The Reason why I will Never go to School

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A true story about a bad coach and teacher bullying kids. It's not as bad as most bad teachers you hear about but it happened to me and its what is happening in my life so lets work together to stop bullying.

I'm not good with stories so sorry.

Submitted: March 02, 2013

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Submitted: March 02, 2013



Once I did volley ball but I had a bad coach. All my coaches loved me except her. I worked hard and did my best. I did my best even if I didn't want to be there. I've always thought, \"if I'm going to do spend my time on this I'm going to be the best that I can be.\" I was awesome at every sport that I've tried to do. I did wrestling for 6 years and won state every time. I did track and in seventh grade was on the high school team. I watered skied with my mom and slalomed after the third trip to the lake. I never give up, and that makes me good.

I did volley ball when I was in middle school and she had me baby sit her kid while my friends worked on volleyball. After it happened a few different times I told my mom. She complained and the next day the coach took my knee pads. I went to a little school so I got to play a little at games. When I played I didn't ware knee pads and other parents complained to my mom. She said that the coach won't let me use them. The other parents said that my knees could get injured. After 2 years of playing the least of all my friends. I quit. Then a year later my mom talked me into going out again. I went to camp mad they graded you I got the average high schoolers level and I wasn't a high schooler yet. I scored the highest of kids my age and a year older. That encouraged me I was in eighth grade and excited for volley ball.

The first day of practice came and the coach yanked my armies for standing wrong. I was shocked she didn't give me a warning or anything. Other people was standing the same way I was standing. She was standing that way. I was so mad the only way I got through practice that day was by pretending that the ball was her head. My friend went around telling people how to stand because she was afraid some one would get hurt. I didn't listen to her when she reminded me how to stand because I wanted her to yank my armies again just so I would have an excuse to hit her. I was mad at her. After I thought about it more i thought I was my fault. I stood wrong. After practice my mom came to pick me up. She got a call from my friends mom asking if I was ok. I hadn't told my about the coach so my mom was surprised. She said that she wasn't raising a wimp.

When we got home my mom told me to demonstrate I did she was mad and called the coach. She told the coach to not touch me and she didn't cuss or anything. The coach denied it. She said that we could talk to her boss. Her boss is her husband.

I went to practice the next day and she got everyone alone and asked what we saw. When it was my turn she said, \"no one else saw me touch you. I don't remember\" I could tell that she was lieing I stared not saying a thing knowing that saying the truth would make her mad. She went on about how I might not be an acesset to the team and said that I could leave. I didn't say anything but say I'm telling the truth.

When practice was over that day my mom asked how my arm felt her arm hurt from me giving the demonstration on her. I said that it hurt. Then we went to a meeting with the coach and her boss aka husband her husband said that coaching border lines on child abuse. We went to a meeting with the superintendent and he said, \"I don't like your tone young lady.\" After I said like 2 words. I started to cry because I thought don't you want to know the truth, what's wrong with my voice. Then my dad came in and things went better. We got a letter the next day from the superintendent saying that I was too immature to be on the team. I was on the track team the year before I got more immature over the summer? Yah right.

After a week we found out that she subluxated my arm it took three weeks to heal and still hurts some times.

The school kept defending her even though there were witnesses that told the truth when their parents were there. They didn't get to play but we all became better friends. We're going to court we aren't suing but we want her fired.

I'm not the first kid that she has hurt and if people like her rant stopped kids will get hurt. Kids please don't bully it is a bad habit. Adults if you know of bullying please try to stop it.

Thank you.

By Jessica Tubbs

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