Abridge dbz episode 26

Script by: dbzlova


The fight against Frieza


Submitted: June 05, 2012

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Submitted: June 05, 2012



Vegeta-"Wow! He's really kickin' his ass"

Gohan-"Yeah. After formig with Nail, it  really paid off!"

(Then suddenly, Frieza blasted Piccolo to the ground)

Krillin-"Dead meats"

Frieza-"Who's next? Wanna try me?! I'm open!"

Krillin-"Oh trust me, nobody here wants to try you!" (He said in a perverted tone)



Piccolo-"Life or deatth situation here!"(He said unconcious lying with his face on the ground)

Krillin-"Wanna go in Vegeta?"

Vegeta-"Sure.........................Pussy cat"

(He landed in front of Frieza)

Vegeta-"Frieza and wow you are so frigging huge!"(He said in shock as he looked at Frieza from head to toe)

Frieza-"Growth spert"


Frieza-"Yeah first transformation. Where were you when this happened"

Vegeta-"Oh I don't know, minding my own damn bsiness!"

Frieza-"I'm gon' kill b****!"

Vegeta-"Sure go head!"


(But before he blasted, Vegeta was hugging himsellf)

Frieza-"What the hell are you doing?"

Vegeta-"Giving myself a hug and saying my last goodbyes"


Vegeta-"Ok i'm done. Go ahead, kill me!"


Vegeta-"KIll me!"

Frieza-"Umm ok................................1! 1 and a half, 2! 2 and a half, 3! 3 and a.......................Ok what the f*#% is going on why aren't you doing anything?!"

Vegeta-"What's the point of trying if you'll beat me anyways. I'm just a prince"(He said sadly trying to speak his way out)

Frieza-"Ok then i'll just kill you!"

Vegeta-"Wait what?! NO!"

(Frieza blasted him)

Frieza-"Got him out the way does anyone else wanna try me?"


Gohan-"Mom says not to fight with strangers"

Piccolo-"No thank you i'm fine"

Frieza-"2nd transformation it is!"

Krillin-"Oh my god!"

Gohan-"Wait there's a second one?"

Piccolo-"This is worse than trick-or-treating"

Vegeta-"I sware to myself this man's gay"

(While Frieza was transforming, everyone was having their conversation)

Piccolo-"Ok so the plan is that we all gather in and f*$# the crap out of him until he feels the buuuuuuuurrrrrrrnnnnnn"

(Moment of silence)

Krillin-"YOU WANT US TO F*$# HIM??!!!"

Vegeta-"Ok i have two people on the gay list"


Vegeta-"Frieza, Piccolo and The bald one"

Gohan-"But that's thr................"

Vegeta-"Oh my god he looks terrofying!"

Frieza-"I'm readyyyyyy!"

Vegeta-"Ok you, the bald one"


Vegeta-"I want you to blast me now!"


Vegeta-"DO IT NOW!"(He swinged Krillin back and forth by his armor)

Krillin-"Are you sure i mean................"

Vegeta-"God Krillin it's either that or i blast you"

(Krillin blasted him)

Vegeta-"Hell yeah! I'm becoming  a  f*$#ing Saiyan!"

(Dende was watching the clouds)

Dende-"Whata beautiful day"

(Vegeta crashed and Dende jumped)

Dende-"What the dick was that?!"

Vegeta-"4 gay people" (He said struggling to speak)

(He got up)

Vegeta-"Heal me gaylord"

Dende-"And why would i do that?"

Vegeta-"Because you could die right now!"

Dende-"I am  dende. It rhymes with gay. And i'm going to fly AWAAAAAAAAAYY!"(He flew away)

(Vegeta fell to the ground)

Gohan-"There you  are heal Picconail"

Piccolo-"Don't call me that Gohan"

Nail-"Well acually i think that's a pretty cool name"

Piccolo-"Shut it Nail"

(Dende healed him)

Piccolo-"Thankk you. Now get yor ass over there and heal Vegeta"


Piccolo-"Caus yo'll lose a couple of damn pounds!"

(Dende went over and healed Vegeta)


Dende-"You're out of words aren't you?"

Vegeta-"You lost a pound or something?"




© Copyright 2016 dbzlova. All rights reserved.

Abridge dbz episode 26 Abridge dbz episode 26

Status: Finished

Genre: Fan Fiction



Status: Finished

Genre: Fan Fiction



The fight against Frieza
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