How Do I picture my self..?

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(This is one of the reason that.. You shouldn't judge the book of its covered, and that even if you don't realized it you might be judging them on the outside of their backs , that the whole way in the book..!)

Submitted: November 24, 2012

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Submitted: November 24, 2012



I can see myself standing near and tall, even if its not what every body seem to picture me.. I am yes! a shy girl that just needed to be push to her limits.. But sometimes I fall down ward yah! I do but I always slept myself up.. Even if you ignored me!But I always finds away, even you think of as annoying fool! but I just joking around and you known that as well,sometimes I am very lazy, but that way I have soo ! many help, and so many friends and my family always be there with me I just needed you to pull into my world!! more, and love me , we might make something special ! or maybe something that someone that can understand .MY LIFE is above the rest! but that's is not totally!! TRUE I am down to the earth.. And yah I have do many sinsfull things, but come on give me one more chance I can say "That you laugh at me! and you teased me ! but you won't break my heart,because it now more stronger then you think it is!".Life is a simple thing but it not! some people got it wrong when they are first bored I enough mylife story was going to end ....But I jus noticed it jus the start of a new chapter! and ech of mine chapters is filled with love , and chances that I missed out!!! And people still!!! think that I am weak because I have this scared in my heart that can't never go away..Even if I change it can't go away from the same pains that I have in the years.. This scared hunts me threw my life and my ending of another story...! I always wonder why GOD didn't .. take my soul ? .. At birth...!? I just wondering around now ! what would I do Now scenes this is only the middle of my story and the ending of another story that well takes place in and out of so many things,!but how ? can I chance my faith... I just confused girl that may or may not under stand you .. But I think sometimes people CAN CHANCE THAT! but ... For me .. I not sure.. If I can chance myself inside and out!? Can we chance our faith even if GOD SAY NO !!!Even .. That the life is, sometime blocking our way to a achievement goals and wonders things that (TO BE EDITED )

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