How many kids gets bully in america !/ Drama or can't able to talk to some body !

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(This How many in years)

Submitted: December 15, 2012

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Submitted: December 15, 2012



1.160,000 Kids are bully each years !

2. about 80% or 31.1% dropped out of school and went to home school because of bulling

3. well this is just a tip 1. keep out the kids that have an very high level of anger problems , that can cause bulling easily if he/she don't have any boody around him/her to actually go brusting out and goes wild or sucide ! 2. You have to become very strick and makes them run laps  or take away something dearly to them ! that could stop it . 3. Make sure it have nothing to do with home ! and if it is talk with them and tell them why or who? .

4. Like me I actually am shy and in a bad way too! because at home my mother or father thinks I'm beening more selfish them my sister like earily on  said "your beening selfish! because you are walking too! slow ! " < I was crying allot when this happen > and Like I said "Don't read the back side or the front side of the covered you must,read in not out and some of you guys don't . Believed you actually looking out of the back ! not the in! " . And some kids today are just not wanna to work and goes to home school because of that !..

5. Or they might have an cruddy life style ! and their parents don't have enough money to rise their childeren to go to school or some what , and some of the kids that are like that are actually well be very nice, stupid, mean, or worse !

6.I just wanna to say to you guys , please talk to people NOT SHIT! people and do other things that may up set them , also that if you see like a person sitting alone please talk to him/her because that is just rude when they are just alone and ignoring them. Also that I just wanna to say again if they don't then don't !. Just don't fool around with them and that just don't do or talk about dumb and stupid things . < this reminded me of the time that when I meet rachael ! and she keeps on getting bully ! well not bully ! bully.. just calling her names and stuff like like and I said to myself > Grown -up! because I have wrost things then you ! "I have been rape! I have been push down on the ground ! I have been in fightts ! and I have been bully at home " > NOT even my parents knewn about this > But I have an good heart  and soul ! but yeah! sometimes I abused my friends but not in a bad way! kind a like teasing them a little . And alsoe teahcers when other kids talk to you talk to them back and  you guys too. (:


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