International Incarceration - Part 2

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If you are reading this for the first time, go to part one of this story so it will make more sense

The second part of this story is the meat and potatoes of the roller coaster of emotions I went through during my short "stay" in London... as you read you will hopefully see why it was so hard to write...

Two things I would like to state and make very clear before continuing with this story...

One: I had never been arrested nor detained for anything my entire life... my criminal record consists of two traffic tickets with the last one being over 20 years ago...

Two: I love all mankind... color, background, woman, man, or child it doesn't matter... the one life lesson that my mother taugh me was, "Everyone you meet throughout your life brings a life lesson... even if you really don't see eye to eye with all the people you meet, take what you have learned from that person and try to do better with your life... always give what you have learned back to others"!

The reason for these statements is to give you a bit of background and to absolutely state in no way am I a racsist... The fact I was without sleep coupled with the raw emotion of the time, I had thoughts and observations that I would not normally have about others... it took me a few months to realize that everyone I shared this experience with, was after the same things I was... I never confronted anyone while there... nor did they know my thoughts, but I am ashamed for the way I felt about other humans at the time...

I feel it is important that I am true to the story and I am praying that all who read, will not be offended by any of my words, thoughts, or raw emotion about this small part of my life... I just had to write it...

Part two is dedicated to a Mr. Lee Gibbons. Out of the 20-30 immigration officers I could have walked up to that day, this is the guy that I picked.

Mr. Gibbons is an ex military intelligence officer in the British army. Looking back on this day I am convinced that Mr. Gibbons had either not gotten laid the night before, or had a hangover, or had stubbed his toe on this morning looking for his shoes... but one thing is for sure in my mind... he was having a bad day... I hope he is having a better day today...

What Mr. Gibbons didn't realize nor will he ever realize is his actions that day crushed not only my dreams, but the dreams of three others...

Submitted: September 13, 2007

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Submitted: September 13, 2007



I waited with five others watching people pass through.

I felt I should be one of them was all that I knew.


I was convinced in my mind I had done nothing wrong,

and wondering what taking this officer so long.


He finally approached me asking if I could shead some light,

on the reason for coming here without a return flight.


I am here to see my fiance, future daughters and that.

We are all very excited as they just moved to a new flat!


The floors are all concrete, nothing on them at all.

everything is bare, not even paint on the walls.


I am here to help decorate and lay all the floors.

Painting the walls, trimming frames on the doors.


How much money I had was the next thing to know.

100 dollars, 100 pounds is what I could show.


I have much more on my visa if you would like to see.

Let me log on to a computer, can you do that for me?


He then looked up and smiled as he denied my request.

I should have brought statements, that would have been best.


He then asked for the number of my fiance to call.

Knowing she was on the other side of that wall.


I gave him the number as he asked me to sit.

some information from her he needed to get.


He was gone quite a while as I sat there to ponder,

and can this get any worse, I began to wonder?


This time he returned, no smile on his face at all.

Stating didn't like what he heard when he placed his call.


He claimed my fiance told him that I had quit my job,

had no intentions of leaving as my heart began to throb.


Now I was mad, yelling no way she said that to him,

do you think I just made this all up on a whim?


Here's my bosses number you can use my calling card.

Verifying I still have a job would not be very hard!


Now as far as me staying I have no visa's in place.

Why are you doing this and causing me disgrace?


Isn't there some criminals that you should go see?

instead of you sitting here screwing with me!


He told me if I continued I would be put into jail,

as it felt like my heart was impaled with a nail.


I sat trying to calm and gather my wit,

knowing that jail time is what I might get.


Now to a secure area is where we would go.

What would happen next I had no way to know.


We went to my luggage and I placed it on a table.

Him making sure it was mine as he looked at the labels.


He put on white gloves then tore my whole world apart.

questioning everything I had as he wrote on a chart.


He said why do you have so many clothes for a 3 week stay?

Puzzled I told him, don't know about you but I change every day!


And where is the rule book on how many clothes I can possess?

The weather changes every day so I brought different dress.


The next thing he said was a total shock to me.

Told me he didnt believe me and was a risk to flee.


Fingerprints and mugshots were the next on his list.

Then a strip search of my body had me quite pissed.


Now part of my trip I was sure would include sex.

Didn't know fingers in my ass would now be my next.


Humiliated and violated he then put me in a cell.

Then 13 hours alone in my personal hell.


The guards came to get me and they put me in a van.

Taking me to a detention center was now their plan.


The driver asked me why I was there as he let me smoke.

I then told him my story and he thought that I had joked.


We picked up five others, I'm the only one in a suit.

None of them spoke English and no luggage to boot.


The driver called ahead, as he said he had an Yank on board.

It had been six months since an American, had been in this ward.


It seemed like one hundred foot walls with razor wire on top.

Six guards surround the van as my heart continues to drop.


They march us inside and take us to a room.

They make us undress and it's as cold as a tomb.


Searching and probing again voilating me.

Nothing illegal on me is what they would see.


Now off to an interview with one of the guards,

asking what I am doing there as he looked at me hard.


I again told my story and asked if he could help me.

Said he would talk to the others, to just wait and see.


Three hundred other inmates checked me out with their stare.

I was the only English speaking, or white, or American there.


What the hell am I doing here with all of these men?

I am nothing like them EVER, either now or then!


I wasn't seeking asylum or hiding from the law.

The differences on paper I certainly could draw.


Then I was surprised as the guards then took my side.

They put me in an office to sort of just hide.


Then they took all the others and put them in a cell.

They turned off the lights as they signaled with a bell.


They were very kind as they brought me food and drink.

The guards had a plan and wanted to know what I think.


They asked me if I could have my fiance there by four.

Thats when the guards change they will sneak her in the door.


They took me to a part that was obviously not used.

I sat and I waited as my heart was quite brusied.


I turned as the door opened and soon there she stood.

I hugged and kissed both of them as much as I could.


You see they had given me yet another suprise.

They had let in her daughter as tears filled my eyes.


Her birthday was ruined, but smiles is what she had.

She gave me a hug, then a kiss and said I love you dad!


We laughed and we cried for the hour that they gave.

Please come home with me baby with emotional waves.


She smiled at me, but I could see the despair in her look.

As I read her "Our Life's Song" that was published in a book.


I gave her the book and the presents for our daughter.

Giving them to her in a jail, I didn't feel much like a father.


It's now time to go, our time together is done.

What the hell happened to our 3 weeks of fun?


As I watched them leave they took me to a room to see.

Another search to make sure she passed nothing to me.


When they was satisfied that nothing was wrong.

I asked for a minute so I could be alone.


I cried as I screamed, God why are you doing this to me?

My intentions are honorable, what part can't you see?


Six hours later they came to take me to my flight.

I came to realize I had not slept for almost four nights.


They dragged me though Heathrow with all of the looks,

and deported stickers on my bags as I felt like a crook.


He held up my passport as he announced a call.

This man is deported, don't trust him at all.


He told the head stewartess as he wanted her to see.

Wait till the door is closed before giving my passport to me.


Air India was the airline that they chose for my flight.

Again the only white person as we flew through into night.


The movies were not English and we left an hour late.

Missing my connecting flight in Chicago is now my fate.


Just before we landed, Is there a Duane Randall on board?

Someone wanted to speak to me as they opened the door.


Two agents were waiting as I got off the plane.

They needed to talk to me is what they would claim.


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