A Few More Hours And It Will Be Autumn

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No matter where you or I go, there we are. A simple truth.

9-23-2011 A few more hours and it will be Autumn. The equinox is upon us. It seems later than usual, but what are we talking about? A couple of days? It is what it is. Time is all that it is, and time is brief. At least the tension will be broken and the decline of Summer will be finalized. A solid resoluteness. What will Fall bring? I can only guess on a interpersonal level, but I can be certain of it's beautiful decay. Species will migrate while others will forage. I envy nature. It is the only true absolute that I know. We, the human species, have done our best to defy it, and in doing so, deny ourselves our truer nature. We were born from it. We are children of it. We have rebelled against it. And we have countlessly attempted to set out from it on great journeys of escape and discovery from it and of it as one has always done in what is known as \"the hero's journey\". I suppose that our species can be compared to that of a young adult, a twenty something. Our failing is in yet seeing that all roads lead to home. That in \"the hero's journey\", in all of it's trials and tribulations, it's successes and failures, there is a learning that takes place, a maturity rewarded, an epiphany played out, and there is a return home, older and wiser. The student returns the teacher. The greater failing of ours is to recognize that in the presence of nature, there is no journey that we can conceive that will take us from it. It always stares us in the face. In the case of nature, it is and always will be, the student is the student, and the teacher is the teacher. We are the student and nature is the teacher. Our nature as people is to be students of nature. We can learn much. We can soar to new levels. We can test the limits, but we will never control nature. Our failure to recognize nature as home and that we cannot control it brings us to our greatest failure, appreciation of and for, what we call, \"the natural world\". We are a part of nature not apart from nature. And so Autumn is upon us. Species will migrate while others will forage. What will we do?

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That is really good! I love your compairison to the "hero's journey" Thank you

Tue, November 15th, 2011 10:27pm

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