The midnight drive

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Thrillers  |  House: Booksie Classic

Just another short story to add to my collection enjoy!

The midnight drive


11:40 p.m

2665 Wilcox Ave.

Katrina’s residence

Enter two sisters on the couch in the living room

Katrina: (Yawns) Oh my God it ain’t shit on TV nowadays!

Jasmine: You think? Lemme see the remote.

Katrina: Here! (Passes remote to Jasmine)

Jasmine: I bet you I find something good to watch.

Katrina: Whatever.

(Jasmine turns the channel and an infomercial comes on)

Infomercial: You hungry? Well come on down to Chili Chester’s and get yourself some of Pittsburgh’s finest hot dogs, we’ve got em all just come and see for yourself, with these low prices we never disappoint! (Commercial jingle cuts on) C’mon on down and turn that frown upside down cause at Chili Chester’s we have it all! Right at two conveniently marked locations 617 Brookmere Rd. and 313 Pinewood come on over we will love to see you there!

Jasmine: You wanna check that place out?

Katrina: Uh I rather not my friend told me they service was lousy.

Jasmine: What? Who told you that Mike sorry ass? He just mad cause they fired him a few weeks ago!

Katrina: Yeah but I don’t feel like driving out there plus I got work tomorrow (picks up her telephone) I’m bout to order a pizza. What you want?

Jasmine: (Takes phone away from Katrina) Aw no you not! I’m tired of that crap plus you know damn well when you order real late you get them shitty late shift workers who just gonna burn it anyway.

Katrina: Well I’m not bout to cook nothing so guess you just gonna starve.

Jasmine: (Laughing) Girl get yo lazy ass up I’m gonna drive then!

Katrina: Hmph you wish! You ain’t bout to fuck up my car like how you did granddads.

Jasmine: Alright fine let’s go.

12:10 a.m

Jasmine and Katrina get in their car and began to drive to Chili Chester’s on Pinewood Dr.

Jasmine: I’m bored. (Turns on radio)

Katrina: Ugh turn that bull down! You tryna let everybody now we left the house?

Jasmine: Sorry God you actin like I’m 5 years old or something, I am 15 right?

Katrina: Yeah but you act like you 5! See Momma would put up with all that shit I’m not.

Jasmine: You talking like you Ms. 30 you only twenty-two!

Katrina: Whatever we here now, place yo order.

(Pulls up to the drive-thru)

Male announcer: Hi welcome to Chili Chester’s how may I help you?

Jasmine: Okay, I want 1 small order of chili cheese fries, a strawberry milkshake, and a lime soda.

Katrina: I want a medium sized burrito and a large order of fries with a small cola.

Jasmine: Little fat ass!

Katrina: Mad cuz you don’t have any?

Jasmine: I can do without. That’s why you got more ass then you got class! (Giggles)

Katrina: (Smiling) Shut up you little tooth pick.

Male announcer: That all?

Katrina: Yeah!

Male announcer: K’den that will be 10.95.

Katrina: Sure, here you go.

Male announcer: Pull up to the front please.

(The car pulls up to the window)

Female worker: Alright then you girls enjoy now!

Both: Thank you!

(Katrina begins to drive the car back home)

Jasmine: See was that so hard?

Katrina: (Mocking Jasmine) was that so hard, shut up. What that red stuff?

Jasmine: My smoothie! (Takes a sip)

Katrina: What’s in it?

Jasmine: Strawberries, vanilla ice cream, and some sprinkles!

Katrina: (Smirking) ugh you so childish.

Jasmine: So what.

Katrina: Umma cut through these back streets I don’t have enough gas to take that free way again.

Jasmine: Ever heard of a gas station?

Katrina: Uh you got gas money?

Jasmine: Damn why you always being mean? I was just playing.

Katrina: You acting like I’m mad at you. (Looks at review mirror) Hey you do you see that?

Jasmine: See what?

Katrina: That car I swear it was following us since we left home.

Jasmine: Well take another route so we can lose him.

Katrina: Naw, naw I think I’m just over exaggerating.

Jasmine: Take another route to see if he follows!

Katrina: Okay.

(They take another route and the mysterious driver turns with them)

Katrina: Uh, uh who the fuck is this guy? Naw I’m gonna stop the car and see whats up.

Jasmine: No don’t leave me here stay in the car! You don’t know if he got a gun? What if he trying to rob us?

Katrina: Shit he don’t know if I got a gun!

Katrina steps out of the car and slowly walks up to the car that was following her

Katrina: Hey! Hey you lost or something? What the fuck do you want?

Jasmine: (rolls down car window) Kat get back here!

The man steps out of his car and walks toward Katrina

The man: Hi! I believe you forgot your receipt.

Katrina: Wait what? You… you telling me you trailed me for 6 miles to give me a fucking receipt?

The man: Sure why not?

Katrina: Naw drop it and walk back to yo car!

The man: Sorry if I startled you. I didn’t mean to disturb you. Can you tell that girl to step out? I need to give her something (smiles)

Katrina: Yeah sure when pigs fly! Dude you best be on yo way now.

The man: Listen just tell her to come out here!

Katrina: Get the steppin!

The man: Okay you asked for it (the man digs in his coat pocket and slowly pulls out a metallic object)

Katrina pulls out a .38 revolver and fires the gun at the man

Jasmine: Holy shit!

Katrina: He… he was pulling out a gun right? Yeah of course he was!

Katrina rushes over to the man’s dead body and checks his pocket to find out what he was holding

Katrina: It’s a fucking… cell phone? (Hysterically laughing) I… I killed a man over a cell phone? Naw there has to be a reason for this!

Katrina kneels down next to the man and checks his lifeless corpse for some identification

Katrina: (Reads the man’s I.D) Walter Fortknight Pittsburgh county Middle school teacher? That’s yo school right?

Jasmine: Mr. Fortknight? He was my gym teacher.

Katrina: (Brushes her hands through her hair) I’m calling the police!

911 operator: 911 how may I assist you?

Katrina: There’s been an accident! I shot this guy because I thought he was following me and…

911 operator: Remain calm; I’m dispatching an emergency response team to you. What is your location?

Katrina: Um 367 Jackson Ave.

911 operator: Just stay there. Police will be there shortly!

12:46 a.m

The police officer arrives

Officer 1: Ma’am please come forward.

Officer 2: You in the car step out too!

Officer 1: Alright what happened here?

Katrina: Me and my sister just drove too that new restaurant up the street and this man was following us so I thought, and he kept asking my sister to come next to him and then he began to reach in his pocket so I shot him. (Eyes began to water)

Officer 1: Now, now no need for that you’re not in trouble we just need to know what went down here.

Katrina: (Nods)

Officer 2: Show us the weapon you fired? (Katrina hands over the pistol) Phew this is a nice piece a .38 snub nosed. This guns yours?

Katrina: Yes my father gave it to me before he passed away so we can protect ourselves.

Officer 1: Okay ma’am don’t be alarmed but we’re gonna have to take you gals to the station.

Jasmine: But we didn’t do anything wrong!

Officer 2: Calm down little lady you’re not in trouble we just gotta sort this thing out.

Officer 1: (On radio) Charlie 6-2 this is Officer Dave Miles requesting an ambulance on 367 Jackson Ave. how copy?

Radio: Copy that 6-1 sending medics to the scene over and out.

Officer 1: Okay, ladies get in the car we are gonna take you down to the station to sort this out I promise you everything will be okay.

Katrina: But what about my car?

Officer 2: I called a tow truck to bring it down to the impound lot free of charge.

The Officers enter the cruiser with Katrina and her sister in the back

Officer 1: It’s gonna be okay just got word from the medic he says the man didn’t get shot by your gun seems like you missed. Instead he had a heart attack because he was shocked. Hmph this is becoming a very strange day.

Submitted: April 18, 2012

© Copyright 2020 DCurlin94. All rights reserved.

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Miss A

Nice work again... I really like the way you end your stories. They add to the whole write-up. And I also like the script format..something different isn't it?
Good job there. loved this one aswel :)

Wed, May 23rd, 2012 2:28pm


Again I appreciate your feedback. Still working on more short stories they will be up soon hopefully XD

Sat, June 2nd, 2012 10:02am

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