, Jordan,' she replied but his name felt wrong on her tongue as she forced it out.

They left her group of friends so they could talk without anyone else's ears catching the conversation. Jordan took her to his car parked in the student car park. Memories of being with Jordan in that car swam through her head and he could easily read her thoughts.

'Bring back good memories?' he asked, winking his right eye. He continued when Charlotte didn't reply, 'I just dumped my girlfriend...' still getting no reply. 'She was no where near as hot as you...'

Charlotte was so confused and knew he was just telling more lies. She lifted her eyes from the exterior of the car and stared into his cold, brown eyes.

'I know you still love me,' he continued taking her hand in his harshly.

Charlotte pulled her hand away with the same amount of harshness and using that hand, slapped him hard across the face. The connection of palm on cheek made a satisfying sound and the look on Jordan's face was priceless. Charlotte then turned her back on him and walked away.

'You crazy bitch! I know you love me! Admit it!' he cried, running his hand through his short and disgustingly bleached hair.

'Come back here!' he continued to yell after her as she continued to walk away. Then he straightened up and tried to look chill when the other students in the car park started to stare at him. After kicking the driver's door, he opened it, got in and drove away, leaving a black line of rubber behind him.

Charlotte was still on a high when she got off the bus and started her short walk home. She toyed with her mobile in the pocket of her school dress, wondering why Jeremy hadn't messaged her after last night. Her fingers then lay on a piece of folded paper. This jogged her memory and she remembered that he had given her his number but Charlotte hadn't given him hers.

Charlotte turned down her one-way street, the single storey bungalow at the end being her destination. A bulky motorbike was parked out the front of her house. Charlotte walked up the drive way and saw a handsome middle-aged man coming out of her front door. The man smiled weakly at Charlotte as he walked past her to his motorbike. He mounted it, clipped his helmet on and rode off.

Charlotte's mother was standing in the doorframe. Her face showed emotions of confusion and depression.

'I don't think you should see Jeremy again,' she spoke quietly to Charlotte avoiding eye contact with her.
Charlotte was quite taken aback by this statement. 'Why on Earth not?!' She replied to her mother in a raised tone.
'It just isn't a good idea, you barely even know him,' her mother replied softly after wincing at Charlotte's raised tone. She put one hand to her head, massaging her temple and walking back inside the house.

Charlotte followed her, closing the door rather loudly behind her.

'He could be using you for something,' her mother said, turning abruptly around to face Charlotte but sounding rather unconvincing.
'Well you are the one who asked him to come to dinner,' she replied, her anger rising. 'He might've saved my life!'

Charlotte's mum sat down in an armchair in their living room. She looked rather drawn as she put her head in her hands, not wanting an argument.

'Mum, what's happened?' Charlotte asked a lot more softly than before. Sobbing noises could be heard from beneath her mother's hands and Charlotte moved over to her, hugging her around the shoulders.
'I'm sorry Charlotte, I just miss your father so much.'

Charlotte didn't forget about her mother's wish for her not to see Jeremy but she didn't bring it up in the conversation again.

It was eight o'clock when Charlotte's mum announced that she was going to have an early night. She gave Charlotte a peck on the cheek and disappeared into her room.

Charlotte sat in the living room, thoughts running through her mind at a fast pace. She wondered whom the man was she saw earlier that day and how he had upset her mum so much. Charlotte also couldn't get her mind around why she shouldn't see Jeremy again and whether to ignore her mother's wishes or not.

All of this thinking called for Charlotte to go for a walk on the beach. It was a half past ten when she opened her mum's door to let her know she was going for a walk. Her mother was fast asleep and rather loudly snoring her head off, so Charlotte quietly closed the door and left the house.

The air was warm and heavy. Charlotte had put on some denim shorts and a singlet top when she had gotten home. She didn't need anything else to wear even at ten-thirty during the night.

Down on the beach it was quite dark but the reflection of the stars and moon, lit up a line of sea and the sand. Charlotte's hair was blowing slightly in the warm breeze as she slowly walked on the wet sand.

She'd been on the beach for less than ten minutes when she heard her favourite song ringing on her phone. Charlotte fetched her phone out of her pocket, slid it open and answered the call.

'Hello?' She asked, unsure who was calling.
'Hey, it's Jeremy,' Jeremy's soft voice sounded through the electronic device.
'How-,' Charlotte started to ask before being interrupted.
'Oh I got your number by seeing it engraved on the back of your iPod, last night. I have a good memory.'
'Ha, okay then,' Charlotte replied, obviously not caring that he had her number without her approval.
'Look behind you,' Jeremy very quietly demanded.

Charlotte turned away from the ocean and almost screamed when she saw a dark figure up near the dunes. An unusual, mixed feeling of relief and excitement came over her when she realised it was Jeremy.

'I have leukaemia,' Jeremy said straight out after they had embraced each other.

Charlotte didn't know what to say.

'They can't do anymore to save me,' Jeremy elaborated and after receiving no reply from the speechless girl, he simply added: 'I'm dying, Charlotte.'

This time she responded by grabbing Jeremy tightly around his middle, squeezing him so hard against her that he almost couldn't take breath in. They stood there for ten minutes as Charlotte continued to sob into Jeremy's chest and he did have to swallow the lump rising in his throat.

'It's okay, I have come to terms with it,' He whispered into her ear.
'But I haven't come to terms with my father's death yet!' Charlotte exclaimed as she pulled away from him and walked to the water's edge.
'How did you father die?' Jeremy asked softly placing a warm arm around her shoulders.
'Prostate cancer,' Charlotte replied simply.
'Sorry, I didn't know.'
'I was only 12!' She said, once again raising her voice, shrugging off his arm and taking steps away from him.
'My mother died giving birth to me, I never knew her,' Jeremy spoke in his same soft manner.

Charlotte turned back to him slowly and sighed deeply.

'Oh I'm sorry!' She let out, stepping toward him again, 'here I am thinking only of myself when you're the one I should be sympathising for.'
'It's okay,' He said, once again embracing her.

They sat on the beach for a very long time, just talking again. Then there was a long silence as they looked out at the water keeping their thoughts to themselves. After what seemed like only five minutes of silence, Jeremy looked over at Charlotte. She had her eyes closed and seemed quite asleep. Jeremy took his phone out of his pocket to check the time. It was three oâclock in the morning and he could hardly believe it. He came to the conclusion that he must have also fallen asleep and not realised.

Jeremy woke Charlotte with a kiss on her delicate sleeping lips. She woke up first wondering where she was and then seeing Jeremy, kissed him back. They walked back to her place, though they were both very tired. She let him in and they ate some left over pizza. While eating the pizza, Charlotte remembered her mother telling her not to see Jeremy again.

'Does you dad ride a motorbike?' She asked.
'Yeah, why?' Jeremy replied mumbling through the pizza in his mouth.
'Oh, no reason,' she said, not wanting to have to tell him about her afternoon; she was too tired.

Sun swam through the gaps in the blinds then went streaming through the sun catcher and into Charlotte's eyes. She was lying on her double bed but not in it and still in the same clothes from last night. Charlotte yawned and rolled over, her hand landing on something solid and warm. She sat up very suddenly looking down at Jeremy's face, which appeared to be in a peaceful sleep.

Charlotte shook him awake by grabbing him around the upper arms. He stretched out his long arms and then realising where he was, sprung off of the bed.

'Oh, shit!' Charlotte exclaimed. 'I didn't tell you, but mum told me that I shouldn't see you anymore...'
'That's why you asked if my dad rode a motorbike... I knew my dad would stop me from seeing you somehow.' Jeremy smartly worked out what had happened.
'Yeah... I worked it out last night when I got the answer from you.' Charlotte commented. She had also worked out why her mother was so upset; it was from being reminded about the killing powers of cancer.

Charlotte paced her room trying to think of what to do. She definitely couldn't pretend like she had never met Jeremy, especially now that she knew his fate. Somehow she would have to sort everything out with Jeremy's father and her mother.

Jeremy's soothing voice broke through her thoughts. 'Charlotte relax...'
'What are we going to do?' Charlotte cried as they once again embraced.

He stroked her blonde wavy hair with his flat palm, and then lifted her chin so her face was tilted up to his. Her blue eyes were watery and her cheeks flushed.

'It will be okay, we'll get through this together,' He said while staring right into her large eyes. Then placed a soft kiss and on her forehead.

Jeremy and Charlotte went into the kitchen. Her mother was sitting at the beach looking at them.

'Why-' Charlotte's mother started to ask angrily.
'I'm sorry Ms O'Hare, I love your daughter,' Jeremy said as Charlotte's eyes started to dampen. 'My father told you what my fate is, didn't he?'
'Yes, he did.' Charlotte's mum replied in a small voice that could barely be heard.
'I just want to live the rest of my life being happy and surrounded by friends, not depressed and alone waiting for everything to end.'

An air of awkwardness hung around the room, everyone busy with their own thoughts. No one's eyes were dry.

It was at that moment Jeremy starting shaking uncontrollably and collapsed. Charlotte cried out and came down next to him, stroking his cheek.

'Everything will be okay sweetie, we can be together always and we'll be happy,'

Ms O'Hare ran to the phone as soon as she saw Jeremy collapse.

'The ambulance is on its way.' She told Charlotte.

Charlotte's mother went to pick up the phone again when there was a knock the door.

The handsome man Charlotte had seen the day before on the motorbike walked in the door once it was opened. This time he looked very angry and reminded Charlotte of her father when she had been done something wrong. When Mr Rose saw Jeremy gasping on the ground, he went over to him, his expression softening. He didnât look so angry; instead his face seemed to be contorting with hurt and worry.

The hospital room was filled with light, which to Charlotte seemed quite inappropriate; she felt dark and cloudy.

The constant beat from the heart monitor rang in Charlotte's ears, every part of her hoping not to hear the beating stop. She held his cool hand, tracing circles on the top of it with the pad of her finger.

'Everything will be okay,' she whispered, mainly trying to calm herself down.

Jeremy lay there unmoving except for the slight rise and fall of his chest.

'We'll be happy. We can go down to the beach everyday and watch the tide, and then at night we can do whatever you want! I don't care about anything apart from you now.' Charlotte sobbed, 'we'll buy a house right next to the ocean and we can have kids if you want!' She sighed at the thought of this imaginary life with him, 'it will be perfect,' she whispered.

After this last word of hers the machine stopped beating. Only the constant tone sounded.

Charlotte threw half of her body on him, placing her hands either side of his head, touching her forehead to his. Tears ran down her face then dripped onto Jeremy's pale, cold skin.


There was a knock on the door. Charlotte slowly staggered of bed and answered the door seeing as her mum was at work.

She looked out of the door to see no one except the bright summer sun. Charlotte brought her hands to her weary eyes to shade the light, when she saw a bunch of roses on the welcome mat. She picked them up, shut the door and went back inside.

Charlotte took out the card in the roses and read:

My dearest Charlotte,
These are for you.
I promise I will love you, until the last rose dies.
Be happy, for me.
Your Jeremy Rose xx

The thousandth tear ran down her face.

She looked down at the roses in her other hand. There were 12, eleven of which were deep red, and the other, a single white rose. Charlotte picked out the white rose. It was made of silk and plastic.

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