The Passion of an Artist

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It is a plea for people to gain knowledge, appreciate art in all of its forms, and better themselves daily.

Submitted: August 17, 2012

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Submitted: August 17, 2012





From childhood I have always wrote to be understood. My writing is 100% more expressive then any words I could ever say. Writing is raw and unique to the moment, something


you feel at a certain time. It can be something you make up, or dream about. That is the unique-ness that I have always loved about it, I love me, and I am unique. You can be


anything in your dreams, you can be anything on this page, you anything. I have grown and evolved, so naturally my perspective on many things have wavered,


disappeared, or become stronger. As my psyche transforms so do my thoughts towards art and writing. All the above I said is still true and constant, but right now in my now 25


year old mind and body. Writing has become even more beautiful to me. The art of literature is the soul of our existence. We will never be more beautiful and vibrant as we are


today. Which is the human condition. Our mortality is what makes scribes from year number one to year 2012 so interesting and inspiring to me. From moment to moment we


change. One moment we love, then we hate, then love again. Like a never ending cycle of emotions and fears that our mouths rarely let loose. But how many times in humans


glorious past and present has the written word given us strength. The strength to speak against the injustices of our leaders. The strength to tell a secret admirer they are admired.


The strength to write what we truly believe in when our mouths taste cowardice. Hidden names and aliases to hide our identity while we let go of our inner demons. Afraid to be


judged by our peers, afraid to be viciously murdered or persecuted, afraid to be a little embarrassed. A man can write a 4 page hate letter about the woman he loves after she has


wronged him. The love has never wavered and is still there at the conclusion of the stanzas. But paper is unforgiving. It is there forever. The fleeting thought of angst is gone, but


our beautiful passion and hurtful expressions remain. Masterpieces are forged constantly at the end of a painful quill. Even if it is but a moment we feel as such. Until we create a


time machine this will be so. This is the human condition.



Would we even be here without the written word? I do not mean existing as people, as biological beings. I mean exactly here, at this moment of existing. How could we when


uncovered letters have ended lives and started wars. When written words have inspired courage in the weakest souls. When lightbulbs of epiphany have been seen on a bit of


parchment. When written lies have built and ended empires. We obviously would not! Literature and Art reach where spoken words cannot, in quiet places where speaking is


forbidden. Words have never killed anyone. But they are the ignition of action and move people to purpose easier then most things. Orators speak, but usually from what they


have written. It gives the voiceless a voice, that might be what I love most about it. Art is the apex of human expression and communication because it can be all raw and honest.


TRUE! Cut out my tongue, but leave me my hands. Do not Google for the quote, because I just made it one.



Paintings, murals, poems, films(which is basically a book/writing, hence Hollywood’s reluctancy to give us any new material to go see), and books all tell stories. A different story


to each that sees and reads them. No one will interpret a story the same. We cannot because no ones mind is an exact match, so how we see without seeing in our minds cannot


match. No matter how much we want it to. It can be similar, and we can see what people see after they explain it. But still, our interpretation is always our own. IS THAT NOT


TRUE BEAUTY!...something that only you can see. It belongs to you. 



An artists mind is not always understood. Some may read this and feel I am full of it, or I use pretty words to say nothing, or just not get it at all because they are to uneducated to


understand my vocabulary and disregard it. Unfortunately some minds just do not connect. But that’s life and it is no reason to hate someone. I am a proud black man and I did


not always understand the struggles of my people as a good thing, but we cannot be here if we weren’t back there. There is ignorance in every race, I deal with people as


individuals. To me that is beautiful to. Hate and misunderstanding is part of our world. It will always be here, but that does not mean every one must embrace it, I am just aware of


my surroundings. I am an artist, but that does not mean that is all I know or care to know. I honestly want to know everything. Impossible yes...but no one said you can’t try. This is


my art, and my interpretation belongs to me. I may not understand every book I read, or painting I see. But it is beautiful to see some one else’s pain, suffering, understanding, or


happiness. Whoever reads this may not even understand what I am trying to say, but still receive something from it. All I wish to do is invoke thought, and try to help people see


what I see so that their eyes can be opened as mine are on a hourly basis. Every day is a day to learn and understand new things, everyday is a day to be different, better or


worse is fine. Just different. I do not have all the answers, but I seek them, and do know some things. And that is o.k., is not illegal to know you have a good head on your


shoulders people! People will not like you for it I guarantee it. But as long as you smiling on the way to your pillow. You are prepared for success in your future.


I was never an understood child. My teachers did not understand my way of thinking. They scolded, disciplined, and suspended me on a weekly basis. I cannot say I was never in


the wrong because that would be false. I raised my share of hell. But most of our grievances sprouted from our lack of understanding each other. I could not understand why they


were teaching us all the same things when we are entirely different. I always felt different, at first I saw it as negative, but it is not a bad thing. Our understanding and interpretation


was just different. My thoughts were they hate me, their thoughts were he hates school. NO! I love to learn, I love to see others perspective. But for me to see as you see, you must


at least listen to what I see. I never want to tell someone what to think. Minds must stay open for our race to continue. No one is open to everything, no one will understand


everything, no one will know everything. But you must listen, not with your ears. But with your understanding. Listen and absorb everything you can. 


Knowledge is infinite. You won’t get it all. But you must try! It is not easy, and will sometimes be frustrating in an argument, or when you just do not get what you are hearing or


reading. Since knowledge is infinite there’s an understanding somewhere out there. Not all answers are easy to decipher, you must dig. If it was all cut and dry we all would be


geniuses. You and I both know that is NOT the case. Still, why not try to know everything you can? Some answers come with age and patience. Enlightenment can be like a t.v.


dinner or a developing fetus slowly but surely taking shape. My favorite writer is Jesus and there are many things I did not get that he wrote until I knew more about him as a


person. That took much patience because I don’t know if you know how many writings there are about Jesus as a man. Know now, there are ALOT! Many things my father taught


me as I grew into a man was 100% gibberish. But, year after year things began to be seem more clear as I transformed and renewed my mind daily. Information has always been


out there, and now it is all at the end of a click. It seems to me that the easier information is to access, the less people access it!!!??? How does that even make sense? Children


know how to tweet and e mail, but do not know how to read??? Some one tell me because that is one piece of understanding I truly do not grasp yet. Always yet, I am truly naive


enough to believe I can find an answer to anything. I have been proven wrong in some searches, but I just haven’t found the answers YET. Trust me, you will never run out of new


things to learn about. Find something you love. If you are interested in cars, know everything you can about them. Make it a career. Do what you love to make money. 


Knowledge is not biased, it will share anything with whoever wants to know. It is not guarded by gates, guards, or a lock. Then you can share about it to people who do or do not


want to listen or learn. There are some who will only know what people tell them and that’s how they know things. That is not my way of doing it, but even that is a form of seeking


knowledge and creating new and fresh thoughts and ideas. Ideas like art, inventions, buildings, and pyramids! I know we cannot be responsible for every ignorant soul who is


naive enough to believe their way is the only way, or they know everything. Those kinds of things find a way of governing themselves. We must continue to share our knowledge


through whatever avenue we have been blessed to be adept in. Artists, scholars, writers, mechanics, inventors, janitors, we all have information to share. 


LISTEN! I have always been intelligent..I did not become smart until I LISTENED! My Machiavellian attitude and testosterone driven adolescence forced me to hear but never


listen. Which is not the same, hearing is the biological way sound enters our outer ears, listening is hearing with a purpose. With a higher consciousness. I manipulated and


deceived my way into wherever I wanted. I was to stupid to see I was only hurting myself. I felt only the strong and athletic were COMPLETELY RIDICULOUS of


me. Now I listen and express instead of holding in what I feel and need to share. Now they will have to lock me up with no hands to shut me up. Even then I will find a way to


express myself. All because I LISTENED!


The art of war. Always a sensitive subject. Sun Tzu had it right. Human existence is written in blood. Wars and battles have been the subject of art and literature since the first time


man’s blood was spilt by another man. Even though painful, I see beauty in this also. The art of war has inspired us past our hardships. The power of the negro spiritual comes to


mind. These songs sound sad and lifeless, of people who have given up and are spouting false hope. But did they? No, they did not. The power of art helped them find strength in


their suffering. Watching someone fight is still seen as a art today, although controlled and deemed sporting events. It is still people hurting each other. So I do not dare judge the


scribes who sat by and watched the gruesome battlefields of wars past. They wanted to express and see the true horrors of life, which are never pretty, and immortalize the souls


of the heroes and soldiers who gave their life for their cause. 


The art of comedy is one of my favorites. Finding parody at the plights of others. This may seem cruel. Tell me you haven’t seen a comedy that made you laugh. These stories


keep hearts light because it is humans making fun of how ridiculous we can be. I personally love making fun of myself to make others laugh. Like anyone else I can be a complete


a-hole when I want to be. Once you figure that out you will definitely save yourself some greys. Shakespeare’s romantic comedies was an escape for his peers to go and enjoy


when their everyday life was probably not such a walk in the park. Real life is reality, art is reality. Just as in life, there are many sides to the Rubik’s cube. Many combinations that


can be explored. Fantasy writings serve also as an escape, but I feel just as entertainment, not fact. I cannot say I am ready to sign away my sanity saying I saw the Mothman.


Whoever really “saw” him please do not get offended. I understand you “saw” him but you will just have to interpret that I agree to disagree. Don’t get me wrong though, I like


seeing the art and beauty of people’s imagination, I enjoy Tim Burton, Johnny Depp, etc. I have a pretty vivid one myself. 



The Art of competition. We are always competing. In any facet of our life we are going against something. So why are we so scared to be competitive when it is a natural state of


life that is ongoing and as old as the sun? Nature competes. If a tree is in the shadow of a bigger tree, it does not grow. If an antelope does not escape the cheetahs jaws then he


is eaten. Everywhere around us competition is constant. Whether we like it or not, it is fact. Everyone does not have a competitive edge, that is fact. But you can develop one, and


it is necessary for success. Now for the people who never want to compete and feel fine in being a monk, or traveling the world and doing nothing but living day to day this is not


for you. I in no way criticize your decision. I know that true happiness comes from within, and if that is what makes you happy. DO IT! That is the point of life. Looking yourself in the


mirror at the end of your days and not being disgusted at your reflection. That means many different things, just depends on the eye of the beholder. If you are in the business of


improvement and achievement then you will be competing constantly. The art of competition is a continuous conflict where the cunning and relentless will succeed. The


misconception in this country is only athletes, businessmen, and armies compete and everyone doesn’t do those things. Yes the world of business, war, and athletics maybe the


apex, or most familiar form of competition. You must understand that everything we do revolves around it, it is the natural way of things. Since the beginning of time we have been


competing to live. It is 2012 and many believe it is not that way anymore because things are so ”easy” to acquire. Or that we are civilized now??? Everything comes at a price.


The price for America’s comfortable way of living has turned most minds into mush. With thoughts of doing nothing and feel you deserve everything??? Where did the sense of


entitlement come from? Nothing is entitled to the sluggard. This is folly, and will run us into the ground. When you are at the grocery store are you not competing for a place in


line? Whatever job you may have, were there not other candidates you had to beat for the job? You have an opponent, so you are competing. Your child wants a the last toy in


the store, don’t you race other parents to they toy section? From the bottom to the top competition is constant, a fight at school or a spot in the line at disney world. We need to stop


being afraid of teaching our children to fight for what they want and believe in or life will chew them up and spit them out. We have stopped teaching that everything requires hard


work. Why? Anything we want, comes at a price. The higher we reach, the harder it will be to obtain. If you want nothing reach for nothing. This is not for you. But if you want to get


somewhere in your life know that competition is healthy. Keeps us sharp and helps keep our perspective. Losing is healthy also, how will you know how to have victory if you


have not tasted defeat. Learn from your mistakes and keep moving forward and working harder. Learning from your mistakes makes you better if you would not do the same


things that made you fail. Do not get discouraged. No one got any where of worth without some cuts and bruises. Suffering build strength and character. I worked at an


elementary school and they removed field day because everybody wins??? That is a lie and we are crippling our youth, NOT HELPING THEM! Making them think that is the way


of things then when they get to the real world they get a very RUDE AWAKENING! There are winner and losers in life. Period. Understand this is the way of things.


The only kinds of writings that I do not enjoy is writings of lies and deceit passed on as truth. Many writings of history are written by individuals. Guess what everyone, individuals


can be deceitful and only tell the story they want you to here. Shocker I know. Also writings from our past were written by people who were in power. History is told by the victor.


Guess what powerful people can sometimes be deceitful. Oh wow no way right? Also with that though there were writings that survived that told the true story of what was


happening to the oppressed or whatever the stories may be. Unfortunately none of us were there so we will have to draw our own conclusions to what we think happened as we


continually delve and research into our past.


By no means do I feel I have everything together or know more then anyone else. But my thirst for knowledge is not a quality shared by everyone in our world. Yes it is a good


quality. My only hope for you is that you find your personal interpretations of yourselves beautiful. I have plenty of faults, struggles, sins, and mistakes. But that makes you you.


Unique. Smart. Funny. Stubborn. Whatever we are we have to be alright with it, move on, and try to continually improve. Move on up to somewhere better. Thank you for your time


and your eyes. If you learn nothing from this. Just go out and learn something!

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