the perfect place

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have you ever wanted to be somewhere else? ever wonder if there were another universe you could go to? read on and comment what you think of this wonderful place.

Submitted: January 08, 2012

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Submitted: January 08, 2012



what would you do if you were able to go to your perfect place?

for me this place is a beautiful forest, described in detail this place is green and warm all the time unless i say otherwise. when i have a route planned out in my mind the path creates itself. in the very center of my forest is a big stone about my height. there is a special time when the sun shines right on it and it shimmers and gleams and sparkles. around the edge of the forest, circling it, is a stream. if i have ever wanted a way out flat stones would make a bridge. out to the north is a wonderful waterfall strewn with flowers. to the  south are mountians that are never cold and you can never die there. in fact the whole forest is immortal. when you are there you can never die. the word 'die' doesn't even exist there and you are forbidden to say it.

though people find out about the word, and when you say it you lose your imortality unless your a great.

i am a great. i am, obviously, the creator. there is lots of music and festivals and there is even magic there. though to civilains (who can only live by in the waterfall or in the mountians, waterfall is a higher class and then the others are in the mountians. the rest have a cottage in the forest) magic is limited. this forest has beautiful praries and herb gardens. the whole place is amazingly beautiful and has a population of about 30. there are documents of this place but nobody can read them for they are in another language, (faren) and faren can only be written and read, never spoke. though maybe in the future a system will be worked out so you can speak it.

there are very few ways to get here. it's almost impossible. and after you read this i ask you to write about your OWN perfect place. and if you leave a comment requesting me to read it i will. just label it: My Perfect Place.

here are the laws of this world (which is actually called cooralah) * coo- rah - lah *

1) never say die

2) never lead others to this place wihtout permission

3) no violence

4) never use magic for misfortune

- breaking these rules will reasult in the punishment of the following-

1) no more immortality

2) no more magic

3) must leave cooralah for eternity (can never reaturn not even in another life)

4) memories of cooralah erased.


~the end~

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