The Order of Rogue Jedi

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This is a fan fiction short story i wrote as a back story for a character i am cosplaying for new york comic con 2013.

Submitted: March 18, 2013

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Submitted: March 18, 2013



Barrdo Casta was born on the planet of naboo and brought to curasant to be left in the hands of the jedi by his parents never to be seen again. As he grew older barrdo started his training as a jedi and quickly became a very powerful jedi and by the time he was 20 he had risen to the rank of jedi master. He was not the most true to the jedi order and his emotions got the best of him when he found that he had been abandoned by his parents as a child and fled the planet and went back to naboo to find and confront his parents. He and his apprentice had searched for days and days. Barrdo was determined and refused to return to the jedi temple until he found his parents. 2 weeks later, his determination paid off when he found out where his parents where, but when he arrived at their home he realized very quickly why his parents had done what they have done. To his surprise his parents had become buried in debt to local pirates and the only way to protect barrdo was to leave him to the jedi hoping that he would one day return to save them. Unfortunately it was already too late for barrdo, as he ran to find his parents the local pirates had killed them and were still there raiding the house for anything worth value. In his rage he readied himself and charged in and killed several raiders until his apprentice stopped him before he let the anger consume him. they returned to the temple on Curasont where he had made his home. Barrdo had decided that the jedi are to lenient on people who do wrong to innocent people and left the jedi temple and the jedi order. He then turned to the dark side and learned their techniques as a sith apprentice. Barrdo then realized he had done wrong and immidiatly killed his sith master and attempted to right the wrongs he had commited.

The jedi order learned very quickly of Barrdo's betrayal and sent his apprentice----- to find and kill him. several years have passed before ------ figured out that his master had turned to the dark side and killed several sith thinking that his master had a secret plan to betray the sith but not the jedi he simply wanted to find and congratulate his former master. ----- finally found his master on an uncharted planet and was overjoyed to see his master once again, but Barrdo had one thing on his mind and one thing only. He immidiatly attacked his apprentice for he thought that his apprentice was there to destroy him. ------ suddenly went on the defense and after fighting for several minutes he finally calmed down Barrdo and told him what he thought his master had done and barrdo had simply went with the idea hoping if he explained it that way to the jedi council that they would let him into the jedi order once again.

Barrdo and---- returned to the jedi temple and went straight to the council chamber and Barrdo explained that he had faked turning to the dark side simply to gain their trust and destroy their leader. the jedi council saw through his deception very quickly and knew that he had lied and found his true story. the council had agreed that Barrdo was wrong for what he had done and let him back into the jedi order at his rank of master and to continue training his padawan but he was not allowed back onto the council until he can be proved trust worthy once again. the jedi had not yet found that Barrdo had learned a lot of techniques from the sith that were forbidden to be used by jedi and Barrdo knew that and tried his best to keep it a secret.

After years of training his padawan has become a fully realized jedi and Barrdo decided that it was time for his plan to come into action. Barrdo had planned to once again leave the jedi order and start a new order of rogue jedi that would overthrow the jedi order as well as the sith. This time he would have his apprentice by his side to help and together they would convert as many jedi as possible and also train new jedi when they could. His first task was to convince his padawan without raising any suspicion so he told ----- that they had a mission to do and they must go as soon as possible. The 2 jedi then flew to Barrdo's birth planet of naboo where he told---- his plan. ----- was not too fond of the plan but after persuasion he caved and agreed to join Barrdo on his quest to overthrow the jedi and destroy the sith. Barrdo then began training ---- how to use the techniques he had learned from the sith, when he had finished training they proceeded back to the jedi temple where they convinced several jedi to join them and they left curasant and started the rogue jedi order. The jedi council found out about Barrdo's deception and immediatly declared Barrdo, ----- and the other jedi who left as enemies to be destroyed on sight.

Many years passed and many fights have gone on between the jedi and the rogue order but the jedi being over confident believed that thhe rogues have been destroyed. Barrdo then realized that this was the perfect time to luanch an attack on the sith. Barrdo and his apprentice infultrated the sith temples and immediatly destroyed almost all the sith and fled leading them to believe that the jedi had sent them, the sith then decided to then retaliate against the jedi and luanched a massive attack on the jedi. the sith and jedi had nearly destroyed eachother, barrdo and ---- then started taking out the remaining jedi and sith. After the great battle Barrdo was surprised that any jedi had remained and after a few years the jedi had rebuilt and started an era of peace so barrdo and ----- had decided to once again go into hiding building their rogue order in secrecy until the chance to over throw the jedi has once again risen.

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