The Other's Smarts

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I wrote this about two years ago for something I was doing in my sophomore English class. My teacher loved it so much, she wanted to read it to the class, but being the introvert I am with my work, I absolutely refused. I guess now I'll allow myself to be open with it. Enjoy.

Submitted: October 18, 2010

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Submitted: October 18, 2010



Such a sage one he was
With immense knowledge as tremendous as the sky:
Logarithms to their most complicated end;
Each speed of each part of each galaxy of the universe;
And definitions to every subject you can think of.

But of me, he does not.
Of other's lives, he does not.
Of God's ways, he does not.
And how valuable is book smart without life smart?

But how valuable can life smart get without book smart?
For life's no good without the Bible.
For life's no good without a teacher's lessons.
That's what he'd say,
And he is right.

But he is, again, wrong.
For you cannot live your own life
Without knowing other's;
Without knowing their history
To understand them,
To help them,
To teach them, or learn from them.

For without others, we'd have no books.
No knowledge.
No history.
No Bible.
For others create our book smart.
We are only responsible to learn from others.
And without others, we do not learn.
We do not live.
We'd have no existence for life nor for books.

So, my brother, you really can't take all the credit for knowing.
You can only take credit for learning.
Because, you see, it's not just your knowledge.
You share it....
With others.

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