The three way heist

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Another short story I'm adding to my collection. This one is about a detective who is pursuing a case that is way over his head.

Submitted: June 15, 2012

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Submitted: June 15, 2012



 The three way heist


October 3rd 2012

Outskirts of New York City

Undisclosed abandoned warehouse

9:15 a.m

Enter the rooftops

Kevin Walsh: (Whistles) boss here he comes.

Reginald Cross: Good!

Tobi Price: You ask to see me sir?

R Cross: Yes, you ready for your first assignment?

Tobi: Always.

R Cross: Well then follow me to the basement.

9:42 a.m

Warehouse basement

R Cross: Tobi! I am going to ask you a question and you are to answer to the best of your abilities.

Tobi: Okay. Ask it!

R Cross: Would you ever kill a man?

Tobi: Yes!

R Cross: How fast can you kill a man?

Tobi: I don’t know. What do I have to kill him with?

R Cross: Your choice.

Tobi: A pistol I guess.

R Cross: If I were to tell you to kill a man right now, would you be true to your word?

Tobi: Yes!

R Cross: Prove it! (Snaps his fingers) Kevin, give him his pistol.

Kevin: Yes sir! (Gives Tobi a Glock 18 semi-automatic pistol)

Tobi: Okay so what do I shoot?

R Cross: Him!

(Kevin removes the curtains and Tobi sees a police officer strapped to a chair who has been badly beaten)

Tobi: Who is this guy?

Kevin: He’s a cop what else?

R Cross: Does it matter? Kill him or I will kill you!

Kevin: That’s unless you’re a cop too. (Laughing)

R Cross: (Points his gun at Tobi) I, am a man of my word so kill him!

Tobi: (Turns the safety off of the pistol)

R Cross: Stop hesitating! Kill him or I will kill you!

Tobi: Alright, alright!

R Cross: Do it! (Stomps his foot to the ground)

Tobi: Fuck it! (Fires an entire magazine at the police officer)

R Cross: (Punches Tobi) I hope you don’t intend on killing every man like that; ammunition is too precious to waste on a single man.

(Tobi falls to the ground)

Kevin: Yeah make your shots count next time rookie! (Picks Tobi off the ground)

R Cross: Do it again!

Tobi: Why?

R Cross: You questioning me?

Tobi: No sir!

R Cross: Good. Now kill her!

Tobi: Well hand me the pistol back.

R Cross: No! You showed me you can’t shoot for shit so now you get to use baby toys! (Chuckles)

Kevin: (Gives Tobi a screw driver) go get em tiger! (Laughing)

Tobi: How in the hell am I supposed to kill someone with this? It’s fucking plastic!

Kevin: Improvise! (Shoves Tobi in the room with the girl and closes the door)

(Tobi sees a girl in a school uniform rocking back in forth in the corner)

Tobi: You son of a bitch! It’s just a kid!

R Cross: Kill her!

Tobi: No! It’s just a little girl!

Kevin: So what!

Tobi: I can’t.

The girl: (turns around) But I can Kill you. (Aims a revolver at Tobi)

Tobi: What?

Kevin: (Drags Tobi out of the room) you pussy!

The Girl: Cross! He failed.

Tobi: You’re not a little girl?

The Girl: No shit Sherlock I’m just short! (Laughing) You’re so soft!

Tobi: I could’ve killed you!

The Girl: With a screw driver? (Giggles) fat chance!

Tobi: What is wrong with you people?

R Cross: Shame I had high hopes for you Tobi. Looks like you won’t be joining us then!

Tobi: I still want to join I can do better promise!

R Cross: I don’t like promises. They’re never kept. But if you want you can tag along and be our little diversion, so how bout it champ?

Tobi: Diversion? What are you talking about?

R Cross: Hold him down Kevin my boy!

Kevin: My pleasure! (Knocks Tobi to the floor)

Tobi: argh! Get… get off of me!

Kevin: Hush up bitch boy it will all be over soon.

R Cross: Andrew!

Andrew Clarkson: Yes sir?

R Cross: Put the bomb on him.

Tobi: No, no please don’t do this I…

Kevin: (Punches Tobi in the stomach)

The Girl: (puts tape around Tobi’s mouth) Hush up now. As long as you be good momma’s gonna keep you safe, my names Kathryn by the way. (smiles)

Tobi: (Mumbling)

Kevin: Shut up faggot! (Kicks Tobi in the head)

Kathryn: Oh nice going caveman now we have to carry his sorry ass in the van when he could’ve simply just walked, but he can’t now since you just knocked him out like a fucking ape!

Kevin: Shut up bitch!

R Cross: Silence! Andrew is the bomb vest ready to go?

Andrew: Yes sir bomb is armed and dangerous.

R Cross: Good. Now I want everybody to arm up so we can meet up with team two outside!

All: Yes sir!

Outskirts of New York City

Undisclosed abandoned warehouse

Parking lot

10:25 a.m

Team two arrives to the warehouse for briefing

Donnie Fachinello: Reginald Cross! It is an honor to work with you again sir, the work you’ve done with my father back in Chicago was greatly appreciated.

R Cross: Good to see you too Donnie, how’s Tony?

Donnie: Not well sir he has been cursed with cancer, the doctor assumes he won’t make it.

R Cross: Bullshit! He gonna pull through trust me. Men like that don’t die without a bang, so whatcha got for me son?

Donnie: I spoke to my father last night he picked out three hits for us to complete.

R Cross: So what are the locations?

Donnie: Well, first hit is at the Times Square 1st National bank, second is an art museum, and third is Heaven’s gate memorial hospital.

R Cross: Sounds good! Except, why are we gonna hit an art museum and a hospital?

Donnie: The art museum tonight will be showcasing a very valuable diamond taken from Africa, and the hospital well to put it bluntly Tony wishes you to assassinate Mr. Alexander Kirrlov. The fucker is in intensive care there. My father wants him dead for some unpleasant run-ins with the police department.

R Cross: Kirrlov? I ran a hit with him last week we didn’t get spotted so why Tony wants him executed?

Donnie: My father says Kirrlov didn’t report back to him after the deed, so he suspects that cockroach kept the money for himself.

R Cross: I ran that deed with him. He told me he was stopped by the police and told me not to follow for he feared the police would get me too.

Donnie: Cross! Kirrlov is a rat! He did get caught by the police but when they pulled up his criminal record and planned on giving him the death penalty, our Kirrlov sang clear as a hummingbird. He mentioned two names even though he didn’t give specifics they were pretty clear to trail back to you and my father he said Cross and Nello if the police aren’t as dumb as I believe them to be then I’m sure they instantly suspected you two.

R Cross: Let Tony know Alexander will not see tomorrow’s sun!

Donnie: Thank you! Shall we discuss other matters?

R Cross: Yes, we will hit the bank first, the museum second and I personally will get the third last!

Donnie: Very well. So what’s the plan?

R Cross: I did say we will hit the bank first correct?

Donnie: Yes.

R Cross: Well this is how… everybody listen up! Times Square 1st National bank is a well-armed facility so make no mistake these guards are not to be taken lightly. We will infiltrate the bank undetected we will not go in with the cliché ski-mask and AK-47 wielding gunman. Instead I have something more attainable in mind.

Kevin: Which is? I like the ski-mask getup it’s fast and I can have fun in the process.

R Cross: Can’t disagree with that, ok you will get your wish but, we are gonna rob the same bank twice.

Kathryn: Twice? How in the hell are we gonna do that?

R Cross: (laughing) Easy! Kevin you will take Donnie’s men and you will storm the bank after we take control of the vault and the money is long gone. Andrew you will tag along with them and drop Tobi off as a diversion to keep the cops busy playing bomb disarmer.

Donnie: Well played, hitting the bank three times would surely throw off the cops. They wouldn’t know who to chase.

Amanda Wilcox: I say it’s a little too risky besides where do I fit in?

R Cross: You my dear won’t be attacking the bank instead you and Kathryn will be infiltrating the museum.

Kathryn: Okay! So what will we be disguised as?

R Cross: Disguises?

Kathryn: Yeah why not? Kevin and his boys will be wearing ski-masks so why shouldn’t we?

R Cross: I had something else in mind you gals will pose as visitors while there you are to scope out how many people are there and how high is the security present.

Amanda: Visitors? So what we go in as Mother and daughter?

Donnie: Not a bad idea.

R Cross: Go ahead!

Amanda: Wait that came out wrong I was joking.

R Cross: Your disguise sounds pretty solid so why the hell not?

Amanda: Ok so who is gonna be my so called daughter?

R Cross: Kathryn of course.

Amanda: Seriously?

Donnie: You don’t like Kathryn?

Amanda: No, it’s why would a white woman have a little teenage black girl as her daughter?

Kevin: You ever heard of adoption?

Amanda: Kevin shut up!

Kathryn: I’m twenty-two years old so I’m not so little!

Amanda: Right so how are you gonna pass as a little girl?

R Cross: Amanda, look at her how old does she looks?

Amanda: I don’t know but she looks like a pre-pubescent twelve or fourteen year old!

Kathryn: (Gives Amanda a sarcastic smile) good to know!

R Cross: Right so you to will go in as mother and daughter for surveillance!

Amanda: Well let’s go! Kathryn looks like Mommy’s gonna take you for a little fucking field trip!

Kathryn: Okay mean white lady I mean momma. (Laughing)

Amanda: Cute.

Donnie: I say that was pretty good acting you two make a perfect family.

Amanda: Fuck off Donnie!

Kathryn: Let’s go mommy (Tugs her skirt) we’re gonna be late!

Andrew: Wow Cross you still having her pose as a kid?

R Cross: Shit, it works like a charm and it never brings attention.

Amanda: I think she enjoys it a little too much.

Kathryn: Mommy let’s go!

Amanda: I hate you!

R Cross: Remember Get in and get out, call us when it hits 12:00 sharp.

Amanda: Will do sir!

Amanda and Kathryn leave the warehouse to spy on the museum

Phillip House: Boss you said team one will hit the bank undetected so how are we to do that?

R Cross: Your team will pose as a hazmat unit.

Phillip: Why hazmat?

R Cross: I had someone tip the police off that there would be a mercury spill at the bank so you boys gear up and get there immediately! The police already evacuated the building so there expecting you.

Phillip: So where’s the truck and uniforms?

R Cross: Your uniforms are in the truck.

Phillip: So… where’s the truck?

R Cross: Right behind you!

Hazmat vehicle enters the parking lot

Phillip: (turns around) Well fuck me that was fast! How did you get this shit? It’s an actually legit hazmat vehicle.

R Cross: It’s the real deal alright! I have my ways, you best get going.

Phillip: Yes sir!

R Cross: Remember Phillip’s team will arrive at the bank first then when the money is already taken Kevin’s men will have fun with the police to buy Phillip’s team some time so they can evade the police. Do it right! We will strike at 12:00 p.m Understood?

All: Yes sir!

R Cross: Donnie, you’re coming with me.

11:02 a.m

New York City police department

Main entrance

(Donnie waits outside by a nearby diner while Cross enters the police station)

R Cross: (Flashes his badge) I need to speak with Chief Fields immediately!

Police secretary: She should be in her office.

R Cross: Thanks!

11:05 a.m

Chief Diamond Fields office

Second floor

R Cross: (knocks on the door) Ms. Fields a word with you?

Police chief Diamond Fields: Ah, Detective 1st grade Richard Clayton! What can I do for you?

R Cross: You know I’ve been undercover working with the Fachinello crime family correct?

Ms. Fields: Of course.

R Cross: Well then you know all of my actions are to hide my real identity from the Fachinello’s right?

Ms. Fields: Yes, what are you asking me?

R Cross: I need your support, in a few hours a bank is gonna be robbed by the Fachinello’s.

Ms. Fields: Which bank?

R Cross: (Clears his throat) the… the 1st National bank in Times Square.

Ms. Fields: What’s their ETA?

R Cross: At this time I’m not sure but I can tell you this, when the time comes do not intercept!

Ms. Fields: Do not intercept? Clayton are you giving me an order?

R Cross: Yes ma’am. But it is in our best interest not to intercept for we can’t risk compromising this bust.

Ms. Fields: Clayton other officers fear that you’re in this too deep I think we should pull the plug on this now and arrest them while we got them red-handed.

R Cross: Diamond. This is where you have to agree to disagree; if we shake down their plans now we don’t arrest the Fachinello crime family we only get his pawns not his people. Tony’s smart he knows how the system works if we capture his men now I’m sure he’s gonna gain suspicious of me and I can’t afford that. I am too close to all of a sudden fuck up now!

Ms. Fields: Clayton you’re making this very hard for the precinct and you’re jeopardizing other officer’s lives simply because you don’t give specifics, you never give your position, and you won’t even give your alias to us. It’s as if you’re down with them till the end and I mean that literally.

R Cross: I do all of this to keep my cover, what’s the point of considering your undercover when you let everybody know your fucking undercover?

Ms. Fields: Well what about agent Dawson?

R Cross: Prime fucking example, Dawson’s cover was blown because a dumb dick fellow officer said his name in front of Fachinello’s men!

Ms. Fields: Well what about Kathryn Fields isn’t she running this case with you?

R Cross: She gave her name too (shakes his head) Fuck. Look don’t worry about Kathryn I can keep her out of harm’s way she follows orders unlike agent Brad Dawson or as everyone else knows him as agent fucking Kirrlov!

Ms. Fields: Suddenly I’m not so worried about Kathryn I’m more worried about you!

R Cross: How so?

Ms. Fields: I’m beginning to think your double crossing us, is that true?

R Cross: (Laughing) Double crossing that’s funny, do you really think I’m working with that animal to become just like him?

Ms. Fields: It’s hard to tell are you?

R Cross: No.

Ms. Fields: Well if not that are you trying to get some financial gain out of this?

R Cross: No!

Ms. Fields: Then why else would you go ahead and let Fachinello’s men spill blue blood to get to the vault! I think you’re in this all for the money.

R Cross: “blue blood” the fucks that supposed to mean?

Ms. Fields: Uniforms, men and women in uniform! Since this case 10 officers have been killed by the hands of the Fachinello crime family and some say you would be there alongside that piece of shit Tony participating in the deed! Besides that I believe you’re becoming a cop killer yourself.

R Cross: They died under your watch not mine! And there will be more blue blood if you don’t tell your men to stand down tonight!

Ms. Fields: Watch yourself detective! I never said I wouldn’t call off my boys but if another officer dies I assure you I will have a task force hunt you and your Fachinello buddies down like dogs understood?

R Cross: Yes ma’am. But remember this for the duration of this case and whatever unfolds from it I want no blue interference and I assure you there will be no more blue blood spilled copy?

Ms. Fields: The doors that way detective (points to the right) after this heist I’m pulling agent Kathryn off the case.

R Cross: What why?

Ms. Fields: I’m not about to lose my granddaughter to some piece of shit Italian mobsters from Sicily and If I do God have mercy on my soul for I will kill you myself if anything happens to that girl.

R Cross: Anything else ma’am?

Ms. Fields: Yes, get the fuck outta of my office!

R Cross: As you wish.

(Reginald Cross leaves the police station and drives to the diner to pick up Donnie)

11:35 a.m

Molly’s Diner

(Cross walks over to the booth were Donnie is seated)

Donnie: (yelling across the room) Hey Cross! What took you so long I’m fucking starving?

R Cross: (sits in front of Donnie) I had an errand to run.

Donnie: What your mother told you to buy a carton of milk? C’mon don’t bullshit me.

R Cross: I went to Heaven’s gate memorial hospital to get an idea of where that bastard is being taken care of.

Donnie: Hmph, well he’s clearly in ICU so how hard did you have to look? (Smirking)

R Cross: Heaven’s gate memorial hospital is pretty fucking big so it took some time.

Donnie: I was just fucking with you man, hey lady can I get my fucking order yet? I’ve been sitting here for over an hour!

R Cross: You didn’t have to wait for me so you can eat, you could’ve ordered when I was gone.

Donnie: Yeah I would’ve but I left my wallet in your car and Miss Molly’s workers don’t take credit cards!

R Cross: (Laughing) well here she comes now.

Molly’s Diner waitress: Hi, welcome to Molly’s diner how can I serve you today?

R Cross: I’ll have…

Donnie: Oh no you don’t I’m first! This bitch had me waiting all day. Alright I want a pound of bacon n eggs on my plate, two sausage biscuits and a large glass of orange juice and after that gimme a fuckin fortune cookie! (Chuckling)

Waitress: Sir we don’t have those.

Donnie: I know I was just playing with you darling but I want everything I said before fortune cookie. (Laughing)

Waitress: (Gives Donnie a fake smile) And what would you like Mister?

R Cross: Just get me one of them breakfast burritos and a stack of pancakes, no syrup and a large coffee.

Waitress: Okay gentleman coming right up! (Walks off)

Donnie: (Whispering) She gotta tight little ass on her.

R Cross: (Smiles) you’ve been drinking lately huh?

Donnie: Well yeah um since you took till Christmas to come back I left here went to the liquor store around the corner and bought myself some scotch. Y’know there’s a fucking pig station right around the block!

R Cross: You shittin me?

Donnie: Nope that big eyesore filled with pigs n guns nearly made me piss myself!

R Cross: (Laughing) none of em saw you did they?

Donnie: Hell hope not, but there was this one guy in his cop car just wolfing down a box of crackers man I tell you that shit made my day man,fat black bastard!

R Cross: I just noticed you’re a lot more charismatic when wasted or are you just buzzed?

Donnie: Nah this ain’t the booze talking it’s that 12:00 that’s got me so hyped up man we gonna be fuckin shit up tonight!

(Waitress arrives)

Waitress: Here you go boys (hands them their meals) if you need anything else just let me know K enjoy!

Donnie: Yeah wait uh I got a question for ya!

Waitress: Sure go ahead.

Donnie: You single?

Waitress: Yes.

Donnie: Good! So how about me and you hook up? I promise I can get you out of this shit hole, a cute gal like you has no place in a place like this so whaddya say?

Waitress: For starters this is my Mom’s restaurant and second I got Jesus so I’m not interested k? (Walks off)

Donnie: I betcha my dick’s bigger then his!

Waitress: Doubt it!

Donnie: Stuck up bitch.

R Cross: You’re a fuckin mess you know that? (Takes a bite out of his burrito)

Donnie: Whatever man, she know she wants me.

R Cross: I think she made no pretty clear already.

Donnie: Why you bring us here?

R Cross: Well the foods decent and the prices are cheap why the hell not?

Donnie: Hmph can’t argue with that, I like my women the same way cheap and decent!

R Cross: No wonder why you couldn’t pull that waitress, she obviously has more class than you.

Donnie: (Chugs his juice) Aw bullshit! (Grabs bacon out of his plate and talks with his mouth full) Girls like that are just faking it.

R Cross: Y’know you’re quite the slob for a skinny guy. You eat like a dog but look like a rat how the fuck that happen?

Donnie: (Laughing with food in his mouth) Fuck you man and if I look like a rat then you look like a goddamn vulture!

R Cross: (sighs) Alright hurry up so we can go, you and I both know we got a lot of ground to cover.

12:00 p.m

Times Squares’ 1st National bank

Main entrance

Team one arrives at the bank posing as hazmat officers

NYPD policeman: Right this way gentleman.

Hazmat officer 1: Lead the way officer.

Policeman: So what’s the situation here?

Hazmat officer: There has been a suspected mercury spill at this facility.

Policeman: Mercury you say?

Hazmat officer 2: Yes sir!

Policeman: It couldn’t have been from a thermometer could it?

Hazmat officer 3: Possibly so but thermometers of today only contain a small amount so it’s un-harmful if inhaled, but as a precaution we are to evacuate the premises and neutralize the substance.

Policeman: How are y’all gonna do that?

Hazmat officer 4: Well to do so we must…

Hazmat officer 1: No disrespect sir but I’m gonna have to ask you to vacate the premises!

Policeman: Why? I mean if it’s for precautions or anything I do have a gas mask on too right?

Hazmat Officer 1: Right you have a gas mask on, not a hazardous material mask so you are still vulnerable to exposure.

Policeman: I don’t see the difference what’s so different from your mask then mine?

Hazmat Officer 1: We have on XM50 hazardous material mask equipped with our hazmat uniform and personal oxygen tank, and all you have on is your police officer uniform and gas mask which doesn’t entirely protect you from exposure so you must leave for the safety of yourself and those you may come into contact with.

Policeman: Then why give me clearance up to this point if I’m not equipped with the necessary equipment.

Hazmat Officer 2: You do realize we’re still in the Decon tent right? We’ve just reached the front door so you may leave now!

Policeman: Well my orders were to escort you gentleman to the basement so I must do what I was told.

Hazmat Officer 1: You did say escort correct? You’ve just did that.

Hazmat officer 4: We will take it from here, I advise you to get back to your post officer for you our holding us up.

Policeman: How are you gonna get to the basement without my guidance?

Hazmat Officer 1: There is a directory in the main hall; it doesn’t take a genius to read it! Please carry on.

Policeman: Alright I’m going (leaves the decontamination tent)

Hazmat Officer: Alright let’s do this.

12:00 p.m

New York art museum


Kathryn and Amanda arrives

Amanda: Okay sweetie let’s go to the exhibit!

Kathryn: Okay mommy.

Exhibit entrance

Security guard: Excuse me, ma’am?

Amanda: Yes?

Security guard: There are to be no camcorders beyond this point.

Amanda: Is there a reason why! My daughter and I wanted to film our tour here for my husband’s birthday.

Security guard: If your husband wanted to see this exhibition so bad why didn’t he just come with you?

Amanda: Maybe because he’s serving another tour in Iraq! We were gonna send the video to him via video chat.

Security guard: Sorry ma’am but there are no exceptions you must put away your video camera if you want clearance.

Amanda: Jesus Christ, can we at least take pictures then?

Security guard: Ma’am like I said before no camcorders are beyond this point but, cameras are acceptable. To do so you must first have to check out a rental for…

Kathryn: But mommy, daddy said he wanted to see the art exhibit.

Amanda: (kneels in front of Kathryn) I’m sorry sweetie but they won’t let us take the camcorder inside but, we can still use our cameras!

Kathryn: But it’s not the same! Daddy wanted to see us here in video not pictures.

Amanda: I’m sorry honey we can’t I’m sure daddy won’t mind if we just tell him why we couldn’t…

Kathryn: But daddy wanted to see us on his laptop! He bought that camcorder for that.

Amanda: I know but rules are rules.

Kathryn: No! It’s not fair (sobbing) it’s not fair (crying) daddy wanted to see us again on video! (Intense crying)

Security guard: Ma’am I’m gonna have to ask you to leave your holding up the line.

Amanda: We’re holding up the line? You’re the one holding us up!

Security guard: Ma’am listen you…

Security guard 2: Is there a problem here?

Security guard: These two are complaining about why they can’t use there camcorders.

Security guard: Lighten up Dave! You know if you take their camcorders their just gonna record themselves on their cellphones like everyone else! Ma’am, go ahead.

Amanda: Oh thank you so much! Kathryn, say thank you to the nice man!

Kathryn: (wipes her tears away) Thank you Mr. Policeman!

Security guard: (laughs) I’m just a security guard but thanks for the compliment, and you’re so much welcomed! Right this way ladies.

Kathryn: Bye Mr. Security guard! (Giggles)

12:00 a.m

Heaven’s Gate memorial hospital

Waiting room

 Cross enters the hospital while Donnie waits outside in the truck

R Cross: (Flashes his badge) Detective Clayton NYPD, I’m here to see agent Brad Dawson he is being taken care of here right?

Nurse Williams: Right this way detective. Y’know, he’s been expecting you.

R Cross: I got a feeling I know why.

HGMH intensive care ward

Nurse Williams: He’s in room 4 A, He should be awake by now.

R Cross: Okay.

Nurse Williams: You said agent, so if he’s a cop too why are you interrogating him?

R Cross: Ma’am you may leave now.

Nurse Williams: Fine, Let me know if you need anything officer!

R Cross: Will do!

Room 4 A

Brad Dawson: Cross!

R Cross: Kirrlov I’m gonna have to ask you some questions about your run-in with the Fachinello’s last Saturday.

Brad: You know what happened, you were fucking there! I know why your here so don’t play dumb with me.

R Cross: Thanks for saving me the time then.

Brad: I know Tony sent you here to take me out but is it really worth it? Chief’s right you’re in way over your head, Tony and his men are gonna figure you out sooner or later so you oughtta just quit while your ahead!

R Cross: They will never figure me out because I know how to keep a cool head unlike you.

Brad: If it weren’t for me they would’ve got you too.

R Cross: You got spotted because you let other officers know who you really are. That’s the reason why when you were rolling with Donnie they shot you down because a fucking beat cop recognized you from the precinct. You blew your own cover not me!

Brad: So are you gonna do it?

R Cross: Looks like I don’t have a choice do I?

Brad: You’re a fucking cop! You don’t suppose to be carrying out Tony’s orders as if it were the Chief’s!

R Cross: I’m sorry Brad, but Tony wants you dead.

Brad: Richard, listen to me you're gonna get yourself killed or arrested don’t do this just lie to that son of a bitch!

R Cross: Lie? Unlike you I’m a man of my word! I told Tony I was gonna kill you so I’m gonna do it.

Brad: So it is true, you have been killing other cops to keep your cover. You’re a cop Richard act like it!

R Cross: Bye Brad.

Brad: Your names Richard Clayton not Reginald Cross! Don’t do this man please I’m beggin you don’t do it.

R Cross: Sorry Kirrlov.

(Cross moves up to Brad’s gurney and unplugs all the medical equipment)

Brad: C’mon don’t do this it’s not worth it! Even if you do get Tony you’re gonna end up in prison just like him!

R Cross: How so?

Brad: Cause you’re a fucking cop killer you son of a bitch!

R Cross: You call it cop killing I call it sacrifice, goodbye Brad. (Grabs a pillow and smothers Agent Dawson)

Cross leaves the hospital and gets in the truck with Donnie

Donnie: So… did you do it?

R Cross: No shit.

Donnie: (Laughs) how you kill em?

R Cross:  I don’t wanna talk about it. (Pulls out cellphone) Phillip what’s your status?

Phillip: We’re in position Cross! Waiting for your orders sir!

R Cross: Good! (Dials new number) Amanda whaddya got for me?

Amanda: The diamond is being showcased in the theater, security is low and most of the guards are unarmed. You are free to intercept whenever you please.

R Cross: Where are you now?

Amanda: We’re at the parking lot; hold on, Kathryn wants to speak with you!

R Cross: Give her the phone.

Kathryn: We’re heading back to the hideout after all this right?

R Cross: Yeah, be there and watch your back.

Kathryn: Yes sir!

R Cross: Donnie, call Kevin!

Donnie: Here you go (hands Cross his cellphone)

R Cross: You are to raid the museum after Amanda gives you the word.

Kevin: I got this boss!

R Cross: Don’t fuck this up! (Hangs up the phone) let’s go Donnie!

Donnie: We’re we headed?

R Cross: It’s time to report to Tony, drive!

1:46 p.m

Fachinello manor

Swimming pool area

R Cross: Tony.

Tony Fachinello: Cross, have a seat!

R Cross: Yes sir!

Donnie: Uh… papa would you want me to get anything for you?

Tony: Shut the fuck up Donnie! Now Cross, job well done! Your, plan worked like a charm we’ve got the money and the diamond. She’s quite a sight isn’t she?

R Cross: Being that diamond is as big as a pear I think you like big girls!

Tony: Was that supposed to be a joke?

R Cross: I tried. (Smirks)

Tony: Hmph, well don’t joke with me!

R Cross: Sorry sir! I…

Tony: (Laughs) I’m just messing with ya, so I’m sure you came here for your cut correct?

R Cross: Unfortunately yes!

Tony: There is no shame in that you’ve earned it my boy!

R Cross: Thank you sir! But I must get going now I would love to sit and chat but…

Tony: But what?

R Cross: I’ve got other business to tend too.

Tony: Is that right?

R Cross: If you don’t mind that is.

Tony: Go ahead; I’ll give you a call when I can think of another assignment for you.

R Cross: (Gets out of his chair) Again thank you sir! (Walks to the garage)

Tony: Clayton! Why don’t you turn around for me?

Cross turns around and Tony shoots him in the head with a M9 Beretta semi –automatic pistol

Donnie: Holy shit!

Tony: I take no pleasure in doing this but, the mother fucker was a rat!

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