I try to keep away

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I try to keep away

Submitted: May 26, 2009

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Submitted: May 26, 2009



I try to keep away, i tell myself
i wont call i wont look for you
but i cant help myself i am right
back at your feet wanting more
not being able to let go it has
become a big chore

You have got me all tongue tied
i try to hide but nothing i do
works, you have got me under
your spell and i cant help it at
times i want to just have a fit

Your love keeps me coming back
and doing things i thought i could
never do, why do i give in so easily
to you, why do i love you the way
i do

What makes this so bad is that you
don't even know how you have got me
going crazy for you wanting to see you
longing to hold you, to be with you
just to see you and everyday that
goes by i feeling like i am going to

And all of this is because i love you
because i am scared of you because
you have shown me love and pain is
all i have ever known and it is time
to let that part of me go

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