The Burn Room

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This is a poem describing the way I felt when my friends decided to get into drugs (mainly heroin) and how I watched them go through their transitions.

Submitted: January 10, 2012

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Submitted: January 10, 2012




The Burn Room


Things were more complicated than anyone knew

Outside the Burn Room they looked like regular kids

I knew better than that, especially when I looked at him

Looking in his eyes I could see the charred pupils

Reducing to nothing but ashes

Inside that room it was an inferno where

The bridge between experiment and addiction was crossed

I sat there day after day watching them melt away

Nodding off in the bathroom

Cigarettes falling out of their mouths becoming part of the couch

Seeing the pleading cry in his hazel eyes

Begging me to pull him out of the fire

But the flames of hell were too much

Slowly I let go

Love was replaced with drinks, pills, and smokes

The only visible light was the flame on the foil

Silver morphing to black tar

That sharp needle of helplessness took control of their lives

Injecting pain directly into deep blue veins

Trying to help I unconsciously added fuel to his fire

I was a teenage girl flickering into a worrisome mom

The only person I loved was locked in the Burn Room

With one foot in the casket

A blank stare meant they were there

Off in their own sick world

They heard but didn’t listen

Spoke but didn’t speak

And looked but didn’t see

Cremated by their own lighters

Reminiscing I see how we all changed

I learned to forgive myself for things I couldn’t change

But not I’m torching the lies

I can only hope the Burn Room will stay locked forever


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