Last hope for sinner 'The Hand of God'

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this is a short poem about jesus the almighty's miracles,this poem tells about his mercy,miracles,,and love towards sinners...

Submitted: November 26, 2011

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Submitted: November 26, 2011



People with broken heart have a broken mind

make them leave the world of glory

make them away from all hopes happiness

seek the help of others but no one is their

no hand is there to help them from the depth of sea

which contain their sins to the land where no sin there

There see a hand of hope, happiness

the hand that has never seen before

the hand of love,mercy,which no one have

bring us above the world ,above the sky

to the world of happiness,joy,love

the hand which cares us more than mother's hand

I searched for that hand,the hand of love,mercy

but sin covered me,covered my whole body

making me away from those hands away far away

finding thos hands with prayer,with the words of god

seeking his love,begging for his help,his hand of help

wishing that i can touch those hands,i can feel his love...

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