International Incarceration - Part 1

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I have missed you my friends... So many changes in my life over the last two months or so... I was supposed to be in London by now... a new life so to speak... but things got in the way...

My first trip to London in September of 06 was a combination of romance and adventure... spent nearly a month there... the history and smell of royalty I sensed as I walk the streets of London fills my memories to this day... my reason for going in the first place was to meet a woman eye to eye I had met nearly a year before on the internet... the only word that comes to mind is "magical" about the trip...

My reasons for leaving the first trip have been the subject of many debates between us and I don't want to go into those here except to say most have not gone well...

The piece I offer here was my second attempt to go back to London... the first in a three part poem/story that has been very hard to write for the reasons you will understand as you read... Part one deals with my trip over to London... part two will be about my "wonderful" stay while I was there (a bit of sarky)... and part three about my adventures once I got back to the states

Although my words on paper have always come from my soul, the blood in my pen, this piece is the most personal I have ever written... six days it took me to get back here...

up until a few weeks ago things have not gone very well... having to start over here has been along, heart breaking experience, but one that had to be done... the wedge between us, I am now seeing, is one that will to some degree, never be removed...

I am hoping that this piece will become the therapy I need to allow the words to flow from me once again... I miss you all and please keep writing your "Words on Paper"... or as I usually say... write on my friends!!!

Submitted: September 10, 2007

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Submitted: September 10, 2007



The Trip was planned to finish "Our Life's Song".

Our time spent apart had been way to long.


Friday March second, it was Tai's birthday,

The air was cold and the sky was so gray.


Pittsburgh International is where it would start.

All of my bags packed as I followed my heart.


My first flight cancelled cause of weather ahead.

Nothing I could do, so I sat there and read.


Two hours later we squeezed, boarding our flight.

We sat on the runway it seemed half of the night.


The eventual takeoff was nice and smooth.

The plane was so cramped no one could move.


One and a half hours to Chicago we would go.

Flying into a blizzard full of ice and snow.


Coming in for the landing we held onto our seats.

Our hearts going crazy with thousands of beats.


The plane was going in every way but straight.

Wings now flexing we could do nothing but wait.


We slammed to the runway and skidded to a stop.

My stomach now churning and wishing it would drop.


We all left the plane with sweat on our brows,

scrambling to the places we needed to be now!


I was in terminal two, needed terminal five.

Would be fifteen minutes before I would arrive.


 The man at the counter was all smiles and polite.

As he told me what I knew, I had missed my flight.


I was booked to the next flight, Sunday it would be.

Tai's party now ruined and now where to sleep for me.


I made some phone calls trying to figure what to do.

I wouldn't sleep in the airport was all that I knew.


I found my way outside and hailed a cab to me.

Told him a pillow and blanket was all I would need.


Many miles from the airport I would spend these two nights.

The cabbie driving the distance as I dreamed through city lights.


The motel was old, but it was suprisingly clean.

The bed that was supplied I think was a queen.


I fooled myself thinking I would be able to sleep.

Sitting my face in my hands as I started to weep.


Why am I here in this room instead of my new home?

Hugging my fiance`and daughter, instead I'm alone.


I decided to go out and find something to eat.

I found a nice pub and I slid into a seat.


On tap they had Stella, it's Belgian I think.

On my last trip to London, it's what I did drink.


He poared me a pint and then served it to me.

Closed eyes as I drank, visions of home I would see.


I thought it not good to sit and just brood,

but found it quite hard to break this mood.


Paid two nights to stay, never got any rest.

No sleep till I get there is what I would guess.


Finally boarding my flight, it took off right on time.

The mood was much calmer as we continued to climb.


Was eight and a half hours and I still got no rest,

but feeling much better and not quite so stressed.


The landing at Heathrow was smooth as pie,

and finding myself on an emotional high.


Ran through the airport, immigration I would go,

me hugging my my girls was all I wanted to know.


Walking up to the agent with my passport in hand,

going through just like last time as quick as I can!


He asked what would be the length of my stay?

I said "three to four weeks give or take a day".


With a puzzled look he asked for proof of a return flight,

I could see his mood change, something was not right.


He took me to an area and said "Wait here for me"

"There is supervisor that I must go and see".



 soon I hope to have part two completed...








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