Just Not Right

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Written word, Concerns

Submitted: September 15, 2012

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Submitted: September 15, 2012




Things are not right, things are just not right. I don’t mind the dark when it’s night. We take flight when it’s bright. I even try to stay in the light when it’s night. Hear my plight? If you are in imminent danger, it’s ok to fight. We need to stop teaching wrong and come back to the right and at least act like we were blessed with foresight. Why is it seen as alright when kid’s aren’t polite, when inner fires don’t ignite. It just ain’t right. It’s not ok to do nothing, or for hope to be like melted ice, no form with our vice when we ask and invite shame and mediocrity to come stay for the night. I unvite the vice of ice when heated, I invite advice when needed, mercy when pleaded, but should the essence of our life blood be depleted? Our roots be bleeded from our souls with basics not used, I’m confused and enthused to be infused with wrath, don’t laugh because we have wounds and there is salt in our bath burning false trails into on our path, then it will end like my paragraph while our enemies read our imminent and immediate epitaph. Our testaments and commandments seen as outdated, and we are elated? Our  youth not taught truthfully, but taught about false reality of the world around that abounds with cruelty. But we are more concerned with jewelry? Just because we look away and are numb and silent, does not make the world less dumb and violent. Comfort is a luxury held up by awareness, now knowledge is seen as squareness. Things just ain’t right, alright. But i might feel better if we get back to the world our success was built on. No entitlement, our title meant, we won the title on lives spent and a people run government. Ask where it went, maybe it’s due to the lewd, you can give attitude when some one is rude. But if someone is nice it’s ok to be nice back, as a matter of fact that used to be the old pact that was backed with a sword that was looking for extremities to hack. Don’t want to go back to that, Now were civil-lized, the new media has us hypnotized while the truth is disguised in civil-lies. Do unto others, I don’t think I read do unto others and cover or smother them like no other. Blessed are the meek, humility doesn’t make you weak, it makes you strong to move on and show nothing will stop you from competing at your peak. No distraction or limitation, pride is a temptation. The best situation is the eviction of yourself and your new health can be your conviction. But we leak like a struck pipe, we think we good like a new feature, entertainment is fine but it shouldn’t replace a good teacher, I don’t want to see us rust like an old bleacher, I want to give trust like an old preacher, let’s morph into a new creature that no one can handle, break the mold like a vandle, we need to get a grip on the right or be huffed and puffed out like an old candle.

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