In search of something deep

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Jenny is sick of all the shallowness around her. Nobody around her seems to care!

Have you ever felt alone when surrounded by people? I go to church and it is all so shallow, nobody really cares about me. Work is crappy, stupid bureaucracy caused my two best buds to leave and while we will keep in touch I know things will not be the same. Normally you can count on family to make you feel better but even there i am excluded. I find out my sister has been hanging out with my brother and his girlfriend and never invited me, even when i said i would like to go too! Rejected once again. I wish my man was here.


John: Want to come and hang out tonight? Dinner and board games?

Jenny: Definitely.

John: Cool, cool. My place, 6pm. BYO drinks and board games

Jenny: See you soon

Immediately, smile appears on my face. Finally there is somebody who actually cares about me!

...............................................2 YEARS EARLIER .......................................................

John is so perfect! He has this gorgeous smile that makes you feel like everything is going to be alright. He loves children, which is perfect since we work together with special needs kids. There are times that it feels like we are playing mum and dad and I wish that we were. We have been mates for a year now and he sees me like his big sister (I’m 24 and he’s 22). We even call each other bro and sis. What he doen’t know is i would prefer to be his lover than his sister.

John: Hey sis

Jenny: Hey, what’s happening?

John: Well I met this girl and she is amazing. She loves kids and sports like me, and she is stunningly beautiful.

Jenny: That’s great John (fake smile) I hope it works out for you.


*phone call*

Amy: Hey Jen, do you want to go see a play tonight?

Jenny: Yeah sure

I must get out instead of wallowing in my misery. There are other fish in the sea right? Now want to wear? Skinny jeans, the ones that make my butt look good with the bright blue shoes and bright blue blouse. Maybe making myself look pretty will cheer me up? I am average build with long brown hair and freckles. The only thing special about my appearance is my big blue eyes, so i wear blue or black to bring out the colour of my eyes with eyeliner and mascara to make my eyes pop.

*At the play*

Amy: Jenny this is Jimmy, Jenny Jimmy.

Jimmy is a friend Amy met at college. He is handsome with gorgeous green eyes and olive skin framed by his medium length brown hair. He appears laid back, dressed in a t-shirt and jeans, showing off his v-shaped body. Broad shoulders, narrowing into a small waist. I bet he has a six pack underneath that shirt.

Jenny: Hey, nice to meet you.

Jimmy: Yeah same here. Amy I was totally embarrassed on the bus last week

Amy: What happened?

Jimmy (looking at Jenny) I was hit on by 15 year old. I know I look young, but I am 21 for crying out loud.

Jenny (Hmm this youngin seems interested in me, but he is too young! He is younger than my little bro and younger than John): Yeah people think I am younger than I am all the time. I am 24 years old.

Jimmy: Yeah you are right you do look younger.

He’s too young but he does have a cute smile ... stop smiling, don’t encourage him!


*Dinner the next week*

Jenny: Hey Jimmy (Fake smile, why did I get stuck sitting next to him)

Jimmy: Hey it is good to see you again. Can I buy you a drink?

Jenny: Sure, a house red would be great.

Jimmy: So you help kids with special needs right?

Jenny: Yep. I would love to go over to a developing country like Africa one day and volunteer for an orphanage using these skills that i have picked up.

Jimmy: Wow, i would love to go to Africa, or somewhere in South America.

Jenny: No way, South America is the other place that ... i dunno i feel a sort of connection to.

Jimmy: I know what you mean. It is not for a specific reason but, i just feel drawn to those places. I would like to set up some microcredit systems, using my accounting training.


Amy: So you and Jimmy looked pretty tight tonight.

Jenny: He seems like a nice guy but he is way too young for me and i just don’t feel the spark. Not like i do with John.

Amy: hmm ... you say that but i think there is a spark. And he is cute

Jenny: true (I can not deny it, he does have the most endearing smile with these mysterious eyes. He is tall with a slim build and broad shoulders and soft brown hair that frames his face perfectly. Oh and his butt is hot. I would try to lie but Amy always sees straight through me)

John: I have had enough of sitting here, although the stars are pretty. Want to walk along the rocks with me?

Girls: sure

Jimmy moved gracefully along the rocks, i have always loved walking on the rocks and was able to keep up with him ... Amy however was a little behind. She was a little nervous in the dark and not as fit as us. ... Jimmy and i seem to be weirdly in sync.... We sit down on a rock to wait for Amy.

Jenny: We should sit back to back

Jimmy: (Did as he was asked) This is amazing up here.

Jenny: I know. The moon is massive and just glistens perfectly on the Sea

Jimmy: Yeah and the waves are crashing magically on that rock. (tickles Jenny)

Jenny: Hey stop i am very ticklish and you don’t want me falling off the cliff!

Amy: (Whispers) no spark my ass!

As we walk up the hill i have a strange urge to link arms with Jimmy. You only just met him, silly girl. And while the attention is nice he is just too young for you.


John: hey Jen

Jenny: Hey John how are things.

John: Awesome. Remember the chick i was telling you about.

Jenny: Yep, Alice.

John: right, well she is my girlfriend now.

Jenny: I am happy for you (no twang of pain ... weird). Actually, I think I could do with some advise on the romantic topic.

John: aw does Jenny have a crush

Jenny: No, well yes ... well maybe.

John: Ok I am listening

Jenny: Well he is nice and we have the same dreams, but he is younger than my bro and younger than you!

John: How young

Jenny: 21

John: That is nothing. I say go for it. Sounds like he could be your perfect guy


Back to the present

Jimmy would be home soon. He has been away all week at a conference. He can kinda suck at emotional stuff, but that is why it is great that I have John as well. John is still my best friend, only he has a wife and i have a husband who thankfully get along. Alice is such a sweetheart, we got along immediately. Apparently i am “the same person” as one of her best friend from the country. I have to admit we did act similarly when i met Lisa at the wedding. Jimmy says we even have the same laugh.

Tonight was perfect, my best friend and my amazing husband healed my broken heart and reminded me who i really am. Jimmy treats me like a princess and has the most gorgeous cheeky smile. We are both goofy laid back personality’s but he is an introvert that loves everything IT while i am massively a people person. John is like me and manages to bridge the gap between different personalities and maleness. He understands my emotions so much better than Jimmy and can actually explain it to him! We laughed we ate and we danced until dawn. I am fortunate to have several people in my life who really know me and still love me. If i carry this with me in my heart i know everything will work out alright. They give me the strength to show the world the depth of my heart and give unconditional love to those around me.

Submitted: January 20, 2011

© Copyright 2022 dddolphin. All rights reserved.

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Nice story but dear the format is horrible maybe you could fix it so it will be more enticing to read:)

Thu, January 20th, 2011 11:44pm


I have tried to fix the formatting but alas!
For some reason it looks right in the box when submitting, but then when i look at the actual story all of my formatting is gone.

Sorry peoples!

Wed, February 2nd, 2011 9:06am

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