SLAYRZ: Pixel (1)

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Submitted: March 02, 2012

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Submitted: March 02, 2012



It was a little past two in the morning and I was up playing games as usual. I hadn't been sleeping well the past few nights due to an alarming number of nightmares I had been having. My mother blames the violent, monster filled, war games I play but I think they're completely unrelated.


My name is Todd but all my friends call me Pixel. Well, they would if I had any friends. Being a Freshman in high school is hard enough when you're a normal kid never mind when you have an alarmingly high IQ. People are usually intimidated and somewhat put off by people they know are smarter than them.

Any free time I have goes to my video games. I'm partial to strategy games. I'm always down for a good puzzle. If you put a problem in front of me I will find a way to solve it if it kills me.


I rubbed my face and yanked the headset off my head before shutting down my system and putting the controller down.

"Goodnight, Gaming World." I muttered to myself and headed upstairs. I pushed on my door and it slowly creaked open. Stepping into my dark room, I blinked a few times and let my eyes adjust. Suddenly, the room didn't seem so dark. I glanced across the room and saw the red numbers blinking on my clock. The power must have gone out again. I then contemplated fixing it but decided not to due to the fact that it was summer vacation and I didn't really need an alarm anyway.

A long yawn escaped my throat as i rubbed my eyes and climbed into bed. My head hit the pillow and I quickly fell asleep. The dream then crept into my skull.


I'm walking down the streets of a city. The sky is bright and all around me is quiet. Cars are tipped on their sides, buildings are smashed and there is a lot of fire. My legs are shaking and I'm all alone. My face is dirty and my clothes are ripped.

My eyes dart around and every little sound startles me. Normally, I'm used to being alone, but not like this, this is different. Something scurries behind me causing me to whip around. My heart beats frantically in my chest. I let out a long sigh and turn around to find myself face to face with a gray, hairless, beast with giants claws and a razor shapr tail. It lets out a loud screech and whips its tail at me then I wake up.


Sweat drenched my body as I shot up from the bed. I moved so fast i actually lost balance and hit the ground. I grunted and rubbed the sore part of my head and pulled myself to my feet. I glanced at the clock and almost threw up thinking it was actually twelve o'clock, not realizing I never switched the time. I blinked a few times then made my way to the bathroom.

I whistled The Super Mario brothers as urine splashed in the water before me then checked the mirror.

"Oh yes," I said sarcastically, "you are looking good today." I picked a wedgie out of my butt then laughed to myself. My white t-shirt went ever so nicely with my black and red Guitar Hero pants. I had a nasty case of bed head that I decided to hide underneath a dark blue beanie. "Sexy."

Swiftly, I trotted down stairs and into the kitchen. It was around eight o'clock now. I whistled the theme from Tetris as I poured myself a bowl of cereal. my mom was at work now so i had the house to myself. I floated into the living room and sat on the couch. My eyes scanned the room and realized that the remote was on top of the TV.

"Are you kidding me?" I said to myself and looked at my spoon. Without thinking, I tossed it forward and struck the power button. My laughter filled the room as the TV kicked to life.

"Do not challenge me!" I said in a bad boy voice as I ate my cereal like some kind of animal. The news was on, they were reporting about some crazy person who had held up a city bus at gun point. The cops had him surrounded and he was rambling on about the end of the world and blah, blah, blah. I really wasn't paying attention until he pressed the gun against his head and blew his brains out on live television.

"OH MAN!" I shouted as milk dripped down my chin and into my lap, "That was awesome!" I continued to watch as the cops and reporters rushed around in an attempt to maintain control of the situation.

"This city is crazy!" I muttered and drew the bowl to my lips, slurping a big mouth full of milk. I went in for another sip and noticed something strange. The house was shaking violently. I held my bowl of cereal in one hand and looked around. Pictures fell off the walls and the TV was going crazy; changing channels and making strange noises. What the heck was going on here?

All the windows around me suddenly smashed to pieces in addition to the TV screen, and my cereal bowl. I leapt from the couch and braced myself in a nearby doorway as a loud explosion echoed from outside.

The shaking  suddenly stopped and the streets outside filled with screaming people. I then ran out to my porch and threw my shoes on before running outside to investigate. People slammed into me and kept running as I desperately asked everyone for answers.

"What's going on?" I shouted and one man responded.

"Run!" He shouted and continued to run, "It's coming!"


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