How I truely feel about my desitney and how I chose it .

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This is how I chose my desitney

Submitted: November 12, 2012

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Submitted: November 12, 2012




The mystery behind my chose.

This is something that I have todo along ,but I feel like I have to fight something that

Is in my heart but what ? Should I ,finished my goals or just well myabe just ..Do it and fellow it ?

The one thing that I don't get why ? Why I am still alive I mean yah I have allot of heart promblems and one of them are Probably the most weirdiest

enoughts that I have scenes I still Alived ? Why dose God want's me to still be alive ?Or maybe it is just an angel of the heavens that save me from my sin's ?I feel like I have to do what is wright in this world but what is it ? How should I known that I can change that and How should I known that someday I can do amazing thing's why did God or some body eles keep me alive ...Maybe it wasn't my time to die ? Or maybe I have been Misjudges I saw many odd things that in my younger days when I was still an foster kid but known I have an family and they loved me and take care of me ..I don't known why that I am still ALIVED ? I was born on May 17 1996 and my real mother that any one said that "she have aids and that doctors say that she well die in 10 years and that she don't get anything around her nothing ,no clue ?But I do ? "You see that the funny thing is that when you are born and someone in your family that have bad luck then as you are born you are given another chances I don't really under stand that? But the funny part about is I Understand everything ,even what happening to my family, friends and my teachers and even planet earth,even a signle emotion..You just needed to talk to me ,and I understand your emotion..I understand what you are going threw ..Maybe god have given me the power to understand everything that needs help like my friend summer she given me a hug huge because I understands her I am her best of friend I have allot of friends over the past years of my life I worship different Gods then the Almighty one because I jsut don't known maybe it is because maybe out of freewell ,also that yah!I have allot of doing naughty and sin's full things over my past life ...But now I think about it Maybe !Just maybe ...I well found my calling ,I mosty feel like maybe I met for war but look at me I'm small and well chucky ..But I understand that I have to wait for that day that I pop out of that two bubbles and changes the whole world .. Maybe that why I here or maybe something smaller maybe I supposed to understand every thing that my mother did not have in life I tires soo hard to open my mind to everybody and that maybe someday that they well understand me yah I known I a weird, akward,stranges ,or another side friendly trying to help others ect.. And you known the rest..But I have allot of goals to finished I just needed maybe contuined my life..Maybe Helping people ,to understanded the open world and don't shuts down on it..And that I really do understand peopel and the animals ,life around every where....Maybe I just needed to wait and see


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