Deadly Underground (A Nation In Tears)

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This is the true events of the 911 attacks in New York City,and the American heroes, that helped save thousands of lives! We must "Never Forget"!

Submitted: April 26, 2012

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Submitted: April 26, 2012



On September 11,2001 the City of New York, woke up to what looked like a beautiful day.The sun was shining, and the sky was blue that early morning. Who knew that within afew hours the City would turn to darkness, as the worst attack in the history of our Country,had been planned.Four American commercial aircrafts were being hijacked by radical extremists who were going to crash land each plane at a different location.Two of these aircrafts were headed towards the Twin Towers inlower Manhattan,while another was heading for the Pentagon,and the last one was believed to be heading to a target in Washington DC.which eventually crashed landed in Shanksville Pennsylvania,killing all aboard!Each aircraft had passengers aboard, and they had no idea that this was to be the last day of their lives.This was the most tragic day in our Country's history,as the flight crews on every aircraft were over taken by radical Al-Qaeda Muslims!The first plane American Airlines flight,11came without warning at around 8:46am asit hit the Northbound tower of the World Trade Center.The second plane United Airlines flight,175 hit the South bound tower at around 9:03 am.At first the media were reporting that a small aircraft may have hit one of the towers,then soon after the Pentagon reported one aircraft had hit them.This set off a alarm as witness saw the actually reality of what was conspiring. As the New York City's emergency units were responding, they really had no idea what was going to conspire in the next few hours.The Port Authority police along with the NYPD, Fire Department, Medics, and people in the streets,were looking up in amazement as the second plane hit.

By now law enforcement knew we were under attack, and this was a bad situation.As the Fire department crews were getting ready to enter the building, they realized their were many people inside at that time, who started their work day..The police officers were already inside looking to see what, was going on. Of course they had to try to access the amount of damage, and get the people out of the building as quickly as possible.Not knowing what was going to happen, these brave fireman, and police officers went into the flaming,and smoke filled buildings! As many people were on their cell phones calling their loved ones at home telling them that they were alright.There were others that were trapped on the higher floors that said goodbye to their loved ones.The Fireman started their climb to each floor to evacuate any people that were in the building. The smoke was getting thicker making it almost impossible to see.The Fireman had to make a chain reaction to keep tabs on one another! .As they found people they told them to hold on to each other, and keep moving.The flames from the buildings were getting bigger, as the upper floors were engulfed in hot flames, from the jet fuel causing people to break windows to get air. And then the ultimate choice,was taken as people jumped to their death,rather then be burnt alive!This was the most gruesome scene, anyone could ever imagine.Some people on the street were even killed by these bodies falling from the skyscraper.This was a day that will live in infamy,as thousands of people were about to lose their lives!

Police officers were on the street trying to clear people out of the way of danger, as others rushed in, and out of the buildings,knowing that they might perish,doing their job! But the officers, and firemens heroism did not stop there.During, and shortly after the buildings collapsed,there are countless stories of the police, and fireman saving citizens lives.Not long after that,they came in droves as active,off duty,and retired police officers came to assist.Without regard to their personal safety they helped look for lost people who may have been trapped under the enormous piles of rubble.The same with firefighters who were off duty, and retired, also came to the scene to assist their brothers, and sisters in their hour of need! Specially trained,and skilled rescue workers came to the scene to perform the dangerous task of descending below the wreckage, in search of missing people.

To this day the efforts still continue as a lot of the bodies are still unaccounted for. As i write this story,i must point out one, of many heroes who gave the ultimate sacrifice that day.Her name is police officer Moira Smith who was the only NYPD female officer to lose her life that day.Police Officer Moira Smith, in my mind,was one of the most courageous NYPD officers who ever lived. There are true reports from witnesses of how she saved countless lives in the tower, while using her flashlight to direct people out of the building.I have seen photos of her helping people out of the building, and then going back for her last, and final trip.This Hero NYPD officer formally of the transit police before the merge,should have a statue erected in her honor outside the Memorial with her flashlight in her hand directing people out of the building! That horrible day almost 3,000 people were murdered along with 23 NYPD police officers,37 Port Authority police officers,and 343 Firefighters were killed that awful day Today as i write this story there are many people who were there working,and the ones that helped, are dying with different types of cancer.We as Americans must never forget what these New York City,State, and federal employees did for the nation.They gave the"Ultimate Sacrifice" and showed the World that the people of New York,and America, came together in their time of need! That sad day left, "A Nation In Tears"! God Bless,"The Hero's Families".

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