A Change of the Heart

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Other  |  House: Booksie Classic
A young girl finds her true heart when she stops thinking about herself and starts thinking about others around Christmas time.

Submitted: December 19, 2011

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Submitted: December 19, 2011



It was a cold winters day in Greenbrier, Arkansas, and Harley Johnson was walking home from school thinking about life. The wind picked up a little and the snow started falling harder. It was getting a lot colder, but thanks to her coat and scarf and other winter accessories, Harley managed to stay warm. "I can't wait for Christmas because then I'll have my very own iPhone 4s!" She thought excitedly. Christmas was Harley's favorite time of the year. She got new clothes, new shoes, the newest accessories and she got to go to really cool parties with all her friends. She reached her house and looked in the mailbox and looked through it as she headed towards the front door. She saw that one was addressed to her! Hurrying, she unlocked the door and went inside. "I wonder what it is, JJ." (JJ is Harley's dog and it stands for Jumping Jack.) Harley looked at the return address and noticed that it was from her grandparents. "It's probably a card." She said opening it. Sure enough, a Christmas card was in her hands. "Cute." And when she opened it, 50 dollars in cash was also in her hand. "Yes! Christmas money! Ah, I love December!" Harley told JJ with a smile on her face. She left the room not noticing the picture of a homeless little boy on the fire place mantle.

At dinner that evening, Harley told her parents about school that day. "And omg, her shoes were amazing! And her jeans... gorgeous! And..."

"Honey stop. Let's eat dinner and not have to talk about clothes or anything fashionable for once." Her mother, Lisa, said.

"But why? You love..."

"Your mother said stop and she meant it." Harley's dad, Jackson, said sternly.

"This is crazy! We always talk about this!" Harley exclaimed angrily.

"Harley, just go to your room for now." Lisa told her daughter, not wanting to deal with teen drama.

"Wow. Whatever." And with a huff, Harley slumped to her room and ended with slamming her door.

Later on, Harley went to her parent's room so she could get something she had left in there earlier. Before she could, she noticed her favorite fashion magazine, 'Fashion Frenzy' laying on Lisa's bedside table. Aggravated, she picked it up and marched to the living room where her parents were watching television. "Why didn't you tell me about this?" She asked her mother who was scared she might start.

With a sigh, her mother said, "Harley, sit down." Harley did as told but did not like it. Lisa looked at Jacskon and bit the bottom of her lip.

"Why did you not tell me about the magazine? How long has it been in your room? We might've missed out on sales..."

"Sweetie, we think it's best that we cut you back from you and your fashion. Let's face it, you're obessed." Jackson said. Now Harley was madder than a child is when they can't get that certain toy.

"What?? What are you talking about?" She asked raising her voice.

"We're done buying you that magazine." Her mother said.

"No mom! I can't live without it! Please!" Harley whined, her anger fading into sadness.

"Yes. You are way too obessed with all of this fashion and it's time you start thinking about other things for once. Other than clothes and other than yourself." Lisa said.

"You know what? I'll find the money so I can continue to get my magazine, and I will always talk about fashion and you will continue to buy me whatever I want." Harleye said, adding a little spice (backtalk) to her mother.

"Harley! You need to stop talking that way and you need to quit being so selfish." Her father said getting aggravated. Harley rolled her eyes at him and was about to leave the room until Jackson stopped her. "Harley, this little boy, Charlie, lives in South Africa. He's homeless and an orphanage found him where he was starving to death. He had no clothes and he has no family. We are going to buy him all kinds of things so he can spend Christmas having a great time." He explained.

"Well you can count me out." Harley said. Her mother stood up.

"Harley, this little boy isn't blessed like you are. You have family, you have a roof over your head, and you have food. And you should be thankful for that. You never thank us for anything that we do, or buy for you, and you're always thinking about yourself. How about you think about Charlie?" She asked with a tear.

"Um, no thank you. All I need to worry about is myself. I really don't care about a boy I don't even know. So um, I'll just see y'all in the morning." Harleye said rudely. She left her parents and went to her room and sat down on her bed. 'Of course I care about that little boy.' She thought. Harley was just trying to show her parents that she was a tough girl. She still thought is was totally unfair that they would quit buying her favorite magazine, but thinking about Charlie gave her heart a different feeling. A sad, empty feeling. One she had never felt before...

Later the next day at school, the last one before Christmas break, Harley sat at lunch talking with her friend, Amanda. "And I know I said all those things about how I don't care about Charlie. But I do care about him! I was just so angry with my parents about the whole fashion thing and not buying me 'Fashion Frenzy' anymore that I didn't care what came out of my mouth." Harley explained.

"Well, I think you should definitely buy some things for Charlie, and maybe you should think about others this Christmas." Amanda suggested trying to help her friend out.

"I know. And I do admit that I have been selfish, and I also believe that I am obsessed with fashion. Oh, but I don't know! I can't let go because fashion and clothes and all that is just so amazing." Harley said.

"Hey, you can still be in love with clothes and fashion, just not as much. And it's alright to look forward to Christmas because of the presents and money. But it's important that you focus on two very special things on this day. One, that it's Jesus' Christ's Birthday, and two, to have compassion for those who aren't as blessed as you and I are, and to thank God for all you have." Amanda said.

Harley nodded. "Thanks Amanda. That made me feel a lot better. I think I will definitely buy Charlie some toys and clothes with my money. It'll make me feel good." Harley said with a smile. The two girls hugged and after shopping that day later after school, Harley and her parents walked in the front door with bags of toys for Charlie. "I am so excited to send these to him. I bet he'll have the biggest smile on his face when he sees what all we... and I bought him." Harleye said sitting down ready to pack the boxes that would be sent to South Africa.

"Harley, I'm glad to see you in a good mood and I'm glad you decided to participate with us in this project." Lisa said getting the toys out.

"We're both glad. It really means a lot to us that you are being so generous and kind. Charlie will be very thankful when he sees what you bought him." Jackson said.

"Thank you. And I'm sorry for being selfish over the last couple of years. This Christmas I promise to not only focus on myself and my happiness, but to focus on Jesus as it is His Birthday, and I will also thank Him for everything that I have. And I will have compassion towards those who aren't as blessed as I am. I am so thankful for you both. I love you mom and dad." Harley said with a warm smile that covered up her old selfish ways and opened up to the kind and gentle person that she really was.

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