The abduction of Kimberly Rose

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Thrillers  |  House: Booksie Classic
Another short story I'm adding to my collection. Enjoy!

Submitted: August 04, 2012

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Submitted: August 04, 2012



The abduction of Kimberly Rose

October 3rd 2000

Rose residence

10:35 a.m

911 operator: 911, what is your emergency?

Ann Rose: My…My daughter is missing! I picked her up from school around eight something because she said her stomach was hurting, so I took her home and I went off to the grocery store and when I came back she was gone! I… don’t remember locking the door so I think someone may have broken in and I don’t…

911 operator: Ma’am I’m going to need you to stay calm.

Ann: Okay.

911 operator: Alright now, I need you to give me a description of your daughter.

Ann: Her name is Kimberly, Kimberly Rose age eleven four foot three Caucasian female dark green eyes sandy brown hair. (Cries)

911 operator: Ma’am, what is your current location?

Ann: I’m at my house; my address is 2416 Morris St.

911 operator: Think you can do me a favor?

Ann: What?

911 operator: Observe the area; look around to see if there was a forced entry. Check to see if anything is broken or missing.

Ann: Sure but why?

911 operator: Doing so could give us an idea rather or not your daughter’s disappearance…

Ann: Okay I’m looking around now. My front door is fine, my house looks the same as I left it… Oh my god! I… think I see blood on the wall!

911 operator: See if there’s a trail?

Ann: Okay (sniffles) umm… It looks as if it made a trail to the kitchen.

(Ann leans over the kitchen counter and sees a ripped shirt on the floor)

(Ann falls to the ground sobbing)

911 operator: Ma’am?

Ann: My daughter’s shirt has blood all over it! (Cries)

911 operator: Ma’am I’m going to advise you to leave the house! I’m dispatching a unit to your location now.

11:13 a.m

The police arrive

Police officer 1: Ma’am step forward!

Ann: (Wipes away her tears) have you found her?

Police officer 1: Unfortunately no but…

Ann: No! (Cries) you gotta find my girl, you have to find her!

Police officer 2: Please ma’am calm down, were working on it. I’ve just got word…

Detective Don Harris: I assure you ma’am we will find your daughter, I’ve mobilized a search party to track your daughter’s recent locations. All I ask you for is your full cooperation for the duration of this investigation.

Ann: (Nods her head) umm… would you like a picture of her?

Detective Harris: Certainly!

Ann: This is the picture she took for her school photo last week; I could tell you what she wore out today if that would help.

Detective Harris: Please do.

Ann: She wore a blue tank top with a denim jacket, denim jeans and a black baseball cap.

Detective Harris: You’ve told the operator that you found one of your daughter’s shirt’s stained with blood correct?

Ann: Was it her blood on the shirt? Please tell me it wasn’t please!

Detective Harris: At this time we don’t know, but there is a possibility it is so…

Ann: (Sobs) you have to find her if you don’t she may die!

Detective Harris: Ma’am listen we…

Ann: No you listen! She has asthma if she doesn’t get her inhaler she will have an attack!

Detective Harris: We understand your situation here. In order for us to find your daughter, we need you to just bare with us! Can you do that?

Ann: I think so.

Detective Harris: Good. Now on the other hand do you have anybody who we can contact?

Ann: My husband! Well actually ex-husband were still kinda close, contact him!

Detective Harris: Okay then, do you have his number?

Ann: No but I know where he works.

Detective Harris: Could you show it to me?

Ann: Of course!

Detective Harris: Step in the car ma’am.

11:46 a.m

Thompson’s towing service

Main office

Detective Harris: (Flashes his badge) Detective Harris, I’m here to speak to…

Ann: Ryan Troth!

Manager: He ain’t in trouble is he?

Detective Harris: Is he here or not?

Manager: Uh… no. He just hit the road a cuppa minutes ago.

Detective Harris: So he’s not here?

Manager: Afraid not. Say if you tell me whatcha want wit em…

Detective Harris: That’s none of your concern.

Manager: Easy officer! Look we got a call on a totaled sedan down near Da Park, so I sent Ryan out to check it out. He may still be down der since the fucka works like an old lady (chuckles)

Detective Harris: You sure about that?

Manager: I bet ma life on it!

Detective Harris: Deal!

Manager: Youse ain’t taking that seriously did cha? (Smirks) I mean I ain’t exactly sure where dat boy is. Lazy bastard probably took em self a mid-work break or sumthin!

Detective Harris: (Talking to himself) this is a wastes of time, Look! Just gimme his vehicle’s license plate number!

Manager: Oke doke den! Jus lemme look up his file on da box. K’den, his license numba is 2, 6, V, 8, 5, B, yep dats bout it.

Detective Harris: (on comms channel) Control, put a A.P.B on a 1989 Ford pick-up license number 2, 6, V, 8, 5, B.

Police dispatch: Roger that. (On comms channel) All units be advise, look out for a 1989 Ford pick-up, license number 2, 6, V, 8, 5, B. Say Harris what color is this vehicle?

Detective Harris: What color is the tow truck?

Manager: Uh… burgundy.

Detective Harris: You’re certain that it’s burgundy not …

Manager: C’mon officer I’m not that stupid, I know what da hell color ma boys trucks are!

Detective Harris: Couldn’t tell. (On radio) Control! The vehicle is a burgundy Thompson’s Towing Service pick-up.

Police dispatch: Solid copy.

Manager: I’d reckon you don’t need ma services any mo right?

Detective Harris: You guessed right, ma’am let’s go.

Ann: Where are we going now? You’re wasting time! Where’s the search party? Where’s Kim? I…

Detective Harris: Ma’am, please! Calm down. God! Your giving me a headache. Where gonna check out that crash site to see if Ryan’s still there and I need you with me to confirm your husband’s appearance.

Ann: Ex-husband!

Detective Harris: Whatever, listen lady I can do this with you or…

Ann: Sorry I… I’m sorry I just can’t control it, I can’t afford to lose her (eyes began to water) she’s all I have left, without her I’m nothing! She is what gets me up in the morning, she is the reason I went to… never mind that. I’m just so scared and I fear the worst for her! I’m sorry officer, my names Ann by the way.

Detective Harris: Good to know. You ready?

Ann: Yes!

12:00 p.m

Park of Illinois

(Detective Harris arrives at the crash site)

Detective Harris: Stay inside the car, I’ll be back in a minute.

Ann: Okay.

Detective Harris: (looks around) Shit! He must have towed the car already. (On radio) Control?

Police dispatch: Yes?

Detective Harris: That A.P.B I had you put out, anything come out of it?

Police Dispatch: Yes sir, the vehicle was last seen in your vicinity 10 minutes ago.

Detective Harris: Fuck. That must mean he just left. Control!

Police dispatch: Go ahead.

Detective Harris: I’m requesting aerial support, he just left this area!

Police dispatch: Negative. Aerial support cannot be issued at this time.

Detective Harris: Why the hell not?

Police dispatch: I can’t dispatch a chopper to your location right now, but I can…

Detective Harris: Fuck it! I’m going after him, over and out.

Police dispatch: Wait…!

Detective Harris: (Runs back to his police cruiser) let’s go Ann! Buckle up.

(Detective Harris drives out of the park to pursue possible suspect)

Detective Harris: There he is! He just turned. (Flips on police sirens)

(The tow truck pulls over)

Detective Harris: (on megaphone) Step out of the vehicle and put your hands behind your head!

Driver: Oh shit! (Accidently swallows his blunt) okay, okay, please don’t shoot me!

(Harris rushes over to the tow truck)

Tow truck passenger: What on Earth…

Detective Harris: Put your hands on your head grandpa!

Tow truck driver: Jesus man, whaddya doin?

(Harris drags the tow truck driver to his police cruiser)

Detective Harris: Is this your husband?

Ann: Do you think I would’ve married a twenty three year old boy?

Detective Harris: Lady, answer the fucking question!

Ann: No, no he’s not my husband. Sorry!

Tow truck driver: I want your badge number you douchebag!

Detective Harris: Get movin you little punk.

Tow truck driver: (gives him the middle finger) fucking pig!

Detective Harris: Yeah fuck you too kid! (Sighs) shit! (On radio) Control?

Police dispatch: What now?

Detective Harris: Negative I’D on suspect.

Police dispatch: Harris you weren’t authorized to pursue without having a positive I’D!

Detective Harris: At the time he seemed like a possible…

Police dispatch: Ryan Troth is a person of interest not a suspect!

Detective Harris: How so?

Police dispatch: Maybe because you have no evidence. Why you are so sure Troth kidnapped her?

Detective Harris: Ann says so!

Police dispatch: Harris what do you want!

Detective Harris: Aerial support! Where aimlessly searching around. Having an eye in the sky might even the odds of finding her!

Police dispatch: I can’t authorize it.

Detective Harris: Well know this; if that girl dies it’s your fault.

Police dispatch: (mumbles) Okay, I’ll see what I can do.

12:16 p.m

Thompson’s Towing Service

Main office

Ryan Troth: Phew! That took all day.

Manager: You… Youse supposed to been got dat shit took in care of boy!

Ryan: What? Oh yeah… well I’m here ain’t I?

Manager: Ya know da cops wer lookin fo ya.

Ryan: What? Whaddya talkin bout?

Manager: Wha ya hard o hearin? I said da cops wer lookin fo ya sorry ass!

Ryan: For what?

Manager: I dunno, but it was this detective and dis blonde headed broad, I think it was ya ex-wife.

Ryan: Who Ann? What the hell she want? And why was she walking round with a detective for?

Manager: Dat cop wouldn’t tell me, but I know this. Dey say her dawta’s missing!

Ryan: Kimberly? She’s been…

(Detective Harris busts through the door)

Detective Harris: Get on the ground both of you!

Manager: Ryan you stupid sum bitch…

Detective Harris: Shut up! You must be Ryan huh?

Ryan: Obviously, look officer this is a big misunderstanding. Ma wife well ex-wife is mental; Kimberly’s been dead for 6 years now. Kim died October 3rd 1994. She was born August 13th 1983; if she were alive she would be 17 years old. Since Kim’s death Ann has been acting like nothing has happened as if it’s still 1994 that’s why I divorced her, every weekday she would get up put Kim’s old clothes on a fucking potato sack and drive off to school as if she’s actually taking Kim to school!  This ain't the first time Ann has done this shit. Hell last year we lived in Kentucky and she pulled this same kidnapping story on the cops. I tell you it’s as if every time she does it, it makes her believe Kim isn’t dead and every time the police attempts to find her it gives Ann hope that Kim’s still alive. Kimberly died in the back of my old truck.

Detective Harris: What?

Ryan: Yep, Ann was drivin one night hammered drunk and Kimberly was in the back seat. So they rammed into a semi on an oncoming lane I’m sure it knocked the piss outta her dumbass but poor Kim… she wasn’t that lucky got banged up real bad in the crash died from what the doctor’s call a uh … brain… brain well I don’t know kinda sounds like hamburger…

Detective Harris: Brain hemorrhage genius.

Ryan: Yeah that word. Well anyway Ann survived, bitch must have lost it knowing she killed her own daughter, shame but man that saved my ass had me paying child support out the ass (laughs)

Detective Harris: (strangles Ryan) If I find out your lying to me I’m gonna fuck you up. Do you hear me! (releases him)

Ryan: (choking) Ugh… you mother fucker I ain’t lying she’s gone crazy!

Detective Harris: Fuck. You two losers stay here! (On radio) Control, disengage pursuit. Prime suspect is now Ann Rose.

Police dispatch: Roger but why?

Detective Harris: She through us off on a wild goose chase, Kimberly died in a car accident. I think Ann may do something drastic we have to restrain her.

Police dispatch: Roger you have an idea where she may be now?

Detective Harris: Negative. But 10 bucks say she went back home. I told her to do so after I left the crash site.

Police dispatch: Okay well I’m gonna dispatch a unit to her residence. Be there!

Detective Harris: Solid copy. (Looks at Ryan and the manager) The fuck are you two lookin at?

Manager: Don’t mind me officer. I best get goin now, Ryan let’s go boy!

12:35 p.m

Rose residence

Police await outside

(Harris arrives)

Detective Harris: What’s going on?

SWAT officer: The lady in this household is threatening to kill herself.

Detective Harris: Is she armed?

SWAT officer: Apparently so, when we got here we heard her popping off shotgun rounds out the window and she also threatens to blow her house up if anyone comes near her door step.

Detective Harris: So what do we do?

SWAT officer: Orders are to take her down with lethal force if necessary.

Detective Harris: There’s gotta be another way, she needs help! She’s no terrorist.

SWAT officer: Orders are orders she’s going down.

(Ann’s shotgun clicks)

SWAT commander: Alright that’s it knock the door down, move! Move!

(Ann fires her shotgun at the front door)

Police officer: shot’s fired, shot’s fired!

SWAT commander: Alright hit her with the tear gas. Masks on people!

SWAT officer: Roger grenade out!

(Officers launch tear gas in the house Ann is found unconscious)

SWAT officer: Hostile neutralized!

October 3rd 2001

Rainsville insane asylum

Outskirts of New Jersey

Nurse Wilma: Morning Ann, a visitor dropped you off a present. Why won’t you go ahead and open it?

Ann: (stares at the nurse with an evil scorn)

Nurse Wilma: Alright then, if you won’t I will (whispers) crazy bitch. Oh it’s a cell phone? Huh well I’m sorry these are prohibited on facility grounds, guess I’ll just have to confiscate… (gasps)

Ann: (grabs hold of the nurse’s wrist) give me the phone!

Nurse Wilma: Okay fair enough but when they see this on you and they shock you back to sleep don’t say I told you so! (walks off)

Ann: (dials 911)

911 operator: nine-one-one how may I assist you?

Ann: My daughter’s been kidnapped…

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