Pastor Dave pt 2 Katie's short tail

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whos good whos evil?

Submitted: May 11, 2012

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Awakened by the sounds of gun shots again Katie opens her eyes on a Sunday morning barely sober from a night of drinking smoking snorting and taking every drug known to man. Head pounding ,spinning eyes mouth pussy sore for from the night before Katie runs to the bathroom puking all over the floor missing the toilet completely. Eyes begin to blur vision’s of crosses fill her head and begin to bleed as a dark man stands on a hill eyes black as coal teeth sharp as razors and sets a newborn child into a lake of fire Katie faints . Two years before Annabel moved to Oxford she stayed right outside the city and right before you got into the town of Oxford at a college with her roommate Katie the two being best of friends for the two years that Annabel was in school . When they first met Annabel carrying all her stuff in a old box she had made from a childhood toy box being the creative free minded type person that most young adults are walked right in on Katie changing clothes and noticed two huge bumps right between her shoulder blades shocked she dropped the box as Katie quickly put her shirt back on. “ I'm so sorry !?!?” said a horrified Annabel Katie being the lose numbing type looked at Annabel and replied '” see anything you like sexy ? Hell for you sexy I’ll let you have any part of Katie you want !””what I was just trying to find my room 669 !!!!!???!!!!” said Annabel an Katie laughed saying “this is 669 you must be Annabel whats your major ? “ once the terror left Annabel's mind the two talked all night switching stories and enjoying having a friend and for Katie it was the first one she had ever had .Witch for the first year went great that is till the new years eve party where Annabel meet Dustin after that the two started to part ways with the nail in the coffin being when Annabel dropped out in the second year to get married to Dustin witch always upset Katie . Since then Katie spent her nights drinking and sleeping with every male that had a pulse almost always ending in her waking up nude cover in blood in an alley way of the inner city till one evening Katie actually sober for once back began to hurt becoming hot she runs to the bathroom to take a cold shower but before she she could even get undressed she sees her skin glowing in the mirror becoming scared she starts to panic and out of her back from the huge bumps between her shoulder blades come two black wings frightened she faints and ever since has been taking every thing she could to numb her pain. Katie awakes laying in her on puke wondering why there is a wheelchair in her house and blood on legs hung over she cleans up and heads to a local bar to ease her head .After a shot or two slow memories from the night before start to fill her head of a crippled man getting picked on by a local so called ten this woman just asking all kinds of curl questions like “does your dick even work if you want stand up and come get it “ till Katie came over and sat on his lap rubbing and grinding and kissing all over him the man shocked but enjoying his self went with it Katie whisperer’s in his ear “ come lets go back to place stud “ the man looked at Katie and shocked that such a beautiful woman was wanting him an they left the place this was all that Katie could remember but unknown to her when they got back to her place the man could do nothing but confess all his sin and beg for forgiveness as Katie”s skin began to glow and she rips off her clothes and huge wings sprung out of her back. The man terrified

pulls out a pocket knife and as quick as it leaves his pocket it slings itself over to Katie's hand she opens the blade and cuts her thighs the once crippled man without thinking stands and runs out of the house healed by Katie the wounds heal but the blood remains as Katie raises from the floor and falls to the floor . Back at the bar all Katie could think of was where then man went why was his wheelchair still in her place and was she so bad of a lay that he couldn't stay for breakfast? The day became night an Katie sat at that bar till closing time drinking only getting up long enough to to hit the restroom and some cocain ,as she stumble thru the streets two men with evil in there mind began to follow as she turned into an alley way they ran up an ripped her clothes off an began mauling her breast slowly using a gun to go inside her the men laughing become scared as she quickly changes an fly’s up with gun in hand points at herself and with two shots to her own head bloods starts to pour down enough to fill two men an the more that flows down the more the men begin to skinning in and crush there self till nothing is left an pour Katie awakes nude in yet another alley way.


The night began as Katie slightly opened her eyes to shock and horror as her room had been filled with flames and torment all the people she once knew in a vague memory from nights of drinking were all there being burnt alive and just as she sees a man in an all red robe with purple trim she screams “STOP IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” and everything goes black terrorize she begins to cry as the tears fall from her face green grass grows all around and as Katie looks up she sees a hill with three crosses at the top with bright sunlight behind the crosses . Katie felt fear and joy from this sight as she begins to climb the hill see saw what she believed to be Jesus Christ and CHRIST voice Spoke to her even without his lips moving “Katie I'm sorry but you must learn sacrifice as I once did give up this foolishness and see your destiny” Katie fell to her knees and arms to her side and black toxic fluid poured from her veins ,eyes,mouth , into a pool around her knees covering the hill , and Katie's eyes went black and she awoke in he room in bed alone and sober with a new outlook on life. The next night Katie cleaning up her house pouring out all her alcohol down the sink receives a phone call”hello O my god Annabel is that you!? how are you? Where are you ? Hows Dustin ?” Annabel replies “slow down I'm fine I live in Oxford now near Lake Henry and Dustin died Last month .”” O no I'm so sorry” Its okay he gave me a beautiful baby boy named Gregg.” the two spent hours talking “Katie I'm getting remarried this weekend will you come join us at Lake Henry and Be my maid of honor ?” WHAT ???” Katie answered “ to Leroy and I know its soon but I could really use a man in my life right now and I'm really scared so could you come save me sexy ?” Katie laughed and agreed to come . “see you soon Katie “ Annabel said as she hung up the phone but on the other end as Katie was Hanging up She hears a low voice “save them “”what you say Annabel Hello?hello? Hellooooooo???????????????????????????????????????????????????????




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