Scott's suprise

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic

Be advised this story has use of strong language besides that this is another short story for me too add to my collection Enjoy!

Scott’s surprise

Gerald Hardaway’s residence

7:25 a.m

Dining room

Carol Hardaway: Gerald! Come downstairs and get your breakfast.

Gerald: Okay mom! (Gerald rushes down the stairs)

Carol Hardaway: How’s it feel to start 7th grade?

Gerald: Great I guess.

Carol Hardaway: Were so proud of you (pulls his cheek)

(Gerald’s stepfather comes downstairs)

Dave Kauffman :( adjusting his tie) eh sport ready for me to take you to school?

Gerald: Yes Dave.

Dave: Alright babe I’m gonna run this kid to town then umma head on to work. You need anything from the store?

Carol: Yeah bring me back some cigarettes, Jerry you want anything?

Gerald: Well can I get some…

Dave: Aw look at that I’m running late c’mon kid let’s go. I ain’t got all day!

Carol: You boys be good now!

Dave: Yep (slaps Carol on the butt)

Carol: (laughing) alright bye now!

Dave and Gerald leaves out the house and gets in Dave’s pick up truck

7:36 a.m

In the car

Dave: (yawning) shit alright you ready fuck stain?

Gerald: Can we just go!

Dave: Don’t rush me boy if it weren’t for your momma I’d tell you to ride the damn school bus! By the way why don’t you ride the fucking bus?

Gerald: I don’t wanna talk about.

Dave: Oh yeah I remember why. (Takes a sip of his beer) Yo momma didn’t want you to ride it no more because you got beat up on the bus last year (laughing) your such a faggot!

Gerald: Can we just fucking go!

Dave: Eh don’t you curse at me you little shit! Don’t get mad at me because you got beat up at school (chugs his beer and takes a hit of his cigarette) lil fucker.

Dave begins to drive

Dave: (turns on car stereo) Aw yeah this songs bad ass!

Gerald: I’m gonna be late!

Dave: Not my problem. Say how old is you?

Gerald: 13

Dave: Get any pussy yet?

Gerald: Why you care?

Dave: Yep, I knew it your gonna be a fucking faggot!

Gerald: (sighs)

Dave: What you mad? Fuck yo problems kid! I can’t stand seeing you little teenage punks complain about life and y’all don’t even know what the fuck life is about.

Gerald: And you do? All you do is live off my mom you loser!

Dave: Now wait just a minute! I’m not gonna get disrespected in my own fucking car you better watch your words you little shit!

They arrive at the school parking lot

Dave: (slaps Gerald on the back of the head) alright get out! And don’t get yo ass beat at school today! I’m tired of hearing yo momma cry cause you too much of a little bitch to defend your self.

Gerald: (slams Dave’s car door shut) fuck you!

Dave: (Laughing) Bye faggot! (Laughing)

8:12 a.m

Holt community middle school

Ms. Parkers class room 203

Ms. Parker: Morning class! I see some familiar faces and quite a few new faces which is always a good thing. Okay I’m just going to pass out some sheets for you all to fill out to give me an idea who you are K.

Scott Huffington: (flicks a wad of paper at Gerald) Faggot!

(Classmates laugh)

Ms. Parker: Scott! What did I tell you about harassing other students?

Scott: You will tell the principal on me.

Ms. Parker: Right so act right! You’ve done that all last year it is not going to continue this year got that young man!

Scott: Yes ma’am (whispers) bitch!

Ms. Parker: Good now began your summer experience essays.

Katie Holms: Hi Gerald!

Gerald: Hi Ka…

Tiffany Briggs: Ugh don’t talk to him he’s a wuss!

Scott: Hey Tiff don’t you mean faggot! (Spits on Gerald’s shirt)

Tiffany: (Giggling)

Ms. Parker: Dammit Scott! (Walks over to Gerald’s desk) go to the restroom and clean your self up.

Gerald: Yes Ms. Parker.

(Gerald leaves the classroom and proceeds to the boys restroom)

Thomas Burwood: Hey Jerry, wanna hear a joke?

Gerald: No Tom I’m…

Thomas: Why did the dork get kicked in the balls? (Kicks Gerald’s crotch) cuz he was a faggot! (Laughing aloud) nerd!

(Gerald falls to the ground holding his crotch)

Gerald: Ow!

(Student walks pass)

Melissa Cartwright: ugh Jerry’s jacking off in the hallway!

(Student’s passing by laughs at him)

Danielle Smith: (Helps Gerald up) you okay?

Gerald :( coughs) yeah, I’m okay.

Melissa: Aw look at the nerd and the Goth chick.

Jackie Young: (laughing) they make a good couple!

Danielle Smith: Ignore them there just worn out whores they’ll be coke whores in two or three years!

Jackie: You said what bitch?

Danielle: Nothing!

Melissa: Nuh uh she called you ugly! (Smirking)

Jackie: You better whisper that shit!

Gerald: I gotta get to class.

Danielle: Alright see you next hour then!

(Ms. Parkers class)

Ms. Parker: What took you so long young man?

Gerald: Nothing I… just forgot my way to class.

Tiffany: He's a retard!

Scott: A gay retard!

Ms. Parker: Quiet class! Gerald go to the office I’m assigning you detention for disturbing the class!

Gerald: What but they…

Ms. Parker: Go!

Gerald: Fine, God!

Scott: Ha-ha faggot!

Gerald: (Throws a pencil at Scott)

Tiffany: Ooh Ms. Parker Jerry threw a pencil at Scott.

Scott: Yeah my arm bleeding now (picks up pencil and stabs his arm with it to make it bleed)

Ms. Parker: Gerald! Your getting suspended there was no need for that.

Gerald: But he dodged it!

Scott: Then why my arm bleeding?

Ms. Parker: Go now!

9:13 a.m


Ms. Huffington’s office

Ms. Huffington: Gerald? What’s this I hear you throwing pencils about?

Gerald: He started it!

Ms. Huffington: Who?

Gerald: Scott!

Ms. Huffington: My son? Well I never, you better quit lying my boy’s an angel!

Gerald: Ask the class then.

Ms. Huffington: Fine let’s go!

Ms. Parker’s class

Ms. Huffington: Students sorry to bother you but did anyone witness Gerald throwing a pencil at Scott?

Tiffany: I did! He threw 5 of them.

Jordan Miller: No he didn’t he threw 1 at him and only because Scott was throwing spitballs at him!

Scott: No I wasn’t Gerald was throwing pencils and I got proof see look my arm bleeding because one hit my arm.

Ms. Huffington: (rushes over to Scott) oh! my God you okay?

Scott: No ma’am it hit one of my veins and it hurts really bad!

Gerald: Bullshit! He stabbed himself!

Ms Huffington: How dare you lie in my face, I oughtta press charges! Hurting my poor baby.

Gerald: What?

Ms. Parker: Security!

Security officer: Yes ma’am?

Ms. Parker: That student (points at Gerald) is being disruptive!

Security officer: Alright come with me! I don’t get it makes no sense first day of school and you bastards already actin up.


Gerald: I didn’t do anything Scott’s been bullying me since 5th grade and no one does shit about it!

Security officer: (whispering) You know when that boy acts up all he gets is a slap on the wrist he’s the principals son no shit he doesn’t get in trouble just try to avoid him.

Gerald: Right because it’s so easy huh? If you all know this then why no one does anything about it?

Security officer: Look kid, I actually need my job so I’m not gonna say shit to defend your weak ass because you don’t know how to defend yourself!

Gerald: Whatever! Hope this school just explodes one day you assholes deserve it.

9:32 a.m

Main Office

Security officer: Alright go ahead and call home.

Gerald: (dials mothers cellphone) Hey Mom I’m getting kicked out for today so I need you to pick me up.

Carol: Kicked out for what?

Gerald: Fighting.

Carol: (sighs) it was that Scott kid again wasn’t it?

Gerald: Yes.

Carol: Well baby I don’t know what to tell you, I can’t pick you up because my license was revoked because of my DUI so I’m gonna have to call Dave to come get you!

Gerald: Fine I wanna be anywhere but here!

9:45 a.m

School parking lot

Dave arrives to pick up Gerald

Dave: Alright get in!

Gerald: Can we please just go!

Dave: We go when I get some answers. Why in the hell was you suspended boy?

Gerald: (sighs) Fighting.

Dave: Fighting? (Laughing) You got beat up again? God you suck kid!

Gerald: No I threw a pencil at the sum bitch and got kicked out!

Dave: So what then he flew across the room and kicked your ass? (Uncontrollable laughing)

Gerald: Can we please just fucking go home!

Dave :( Punches Gerald in the Face) Look boy I told you don’t be giving me orders you little shit! I’m missing work so yo faggot asscan run upstairs and cry in yo pillow? Boy you bruise like a fucking banana!

Hardaway residence

10:06 a.m

Dave: Alright get the fuck out! And tell yo Momma I’m going back to work.

Gerald: (Eyes began to water)

Dave: I said get the fuck out! (Strikes him in the face again)

(Dave drives off and Gerald enters his house)

Carol: What happened to your face?

Gerald: Da… Scott did this.

Carol: God I don’t know what to do with you sometimes (shakes her head) why couldn’t you be more like your brother? He was strong, handsome, a gentleman, and you I hate to say this but Dave’s right you are a pussy! Your brother (sobbing) your brother was a Marine; he died for his country and… now I’m stuck with you a fucking wimp! I hope you man up one day because I expect some grandchildren one day and from the looks of it I doubt you’ll never give me that simple wish. I hope you’re proud of yourself! I am ashamed that your my son and your my last child? (cries) How… how come it couldn’t have been you to die huh? Nope instead God takes away my good son you should be ashamed of yourself I…

Gerald: You’re dead to me! (Runs to his bedroom)

(Dave comes back from work)

10:35 a.m

Dave: (stares at Carol) why… Why you crying? What that sissy told you his sob story? (smirks)

Carol: It’s not that (wipes her eyes) you wanna know what he said to me? He had the balls to say I’m dead to him of all people in the world he stood up looked me in the eye and said it like it was nothing.

Dave: Ya won’t me to straighten that little punk out?

Carol: No! Let him stay up there, let him stay and cry his fucking eyes out! Because he also is dead to me now.

(Doorbell rings)

Dave: Who the fuck is that?

Carol: (Stares through peep hole) I dunno it’s a girl?

Dave: That dork got a lady friend? Well I’ll be damned!

Carol :( Opens front door) Hi and you are?

Danielle: My names Danielle Smith. I’m a friend of Gerald, is he home right now?

Carol: Actually no he’s on punishment.

(Gerald comes down stairs)

Gerald: Hi Nelly!

Danielle: Hi are you busy?

Gerald :( shoves Dave out of the way) nope! You ready?

Danielle: Sure let’s go!

Dave: Where the hell you think you’re going?

Gerald: You’re not my dad so why do you care?

Carol: No you’re staying right here! You’re on punishment.

Gerald: For what standing up for myself? You told me to man up so that’s what I’m doing so fuck off! (Walks out the house) Let’s go Nelly!


Holt Community Park

Danielle: What was that all about?

Gerald: Ignore it just my folk’s bullshitting!

Danielle: So why you drag me out here?

Gerald: I’m tired of this it has to end tonight!

Danielle: What ends tonight?

Gerald: I’m gonna give Scott the biggest surprise of his life!

Danielle: Suprise? What are you talking about?

Gerald: You'll see.

Danielle: Wait? Where you going?

Gerald: I gotta go! See you in school tomorrow.

Danielle: Please don't do something stupid! Whatever you've got planned Scott is not worth it!

Gerald: Too bad. It’s gonna happen, I’ll miss you.

8:15 a.m

Holt Community middle school

Parking lot

Scott and his friends sit near the flag pole and notice Gerald get off of the school bus

Scott: What’s this? Hey faggot why you riding the school bus?

Gerald: Fuck you Scott! (Gerald pulls out a Beretta M9 semi-automatic pistol and fires multiple shots at Scott’s head)

(Bystanders run away from the school screaming)

Danielle gets off her school bus and witnesses Gerald take his own life

Danielle: Jerry!

9:25 a.m

Police officers arrive to the scenetoo ask eyewitnesses what happened

Officer Peyton: You say you knew the boy correct?

Danielle: Yes his name was Gerald Hardaway (sobbing)

Officer Peyton : What was your relationship with this boy?

Danielle: He was a classmate of mine but after 6th grade we kinda became close friends!

(Principal Huffington rushes to the crime scene and witnesses her son dead)

Ms. Huffington :( Let’s out a large wail followed by intense crying and sobbing) my boy! My Boy! Who could’ve done this?

Answer me Goddammit who did this?

Police officer 1: Ma’am, please remain calm!

Ms. Huffington: Get your hands off of me! (Runs to her son’s decapitated corpse) (Sobbing) who did this to you? Who did this? (Crying)

Security officer: Ms. Huffington I found this in Gerald’s pocket!

Officer Peyton: Let me see it! (Takes it away from security guard) Looks like a suicide note? (Reads aloud)

Gerald’s note

Dear Ms. Huffington for too long you ignored my cries for help, you’ve ignored my pain, my sorrow, and you ignored the safety and well-being of me and other students. From this day forward no child should be dehumanized, humiliated or cast away as an outcast in the school no longer. I assure you me and your son will forever rest in hell because of your neglect so I hope this makes your heart heavy so I say fuck you Ms. Huffington and may you pass and join your son in Hell, for eternity you shall pay for the all the wrong you caused this school! Danielle… I love you.

Submitted: April 20, 2012

© Copyright 2020 DCurlin94. All rights reserved.

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This is interesting cause it's like a script! Hmm, I'm still thinking. Cross your fingers!

Tue, May 22nd, 2012 8:08am


Thanks. Even though its a short story I did write it in script format but most people don't like this stlye because they prefer novel formatting but I like to do script formatting primarily because I think it brings your story to life.

Tue, May 22nd, 2012 9:00am

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